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BITE BACK is an online interactive space where you can learn how to amplify the good stuff in life! Through our activities, videos and fact sheets you can learn how to increase your levels of wellbeing, deal with stress and harness your strengths so you can live your best life.

BITE BACK with our Mental Fitness Challenge 

Ready to improve your levels of mental fitness? Our Mental Fitness Challenge works through activities and strategies used by psychologists and sports psychologists that can help you build resilience, wellbeing and ultimately – your mental fitness. The challenge runs for six weeks, and after completing your entry you’ll go in the draw to win a voucher of your choice!

BITE BACK with our Explore section!

We’ve studied the evidence, uncovered the ingredients that make people more positive, and used what we found to create BITE BACK’s ‘Explore’. Find out how to take all this positive stuff off the page and translate it into real life.


Writing down the things you’re grateful for can help increase your levels of happiness. In positive psychology terms, it’s called practising gratitude. Write down the big and small things that make you grateful and you’ll feel a positive change in no time. Just. Write. Them. Down. And then - simply drop them in the THANK TANK!


REAL STORIES is a place for you to share your own personal stories of resilience. A space where you can tell us about when things got ‘real’ and how you came out on top. Maybe you conquered a fear or overcame adversity. This space is both for you and for those that will find hope and inspiration from your story.


POWER UP is a set of audio tracks that will help you chill out, calm down, and get the zen-like focus you need to be at the top of your game. It’s a way of practising mindfulness and is a bit like meditation, guiding you to a calmer moment where you can also amplify your experiences.


SNAP THAT is about using photography to practise mindfulness. This is a fun, creative and rewarding way of improving your mental health and wellbeing. Mindfulness through photography can help you become more consciously aware of where you are, what you’re doing and what’s going on around you in the here and now. Photography, after all, is all about focusing and capturing the moment.


Find out your personality style, your level of mental fitness, how close you are to your friends and family and more with our quizzes! These have been designed for you to be able to track how things are improving for you as you start to incorporate more of the strategies you’ll learn on BITE BACK into your life!

Discover more in Learn

Our Learn section contains all the info you need on the science behind BITE BACK activities and its grounding in Positive Psychology. There's more to mental health than just illness and this is what Positive Psychology is all about. You’ll find info on how and why our activities can make a positive difference for you, and discover different ways to amplify the good stuff in life. Interested in the tough stuff? We’ve listed the issues that we know are important to you and where you can find more information. Are we missing something? Get in contact  with us and let us know!

BITE BACK is anonymous.

No real names: We like to be creative and make up fun and different usernames. Not only is it entertaining, it also has the added bonus of protecting everyone's identity. It means everyone can share their stories and express themselves in their entries and comments with complete honesty.

Public posts or private? The choice is up to you. Every time you make an entry on BITE BACK, you’ll be given the option to make your post public or anonymous, so no one knows which user posted it.

BITE BACK has been created by Black Dog Institute with financial support provided by the Australian Government Department of Health, NSW Department of Health and Juniper Networks Foundation. Find out more about Black Dog Institute.