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Hello. This is the first time i have put my story on BiteBack, but i have had BiteBack for about a year. This is my story and no one else is going to change it.

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Hello. This is the first time i have put my story on BiteBack, but i have had BiteBack for about a year. This is my story and no one else is going to change it.


I go to a privete catholic school. It's good and my school promoted this website last year. I'm in year eight and am turning 14 this year. I'm a sort-of-shy person. I know that doesn't make much sense so let me explain. Around my classmates, I hardly say anything and avoid most people. Around my family, i'm the jokester. At school everyone calls me by my full name. At my primary school, the roll even called my by my nickname.


Sorry, I'm getting ahead of my self. Until the end of term three in year one, i went to a state school. From there i went to a awesome catholic school.


I made friends and enemies (who hasn't?). My friends and enimes were hard to tell apart most of the time. Long story short, after year six my family moved. I have two brothers and a sister. I'm the eldest. My parents wanted to build a eco-friendly house so we moved to a farm on the edge of a town in news south wales. It's hard to expain without saying where :) We moved from Qeensland so it was a big change. I found it very hard last year in year seven.


The reason i have tried (and completely failed) to leave most details out is because of, well, lets call her X. She is a girl in my class last year and unfortunately again this year. At first we were great friends and got along quite well. The problem was the about two months (not even a term) she stopped being so nice. It sounds like she changed but thats the problem, she didn't. She is EXACLY the same as when i meet her and the is part of the problem. She is immature and annoying. I know that sounds really mean and it gets worse. Sorry, i'm proberly confushing you and i know what it sounds like. And that there is the problem. Every morning i wake up i dread because of her. She... it's so hard to explain.


If i was to say anything about her it would look bad. She is an attention seeker. She has posted serval bad things about me online. I don't really care about that. She can think what she wants. The bit that got to me was the comments. People felt sorry for her and said it would get better and maybe tell a teacher about it. She told lies about how i yell at her, and so on. The bit that made me mad was when she posted something completely out of line. She said that her friends hit her, pushed her and so on. We have never touched her fullstop. The comments she got made me feel like i'd done something wrong, when i know its not me at fault here. Sorry, i'm ranting. I've just been keeping this inside me for so long it hurts to let it out. The thing is, after all the stuff she had posted and said behing my back, she continues to predend to my face.


I've tried to not let her get to me for so long but failed when she started to say she had depression. Both my uncle and mother have it. My mum takes medication, but i have a memory about my uncle that maybe it's time to share. About a year ago my mum and i visited my grandparents. I was upstairs and watching telly (we didn't have a tv at home). My mum went downstairs to see my uncle. He lives in the flat under my grandparents house. Anyway, the door was locked. My mum asked my grandparents for a key. The didn't have one. My mum went off her rails. I'll leave out the details but she (my mum) spent about two hours banging on the door, yelling at him to come out. He had not been seen by my grandparents for a few weeks. Long story sort (i seem to be doing that a lot) he came out. He's a lot better now but it was scary. Depression has closely touched my life. So when X started telling all of us i felt sorry for her at first. But than i thought about and stopped feeling sorry for her. This sounds mean but i think she was faking it. From what i've gathered about depression is you don't talk about it much, if at all. Yet she was yelling it out it out. Other things supported my thoughts but i will save you bordom by leaving them out. That is a bad example of her tricks and i'm sorry it's bad. I'm just so glad to let this all out.


That is all still happening but before i finish, i would like to tell you about what happened 5 minutes ago. Out of all my friends in brisbane, only one kept in touch. We email like every day, and have phone chats at lest once a week (which go for about an hour or over). She's my only real friend who has stuck by me for truth. Lets call her JP. She just changed schools and sent me her new email. She also sent two other people the email. I have no idea who the first is but i will never forget the second. There was a girl in primary school who recked my life. This girl was on the email list. JP had resently gone to a sleepover at that girls house. I'm not the sort of person who says "you can't have any other friends" or stuff like that but i don't know how i fell about this. JP states it's her and to prove it she says some names i have never heard. It's a inside joke, and that's okay. Execpt than she said "proof for _________(my name): I called u last Friday afternoon". She finished with: "Talk to u on Viber later! (and on emails for u __________(my name)!)". I'm upset and i know it sounds silly and over nothing. It's just that shes all i've got. Shes my lifeline, to call or email when things get bad. And now, the girl who made my cry every night at primary school has taken that away from me. I don't blame anyone. Everyone has their own disions in life to make. But i can't help feeling that i'm all alone now. Tomorrow I'll have to face X with no-one to talk to later. No lifeline to grab. Because i can't trust that JP will not tell her new friends. I can't trust anyone. I feel utterly alone. And if i say something to/about X, I'll be the bad guy.




Thank you so much for listerning to my story. I know it was long and boring, but could you comment that you read it? Just knowing someone has taken the time to read this would cheer me up. Again, sorry it's so long and i promise this is the end.




Goodnight :)

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DJ Cheese Platter | Reply 17 February 2016, 2:21 PM

Hey there,

Thanks for telling you story. :) Sounds like you've had a lot going on and have been doing as much as possible to get through it all. I think that deserves some some credit. Must be nice to get it off your chest right?

Hmm.. so it seems like you've got some problems with this girl in particular. Have you done much to try to address it with her directly? I know it's hard when you're angry at someone to try to resolve things at all, particularly doing so in a calm and non-hurtful way. I think it could be a good option though. If she's saying things about you that you say aren't true, and if you don't find a lot of pleasure in the friendship then talking it out and working out where the differences are could be helpful. If you decide to do that it's super important to not let it develop into an argument. One of the best ways I ever did this was having a mediator like the counsellor or something. They can make sure the convo remains civilised and doesn't turn into name calling and pointing the finger at each other. What do you think?

I think with depression I'd be careful not to question it's authenticity in someone. Depression can be a very complex thing that can present itself in different ways in different people. Some people become super quiet and just stay in the their room, some react very angrily, some are really good at hiding it, others are out there telling everyone. I used to be really quiet about my depression when I had it because it was easier but later on I really got a lot out of getting it off my chest. I guess what I'm saying is that no one can really say for sure if someone has depression or not unless they're a doctor who's really looked at the situation carefully.

I hope that you guys can sort it out together. Way better to have a friend that doesn't become an enemy. I also think that SO MANY issues can come out of misunderstandings when you think someone is being mean or inconsiderate to you but then you talk about it and work it out and it gets better. Not to say you're misunderstanding it or anything. Just that helpful dialog can go a long way in bringing people together. I hope you're able to feel better about these issues soon. :D

18 February 2016, 7:36 AM

Thanks DJ Cheese Platter :)

Twitchy_T | Reply 17 February 2016, 9:50 PM

Hey there lovely!

As someone who experienced nothing but uncomfortable and confusing drama in high school, here's all i can say... Start by talking to JD and start with "Hey I really want to tell you something... But i dont want to ruin your friendship with X"

That way you are acknowledging her right to be friends with whoever but also make it clear that what youre about to say is something bad about X (tricky and a little mean huh? But it worked for me...) Then tell her everything... From the online lies to everything... Then end with "i'm worried about her because she thinks she has depression" (because it is a serious issue... I have it and i speak of it often so she could still legitimately have it... I tell people so i dont have to be embarressed when i have a bad day) and then say "i just dont want you to get hurt" because thats what youre worried about... Something you or X do that hurts JD in a way that damages your friendship.

And please note, i put these in quotations, but obviously you can change those to whatever you want...

You just need to talk to JD... And you might need to fade away from X... Slowly get her further out of your life if you dont like her... She is becoming toxic to you and its unhealthy... I know its highschool so you cant cut her out... But start spending a day with some new people... Befriend someone new in your classes and start there...

Hope this maybe helps...

18 February 2016, 7:09 PM

Thank you, it does help. I will definitely try to use your suggestions :)

Pandamodium | Reply 28 February 2016, 5:02 PM

wow, sounds complicated, but i know what it's like ;D | Reply 4 March 2016, 12:38 PM

from what you told me this girl is bullying you you need to tell your parents and report it to the police she can't post stuff about u and get away with it like that. screenshot the stuff she is posting and hand it in.

georgeweasley 25 June 2016, 8:09 AM

I agree.Cyberbullying can be delt with by the police.You need some help.

Dragonfly | Reply 11 March 2016, 11:08 AM

I don't think your story is too long. I know what it feels like to keep your sadness to yourself. I'm in high school now but in primary school, some people used to be my friends but then they just became the bffs of my enemy. Its pretty bad when that happens and i recommend that whenever anybody feels sad they post a story.

I would recommend that you report her comment about you to the teacher. What she does is just not fair. Good luck from me. :)

georgeweasley | Reply 25 June 2016, 8:05 AM

Wow,X sounds just like this girl I know at my school,except we don't go to a catholic school.I am really sorry about what she has put you through.

georgeweasley | Reply 25 June 2016, 8:08 AM

I reckon you should tell someone,like a teacher or a relative,because it sounds really bad if you feel like you can't trust anyone.It is pretty sad.Thanks for getting it off your chest,I hope you feeel alot better about it.

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