How to Thank Tank

What is Thank Tank?


Thank Tank is all about the stuff that happens in every day life that gives us a bit of a buzz. It’s about writing down the random moments that make you feel a little bit awesome so you don’t forget them.

All you have to do is scribble down 3 things about your week that made it a little bit great . Then you drop them in the Thank Tank for you to come back to and remember later. 


How to Thank Tank: Using the page
Why would I want to use Thank Tank?
Having a bad week?
A few ideas for your Thank Tank entry
Take Thank Tank to the next level.
Some links to inspire you.


How to Thank Tank: Using the page

Somehow we always seem to remember the bad things that happen in life, but we let the good little things about everyday life slide past. With Thank Tank, you're taking some time each week to share the little things that have happened that made you feel a little bit awesome.


  • Make sure you log in, jump onto the Thank Tank page, and find the Thank Tank entry box.

  • In the post it boxes, scribble down 3 things that made your week a little bit awesome. Then hit the 'drop it in the tank' button.
  • Come back once a week and do it all again.
  • As with all content on BB, if you don't want your entry to be seen by other people, you can choose to make it 'private.' You can also make your Thank Tank entry public but post it without your screen name attached, so no one knows its yours. 

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Why would I want to use Thank Tank?


Thank Tank has a bunch of benefits - you can check them out in detail here. The short version is that making an effort to notice and appreciate the positive things in life not only feels good, but helps improve how happy and healthy you are, lowers your negative emotions, and helps you bounce back from hard times.

The more often you do it, the bigger the change. Try to Thank Tank each week for 6 weeks, and look for a difference in your life.


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Having a bad week?

Thank Tank is not about being a constant ray of sunshine and pretending like things are ok if they aren't. Everyone has bad weeks, everyone goes through bad stuff, and it's really important to acknowledge these things when they happen.

But that said, it’s possible to get too caught up thinking about what’s tough about your life, to the point where you don’t notice enough of the good. This makes things harder, more stressful, and makes you more miserable. Acknowledging the good things going on helps refocus your mindset to having a more balanced view.

Try this: Next time you have a really negative thought or moment, try and look at the situation from a different angle. Is there anything positive that can come out of it? A new experience, maybe?  It's not always the case, but sometimes something good can come from a bad situation that you can grab hold of.


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A few ideas for your Thank Tank entry

Write about any of the big or little things in life that made you feel a little bit awesome. Even recognising simple stuff works.

For example:

  • Good health
  • A funny joke you heard
  • Doing well in an exam
  • A great trip you have planned
  • Family
  • Maybe you want to give a shout out to the garbage man this week for collecting your rubbish? Or the guy at your local cafe that makes you smoothies? Think of things you don't normally notice.
  • Things in your environment, e.g. a sunny day or an outdoor space you love.
  • Yourself. You deserve appreciation every now and then. What are you proud of?
  • People in your life. It's easy to appreciate someone who is being particularly awesome and it always makes for a good Thank Tank post.
  • It's more difficult, but you could also try digging deep and finding something to appreciate about someone who is annoying you. Think of things they've done in the past that you still really appreciate, or something that you really like about them.
  • Write an entry about whatever's going on in the school yard - after all, you spend 1/4 of every week day there.
  • If you are really strugging to think about a Thank Tank entry for this week, then grab something from your past.  There's always something to remember that will give you a boost.


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Take Thank Tank to the next level

Take Thank Tank to the next level by thinking a little bit about the reason you chose to make a situation/event/person a Thank Tank entry. You can do this by asking yourself the following questions:

1.     Why did this happen?   
2.     Who helped make it happen? How?  
3.     What did I do to make it happen?   
4.     What can I do to create/get more of it?   

Using Thank Tank more often, and and in a deeper way will increase its impact. Check out 'Why would I want to use Thank Tank?' for more info.

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