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This is a story of friendship, acceptance and courage.

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My Best LGBT Friend

I have this friend called Rose. She is really funny, caring, witty, intelligent, and I have only just scratched the surface. But Rose is a little different from most of my other friends.


For a very long time, Rose was just that girl in the year below me, who always seemed depressed, always had her head in a book, always wanted to be lonely or isolated. It wasn't until this year, the first year that we had been put in the same class, that I realised that Rose was a really cool chick.


Our friendship bloomed when we got chatting about our favourite book series, Harry Potter. That conversation was during our library session, and we walked back to class, joking and laughing. We started hanging out more.


Up until now, I have not discussed what sets Rose apart from others, what makes her a little different. Well, the fact is that she is non-binery. For those who do not know, non-binery means you may have any physical gender, but mentally, you don't have a gender at all. Rose is also bisexual, meaning she has an attraction to both males and females. I am totally fine with that. I am also a gender queer person, meaning my mental gender flits between male and female, and I am also a proud lesbian. I love Rose with all my heart (as a friend) and fully support her gender and sexuality.


Unfortunately, her parents don't have the same views.


Rose's parents are VERY homophobic, and one of the main reasons she didn't want to come to her parents was she had seen her older transgender/lesbian sister come out before. It didn't end well. Rose's sister, or brother, as I should say, was told off and verbally abused because of this. The whole family looked down upon him, and that level of "support" comletely screwed up his mental state.


I worry about Rose alot, and just hope that my support makes a difference in her life. I remember a few days ago, we sat at lunch time with some other LGBT friends and yelled out 'VOTE YES FOR GENDER EQUALITY!'


 What was even better was when her homophobic mother showed up and we were all screaming at her 'VOTE YES! VOTE YES!' It was hilarious! Then, in class, we copied LGBT supporting slogans onto our text books.


Rose is one of my best friends, and sadly, due to homophobia, she used to have suicidal thoughts. Her mental health is getting better, but I hope one day, Australia will be a homophobic-free place.








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