What are Real Stories?

In Real Stories you can tell it like it is: share the good, bad, and ugly through words and poems, pictures, art, and combos… whatever you like.


How its done:


  • Log in, jump onto the Real Stories section of BB, and click the orange button that says 'Submit your story.' A pop-up window will appear for you to add your entry
  • Don't forget to give a title to your story, and write a short description, along with the story itself. You can tell your story through words, or you can upload a picture.
  • Customise! Choose your own handwriting, writing paper, and page background and make the page your own. 
  • As with all content on BB, if you don't want it to be seen by other people you can choose to make your story 'private.' You can also make your story public but post it anonymously, so no one knows its yours. 
  • Make it real. Write about the great things, the not-so-great things, or anything in-between. You can write about things you've overcome in the past, or issues you're still working through...
  • Also don't forget to read the story guidelines

Can't get into it?


  • Check out other people's entries using 'the stream' on the Real Stories main page - someone's story might inspire you. If you do find a story you really like, click on it and leave the author some love in the comments section.
  • If you're struggling to know exactly what to write about, just start writing. Eventually the right words will start flowing. 
  • If you still aren't feeling it, talk it through with others on BackChat at the bottom of the page.