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By 1Derful_xxxx on 22-Jun

ever sat back and wondered why your trying to be so grown up?? what would you be doin if you never grew up? i have had d&m after d&m with myself over this. read below to see my full intake on this crazy thing we call LIFE. sory its a bit essay-ish but i just had to get it off my chest 1Derful_xxxx - new updates every friday xxx <3

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Just think for a second, I'm 14 and in a few years time Ill be 18 & for most of you its the same. We have 18 years to muck up and play the fool but instead we sit down and act grown-up. Growing up will come too fast so get outside and do things you havent done in a while: throw mud at eachother, make cubby houses, climb a tree, get dirty, dont be afraid to look stupid. I live by these rules but being in highschool and all, its highly frowned apon to get down in the dirt and dig a hole or just be plain stupid.

You have 18 years to muck around, use it wisely otherwise you will end up with some pretty boring stories to tell your kids and grandkids. Once you hit 18, you are expected to grow up, get a job and house and be able to support yourself in the big world, then where does all the fun go? Yea sneaking around and stealing cigarettes and alcohol might be fun and getting caught is your only fear but once you turn 18, all that childish stuff is thrown down the drain and its all frowned apon. The only life lessons you learn there is: easy ways to steal things and that gets you put in jail. Whereas the life lessons your suppose to be learning is: jumping off a house can break a bone, dirt doesnt taste the same as when you were 3 or little things like: if you step on a lego piece, it hurts or how long to toast a marshmallow for.

We will then be 20 and then 30 then we are considered old, all the music we used to shuffle to, pump at home, sing along to at the top of our voices to will all be old news. All the bands like One Direction (yes, i am saying it ;,,,( ), Good Charlotte and the singers like Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Nicki Minaj and Reece Mastin will all be over, they will retire and get on with their lives and as soon as one of their songs are played, you will hear all the little ones screamimg 'turn this old sh*t off'

We arnt living to our full potential when we should, our old days are creeping up fast, act young again. Remember how carefree we used to be? How nomatter what we wore, we were all equal? Why cant we just go back to that? It was so much easier back then :/


1Derful_xxxx out <3

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DJ Cheese Platter | Reply 4 July 2012, 2:29 PM

That's a really interesting way of looking at it 1Derful. It's so easy to forget what life used to be like. Things did seem a lot easier and simpler then. Whenever I see old cartoons that I used to watch when I was a kid it brings me way back..

Still there are plenty of good things about being older too :)

Flea | Reply 11 July 2012, 12:53 PM

I like that theory a lot. Do you live life in that way still too?

PURPLEspirit | Reply 13 July 2012, 12:31 PM

That's an interest standpoint you have! Very similar to one I had at your age.

Though I'm 20 now, and still acting like a kids whenever the situation allows for it. And I'm responsible if the situation demands it. I thought too that by 30 I have to have my life set in order and be completely independent of my family. Though I've realised that, we can still act up no matter how old we are. Life is a continuous journey of growing and learning.

You're never to young to act mature, nor to old to act like a child. And that to me is living life to it's full potential (:

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