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The story where I learnt to accept myself - not as hard as I first thought!

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School Dance

I have always struggled with image of myself since I realised that i was different compared to eveyrone else. When I was born my stomach was not attached to my duadenuem (something in the digestive system) and so I wasn't able to digest food properly. I had to have surgery and so since I was four hours old have had a scar that runs on the right side of my belly. I hate going out in public where my stomach might be exposed and I hate that I am not able to wear bikinis like all the other girls in my year do. I am so self - concious it prevents me from doing things that all my friends do. Whenever I when anywhere as a child showing my stomach people wanted to know what happened whether or not I was comfortable with sharing and at that point I didn't even know what had happened to me. Mum always says that I am the miracle baby, but quite honestly I don't feel like I am. Sometimes I love how I look and other times I hate how I look so much I don't go outside. The other week however my feelings changed a little. This guy asked my to dance with him for the school dance and he had to put his hand on my waist. I winced because I was so self - concious he might feel my scar through my shirt. He felt my wince and asked what was wrong, so as we danced I told him. Now this is usually the part where people say that he asked me out, four months strong! but it wasn't anything like that yet just as special. What I learnt was that you need to find someone that understand you and for me it was easier to talk to someone who I didn't usualy talk to about myself than to my friends. My message for everyone is if you are feeling down, feeling like you hate your body and feeling just like you aren't good enough, you need to find that person who can help you, that person who just undertsands and takes you for who you are and that person often becomes more special to you than they can imagine.


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