Join the Bite Back Mental Fitness Challenge

Six weekly challenges to help you improve your mental fitness, increase your happiness, reduce stress, improve your friendships and your focus.

Each completed week rewards you with a token. Collect three or more of the same token to go in the draw for 1 of 6 $50 vouchers for your favourite brand.

Mental Fitness Check-up

Are you getting the most out of life or letting good experiences pass you by?

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Personality Quiz

Get the lowdown on your personality.

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Thank Tank

Did you know writing down the things you’re grateful for can increase levels of happiness? Use THANK TANK to capture life’s awesome moments.

Miguel a Amutio
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Mindfulness Quiz

Are you getting the benefits of living in the moment?

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Snap That

Photography is an awesome way to practise mindfulness. It clears your head and trains your brain to focus!

Firza Pratama
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Gratitude Quiz

Enhance positivity by being thankful every day.

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