Writing down the things you’re grateful for can help increase your levels of happiness. In positive psychology terms, it’s called practising gratitude. Write down the big and small things that make you grateful and you’ll feel a positive change in no time. Just. Write. Them. Down. And then - simply drop them in the THANK TANK!

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Writing down something you’re grateful for can increase levels of happiness? It’s true! Use THANK TANK to capture life’s awesome moments.

Completing Week 1 of the Mental Fitness Challenge involves submitting, separately, at least three things you’re grateful for to THANK TANK. But remember, the more you practise gratitude, the more you can enhance your level of happiness and wellbeing. We reckon you should try to add something to THANK TANK everyday this week. Are you up to the Challenge?

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Think of 3 awesome things you've noticed that you can be grateful for - the big things or the little things that are easy to forget.



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