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On Twitchy_T's "Help Me" Real Story Pandamodium 13 March 2016, 8:42 PM

cool poem

On Twitchy_T's "Help Me" Real Story Veradis 14 May 2015, 8:55 AM

In the second stanza does she accept the pain she's in? More changes can always be coming to switch up the situation.

On Twitchy_T's "Please I don't want to grow up" Real Story datweetbix 25 April 2015, 10:53 AM

It's a tough one for sure. You really portrayed that snapshot of the moment very clearly there Twitchy. It felt real reading it. I hope you can get the best of both worlds. :)

On Twitchy_T's "happy family" Real Story Veradis 19 March 2015, 9:51 AM

Any updates Twitchy_T?

On Twitchy_T's "happy family" Real Story datweetbix 10 April 2015, 8:28 AM

All good Twitchy. Sorry to hear that things aren't perfect for you right now. What good things are happening for you at the moment?

On Twitchy_T's "happy family" Real Story Twitchy_T 9 April 2015, 9:15 PM

Hey guys sorry. Haven't had a laptop... phone never seems to work on here haha i've been better, but i've been worse :P

On Twitchy_T's "happy family" Real Story datweetbix 9 April 2015, 12:16 PM

Yeah what's been happening Twitchy? I hope things are going well for you. :)

On Twitchy_T's "happy family" Real Story Veradis 3 March 2015, 2:03 PM

Hey Twitchy_T. I'm sure you know there are people and services you can reach out to for help as you have before. I guess sometimes we fake it till we make it but it's important for all involved to acknowledge what's going on. Hope things get better Twitchy_T, keep us in the loop. *hugs*

On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story baby_gone 11 September 2014, 11:26 AM

This is so amazing. I'm in awe. I truly am it is just everything it is perfect and true. And I just. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this.

I understand completely how love is every changing, everyone experiences differently with each person in their lives. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is... Superb

On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story datweetbix 19 September 2014, 8:45 AM

Go team! :)

On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story Twitchy_T 12 September 2014, 8:27 AM

Awww thanks baby_gone it means a lot to me that you really like it and understand ^_^ :) keep on smiling

On Twitchy_T's "Life repeats" Real Story Veradis 25 August 2014, 2:20 PM

woah.. this provides some food for thought. have things calmed down at all on your end? hope everyone's doing okay!

On Twitchy_T's "Life repeats" Real Story Twitchy_T 25 August 2014, 3:40 PM

yeah yeah veradis ^_^ all is well. This is from about a year ago. he's only ever lashed out twice and both times he's felt worse than the ones with bruises. :) he really is a great guy but people think because he lashed out it makes him the bad guy... i dont think that's fair.

Thanks for the comment! ^_^



On Twitchy_T's "Life repeats" Real Story datweetbix 25 August 2014, 12:18 PM

Good thing you found it and shared it! This is a captivating piece of poetry. It really draws you in. Is it fictitious or based on a real experience?

On Twitchy_T's "Life repeats" Real Story datweetbix 19 September 2014, 8:46 AM

Always good to hear when things are getting better for you Twitchy_T

On Twitchy_T's "Life repeats" Real Story Twitchy_T 25 August 2014, 5:20 PM

No no, it's all good now. :) I just want people to see that the bad guy isn't always who you first think it is... ^_^



On Twitchy_T's "Life repeats" Real Story datweetbix 25 August 2014, 4:25 PM

Always happy to read stories. I hope those problems didn't continue. That would have been really quite difficult if it kept going. :(

On Twitchy_T's "Life repeats" Real Story Twitchy_T 25 August 2014, 3:34 PM

thanks datweetbix

it's not even the slightest bit fictitious unfortunatel but thank you for taking the time to read it ^_^

On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story Veradis 21 August 2014, 4:52 PM

So glad that you've managed to learn from your experiences Twitchy_T! Glad you're doing well now too :)

On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story Twitchy_T 25 August 2014, 3:44 PM

Thanks Veradis ^_^

Im the happiest i've ever been and finally someone else is holding my hand along the way. :) No longer feel like i have to do things on my own



On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story Flea 21 August 2014, 2:06 PM

Beautifully written. Such an incredible expression of what you've experienced and grown through. Clearly you've come out on top because you've seen the bad and the good but have gained a valuable perspective. I hope that allows you to have even deeper and meaningful relationships.

On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story Flea 25 August 2014, 4:16 PM

Well done! That's wonderful news. Can't get much better than that. :)

On Twitchy_T's "What is love?" Real Story Twitchy_T 25 August 2014, 3:42 PM

Hey Flea.

Thanks for your comment ^_^ i'm currently in my happiest relationship so far. One where i finally see a future, so you're right... i feel like i came out on top ^_^

Hope all is well



On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 3 April 2014, 9:43 PM

Hahaha DJ its been such a long time

hahaha words of wisdom... I love it hahaha

sorry I havent been on. Honestly SO busy... tests and auditions (I might end up having a romance kiss scene! !! O.O OMG) haha my friend is in romeo and juliet at our local theatre and im not a huge fan of "classics" but opening night is on my 18th so im going to watch so I dont get pressured to drink by others #goodgirltwitchy

It has been so long since ive been on here I almost wrote my proper name ! Haha! :)

Update me. How are things. .. written any more? Family all good?

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 19 August 2014, 4:05 PM

Wow... i am SO sorry DJ it has been so long! i had my phone stolen and now im on my laptop and TOTALLY forgot all about all this. I'll see if i have anything i've written and not posted laying around as a bit of an update xD

Peter pan loses his shadow xD

I turned 18... didn't drink, didn't see the show, had a fall out with that friend (boyfriend at the time. You know how it is... better if i wasnt there) BUT i got a CAT for my birthday!!! He's a feral and everyone else hates him (though he only bites and attacks me... apparently as a 'play' 'love' thing) i freakin love him! I always wanted a cat cause i grew up with dogs... hes also the first animal thats been allowed inside and he gets to sleep in my room !!! (I feel like a child and i love it xD )

Just exercises to fix your back? I had back issues for ages... runs in the family, my younger brothers is so bad he has to decide whether or not to have surgery or not.

I always try to eat healthy but have 0% willpower... and i have the worst skin as a result.

Life currently is at a stressful crossroads... gotta decide what i want to do with life, i have decided against uni (dont know what i want to do yet so im not going to waste the money on something im sure about) and since i dont want to go it means my HSC is essentialy all for naut... but i have my HSC drama performance on monday and i feel sick because i just changed it (less than a week out) *sigh* AND stupid me decided to sing in it... but singing is the major thing i cant do infront of people *sigh again*

I'm currently doing my final english assessment... an essay on 50th gate and schindlers list... real sad stuff.... "personal engagements" are cruel when you ACTUALLY have a personal engagement to it (the film is very well done and the novel kinda makes Baker out to be a bad guy... pressuring people for their stories etc.)

Anyways, hope all is well and i cant wait to get a response from you! Though i better go and finish this essay before Mischief (the cat) chews through my charger cable xD

Missed you!!!



On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 4 April 2014, 8:50 AM

Yes it's been ages!! You know that Eminem song with the lyrics "guess who's back. back again. Shady's back. Tell a friend." well I just got that stuck in my head but with Twitchy instead of Shady... fun fact of the day.

You don't have to apologise for being busy! So this theatre thing sounds pretty fun. Are auditions stressful? 18th on the horizon hey? #Excitingtimes!

haha yes it's been a while! You almost forgot how to BITE BACK. Like Peter Pan forgot how to be Peter Pan... I think that's how the story goes.

Things are good with me. Doing some more creative stuff. Eating healthy (shock!) and starting to do a bit more exercise. I'm also getting some medical stuff sorted that I've been putting off. My back has been sore for ages so I'm FINALLY getting it fixed and it's actually really easy. Just simple exercises.... my life sounds a bit more boring than yours at the moment. :)

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Veradis 27 March 2014, 2:54 PM

Any news on the writing front Twitchy_T? Would really like to see some new stories from you :)

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 28 March 2014, 10:58 PM

Hey Veradis

sorry. Going through half year tests at the moment

Havent had much inspiration at the moment

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 8 January 2014, 11:57 AM

Twitchy, I just re-read this now after not having looked at it for quite a while. It's so easy to forget what things were like even last week but this was months and months and months ago. Just reflecting... it seems like you've come a really long way in this last year Twitchy! Yeah there are always ups and downs of course but you're doing so well and we always love reading what you're writing. Keep that train going! :)

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank DJ Cheese Platter 6 January 2014, 1:33 PM

That's super important! I remember the resistance between my parents and I when I wanted more independence but wasn't being given it. It really made things a lot easier for me. You have to grow and learn things your own way at some point in time.

Ah that's nice. Memories with good friends. So nice to jump back into that and enjoy the happy thoughts again.

ps. hey you're doing Thank Tank! Told ya I'd comment. ;)

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank DJ Cheese Platter 9 January 2014, 8:08 AM

Yes all the joys of getting older hey?

Ah fair enough. It's not for everyone I guess. More Thank Tank to go around for me! ;)

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank Twitchy_T 8 January 2014, 9:45 PM

Oh yes. Such an interesting concept xD

Haha not really. Doesn't do much for me. But it's not BAD by any strech either

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank DJ Cheese Platter 8 January 2014, 11:36 AM

hahaha nothing wrong with trying something new every now and then! :) Accountability... sounds so fun hey?

So what's your review of Thank Tank now? Did you enjoy writing in it... even just a little tiny bit? Even just 50% enjoyed? :)

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank Twitchy_T 7 January 2014, 6:49 PM

Hahaha yeah only did it because you told me to xD figured I gotta stay accountable to something these days hahaha :P

On Twitchy_T's "What just happened?" Real Story Ronx9012 7 December 2013, 6:33 PM

woah, that sounds you were really confused.

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 6 December 2013, 2:25 PM

I agree with the comments above. I hope to hear more from you soon Twitchy_T...

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 8 January 2014, 11:45 AM

That kind of friendship doesn't come around every day. You both are really really fortunate to have that because not everyone gets those kinds of friends in a lifetime! The part about him being able to work out when you need space and when you don't is a great sign.

Trust. That's a big one. People can hurt and people get hurt. It's one of those unfortunate things that just happens every now and then. I know it's happened to me in the past too. I've found that spreading the trust around to varied different people helps because if for whatever reason you fall out with one person you still have heaps of other people to support you and hang around with. - DJ Cheese Platter's official words of wisdom! :)

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 7 January 2014, 6:52 PM

Yeah i was really lucky with that xD

I usually have really bad trust issues so he's helping me out with them. It's great because yeah we may not have hung out heaps or seen each other often, but we know each other really well so he knows when to just back off and when I really need him there

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 6 January 2014, 4:35 PM

Wow. That's perfect! Double dose of fortune there. Your friend must be quite special to you then.

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 4 January 2014, 8:36 AM

Yeah good things as well. Got into a bit of trouble at a party (nothing bad, just not comfortable with the situations that were arising) and a friend who I never used to see much got me out of it and we ended up hanging out heaps more and turns out we have heaps in common and he moved closer to where I live so I can just walk to his xD it's great

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 3 January 2014, 9:57 AM

Things could always be worse. You've got plenty of good things going on too though right?

haha yep I'll get right on that!

Fair enough. No rush. :)

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 21 December 2013, 8:30 AM

Things could always be worse. Though I've explained the situation to people so they understand when I say I can't go somewhere. So things are settling down a little.

You wrote another one? ! Great work! I'll stalk your profile later and find it ;)

I am getting around to the thank tank entry I swear... just... not yet xD

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 18 December 2013, 10:20 AM

Powering ahead!

Today is such a good beach day too. I can't go today but hopefully it will stay this way for a while.

Fair enough. It's not for everyone. I'll take advantage of the free comment offer though. ;)

haha good point! Hmm... I hadn't thought that far ahead. I have done one about summer recently. I'll do another one about something else soon. I'm sure I'll find enough to write about over Christmas.

Sorry to hear that about your mum. Sounds like it's not completely as bad as it could be though right?

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 18 December 2013, 8:20 AM

Exams were pretty average. Officially a quarter of the way through my HSC :)

Really good to hear things are going well ^_^ and summer has had some pretty messed up weather where I am at the moment. Though today's good... beach sounds good... haha

Haha idk. I haven't really got into thank tank. Just, I don't know, not really my thing. But I'll make an entry just for you to comment on :P

Speaking of things to comment on. .. where's the next story of yours? :P

Not much has really happened. Mum's been a little short tempered because of these pills she's on and I'm kind of a catalyst atm because I'm never home. Thats about it xD

What about you?

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 16 December 2013, 9:58 AM

Damn internet!! haha no pressure. :) How were exams? Things have been really well with me! I'm loving summer so far too. Life appears to be plodding along in a good way.

Can I suggest something Twitchy? I get what you're saying about not having much to say good or bad... Thank Tank is good for that. I've been making a habit of doing Thank Tank once a week and I'm really liking it. It's just 3 small good things each week. Gets you in the swing of noticing those things. I'll comment on there too if you do. ;)

What else is new with you?

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 13 December 2013, 9:09 AM

Haha I know I know. I've been away. Internet issues and exams again. But I really don't have much to write about atm. Life is just plodding along neither good or bad. But I'm really happy to hear from everyone on here :)

How is life? What's been going on? Tell me all haha :)

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story pizzalover 2 December 2013, 10:55 AM

you're really creative, this little poem had so much meaning to it, its good :)

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story gabpineapplehead 27 November 2013, 3:34 PM

Hey this is really nice. Short but meaningful, perfect! Do you mind if I write this somewhere?

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Twitchy_T 13 December 2013, 8:59 AM

Yeah sure! They're just words on a page, you can put them anywhere :)

I'm glad you like it ^_^

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story abbeydawn 22 November 2013, 1:13 AM

Wow, such a short poem yet so many meanings and thoughts running through my mind! I see understand from this poem that the person is finding it hard to show her true self due to the fear of rejection. The person seems to develop different personalities depending on the company they are in because they feel it's better to pretend than to show their true self. It's quite an alarming poem for me but it really shows a very common scenario we all find ourselves in a bit too often these days.

Thanks for sharing such a great piece :) xxx

On Twitchy_T's "The Unknown Soul" Real Story Veradis 18 November 2013, 10:41 AM

well I'm sure we like you better Twitchy_T! been missing you ;-)

On Twitchy_T's "A different Perspective" Real Story Veradis 3 October 2013, 1:25 PM

It's really awesome you've been able help people by sharing your experiences, it takes a lot of courage to voice your experiences, often even in hindsight, well I find I really just want to forget the times I felt weak and focus on the fact that I'm doing well now.

Your poem is a prime example though of how speaking out to others, how that sharing stories can make a huge difference in others' lives. Good going Twitchy_T, hope we hear more from you soon!

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 13 September 2013, 7:27 AM

I like those floppy ear dogs. I don't know the name of the breed so I'm sticking with that description :)

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 16 September 2013, 10:28 AM

Ah yeah that rings a bell now! haha my friend has one of those too... I'm still sticking with floppy ear dog. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That Twitchy_T 13 September 2013, 9:08 PM

Haha cavalier king Charles spaniel, that's the breed. It's a bit of a mouth full but she's great haha

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That Veradis 11 September 2013, 12:01 PM

Wow, your dog's adorable! Looks like she's having fun in the park =) super jealous, I've always wanted a dog.

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 16 September 2013, 10:31 AM

Damn now I'll have to watch them too! haha

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That Veradis 15 September 2013, 9:19 PM

whoops =) you're welcome

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That Twitchy_T 13 September 2013, 9:09 PM

Hahaha! Oh god I just spent 3 hours watching cat videos on YouTube xD thanks a ton

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That Veradis 12 September 2013, 3:41 PM

Haha there's a vid on youtube called "8 signs your cat is actually a dog" go look for it, it's hilarious ;-)

On Twitchy_T's "Get Moving" Snap That Twitchy_T 12 September 2013, 7:50 AM

Haha thanks Veradis :) yeah dog's are great, she thinks she is a cat sometimes haha caught her making more of a purring noise once. Was really funny ^_^

On Twitchy_T's "What just happened?" Real Story Veradis 5 August 2013, 12:02 PM

I agree with DJ, I love how natural this piece feels. It shows how being open to new experiences and new people (getting out of your comfort zone as others have said) you can make new friends and have a great time - it's really cool when a spontaneous outing like this ends with so much fun =)

On Twitchy_T's "What just happened?" Real Story abbeydawn 21 July 2013, 7:09 PM

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, this was just one of the spontaneous adventures in your life you took that turned out great. Hopefully there will be many more that help you grow and come closer to others, just remember to be safe! Hahaha, but great story! Thanks for sharing :) xxxx

On Twitchy_T's "What just happened?" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 23 July 2013, 11:54 AM

Abbeydawn! Haven't seen you around here for a while. :) yeah I think that's a really good way of putting it. We can so easily live inside our comfort zones and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it just means that we won't be able to experience all that we otherwise could in life. I've been pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone for a while and it's great! Very rewarding. And yes.. stay safe of course. :) I like this style of story Twitchy. It seems very real because I can imagine it in my head as I'm reading it.

On Twitchy_T's "Big Picture" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 11 July 2013, 2:02 PM

haha it sure does! :) How did you make that?

On Twitchy_T's "Big Picture" Snap That Twitchy_T 16 July 2013, 4:20 PM


On Twitchy_T's "Big Picture" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 16 July 2013, 4:12 PM

Haha woah! Enter the Matrix. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Big Picture" Snap That Twitchy_T 16 July 2013, 3:29 PM

pressed a wrong button on my laptop xD

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story mylifebelikee 29 May 2013, 8:44 PM

Hey Twitchy T :) totally get where all this is coming from. there are those days when you just feel more tired than usual, like for some reason things are worse even though you don't feel like anything has happened to do that, yeah? i really like how you put it on 'paper', not many words but a load of emotion. keep writing :)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Veradis 20 August 2013, 9:35 AM

I agree with mylifebelikee, sometimes it is good to take a few hours out for yourself, do the stuff you love whether that be hanging out with friends or taking some time on your own to read or write. Ensuring there aren't any medical reasons for the lethargy too, like diet or some kind of allergy? hope you're feeling a lot more energy these days =)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 21 June 2013, 11:57 AM

That's the great thing about 'paper'. You don't have to strain to use it! :)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Twitchy_T 7 June 2013, 5:17 PM

thanks mylifebelikee

i can't even be bothered to get out of bed... it's so straining :/

Thanks for the comment


On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 29 May 2013, 3:33 PM

:( Sometimes that feeling is even harder than feeling sad. That numbness. I wish I could write like this!! :) Luckily you seem to be able to write a lot of what I've felt too soooo maybe that means I don't have to learn to write creatively. An unintentional ghost writer? ;)

Really though, I know that feeling and it's difficult. Sometimes it's not too. At times I'd felt too numb for it to even bother me. I'm not sure if I can help apart from saying that you will get through this. You will. There's no doubt about that at all. You're strong and you're determined and these negative feelings will pass. You're on a winning path Twitchy and I hope you can remember that in these times, even though these times are the most difficult for thinking about it. That makes them the most important times to reflect on it. Don't lose sight of that Twitchy. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 13 September 2013, 7:38 AM

haha yeah I know what that's like. Damn internet! Ruining all the fun of studying! :) I'm sure you'll get there.

Brilliant breakthroughs from frustration. Actually yeah I can say that has been the case for me many times in the past. I was trying to remove a battery from something once and I was pulling in for about 20 mins and even tried to use pliers then eventually worked out that I needed to push it instead of pull it. Genius over here.

Well guess what? I did write a story! haha yeah unexpected right? It's a mostly positive one actually.

Yeah writing on phones take a while if you're doing a lot of it. I saw that Snap That photo. :) You should try Thank Tank. That's really short text.

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Twitchy_T 12 September 2013, 3:40 PM

Been a bit hard to motivate myself to study. So self inflicted struggle. All good. Society and culture tomorrow and im currently studying... okay so im talking to you. Haha xD I'll get there :P

I figured it out because I got annoyed. How all brilliant break throughs begin ^_^

Maybe you should write those stories in your life on here... just saying :P

As for me... no... haha it takes a long time to write on my phone and I MAY have lost my laptop xD

But I did put up a picture for snapthat so ... nerrrr :P

I hope to see that story soon :P

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 11 September 2013, 12:11 PM


Ah exams. Yeah can be a bit of a stress. I'm sure we all understand though. Not going to give you a hard time for being busy. :)

Sorry to hear things aren't perfect for you at the moment. In what way aren't you doing so well? Have you worked out how you might be able to do well?

Mmmm that's kinda annoying but hey a way around is a way around! How did you even work that out? hahaha well done! Hopefully we'll all be hearing more from you again. :)

I've been pretty well Twitchy! Things are traveling along nicely for me at the moment. There are always stories happening in my life... as far as writing Real Stories though.. well.. not since my last one that you saw. I've been more into Thank Tank lately. With that said though I think I will write another one today. I know I've said that a million times! haha

Any new stories happening with you?

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Twitchy_T 11 September 2013, 11:36 AM


Sorry I've had exams on currently (not doing so well :( )

Nuh, I'm still having trouble with it but I literally just found a way around it. If I put my password in first the screen is zoomed in on the user name so I can just click that. .. so do everything backwards haha

How have you been? Any new stories happening?

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 10 September 2013, 11:39 AM

Any update Twitchy? Haven't heard much from you in a little while... I hope all is well with you. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Twitchy_T 25 July 2013, 4:02 PM

Hi Nic :)

Sure email away. It was actually the same problem on my old phone as well... maybe i'm just doing something wrong haha. Either way, happy to talk about it.



On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 23 July 2013, 11:08 AM

Ah.... this comment notification reminded me that I forgot to do a particular something last week. :$ ooooook. I'm putting (virtual) pen to paper RIGHT NOW. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Nic (BITE BACK) 23 July 2013, 11:04 AM

Hey guys,

Thanks for pointing this out. We do welcome feedback on anything at all to do with BITE BACK. We particularly like hearing about any bugs or problems with the site because this helps us fix them. We also like hearing about any improvements that you think would make BITE BACK even better.

Twitchy_T, we'd be keen to know more about the problem you're having with accessing the site properly on your Galaxy Note. Would you mind if we email you about it to get some more info about it from you? That will be really useful for us to be able to fix it.



On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 17 July 2013, 9:22 AM

Yeah getting better slowly but surely. :)

I haven't used a Galaxy Note before. Only iPhone and iPad. That's pretty annoying about not being able to login. Have you tried telling the BITE BACK staff? I've used the thing up the top left of the screen that says "what do you think of this page?". It's just a normal old feedback form.

DAYS?? haha you're lucky then. How many did you get taken out? Did you go under a general anesthetic? MMMMmmmmm hamburger. Too bad I'm trying to be healthy. :( I think it hurt less than I thought it would but the recovery was just annoying more than it was painful.

I do hope things get better with your family so it's great news that you say things will be fine soon. Keep us posted.

YES!! hahaha you honestly are a great motivator!! I can't write right now but I definitely will soon. You have my word.... and soon will have a whole lot more of them. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Twitchy_T 16 July 2013, 4:45 PM

Well it's good that you're getting better :)

I have a galaxy note. But for being an absolutely massive phone, it's total crap. The log in page doesn't work so i have to use my laptop.

WEEKS? It took me 2-3 days for the swelling to go down and after that only another 3 or so before i was munching on a hamburger... and that was only cause i couldn't open my mouth completely. Wow... and i was annoyed at how long it took me to recover xD

People kept telling me it was going to hurt heaps but i didn't find it did?

Ah... family troubles... finance mainly. Gotta love it. It's all god everything will be fine soon ^_^

Start writing the story now!!! Write a sentance, doesn't matter what about, doesn't mater if it ryhmes. A start is a start, you may find it flows :)


On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 16 July 2013, 4:24 PM

Yeah it's ok because now that I think about it I actually don't really get sick very often. Not too fussed by it. It's still going but it's just a cold so aside from annoying people around me with sniffles it's all ok!

Ah yeah no worries about being away for a while. It happens sometimes. What phone are you using?

WISDOM TEETH! Agh! I had all of mine taken out at the same time a few years ago. Oh man. It was pretty crazy! My tooth went all weird and inflamed so I got it looked at then needed all 4 taken out. I was so nervous going into it but afterwards it was totally fine. Mum looked after me by supplying me with soup for a couple of weeks and then I was fine. :)

I do hope things are going well with the family situation. Remember that things don't usually just get sorted at one particular point as a final resolution. They often get better and worse and change in different ways over time. That's my experience anyway. I'm saying don't be too disappointed if things aren't totally fixed one day. You might see little changes of good over time.

haha yeah it's good to be a nerd!

I'm glad I can help and you absolutely don't need to thank me. I'm always happy to talk because I really enjoy it too.

haha ok. Enough is enough. I will write a Real Story this week! :) I've been saying it for way too long and so I actually will do it. If I never set a time on anything I'll never actually end up doing it so you have my word that I'll write something by the end of this week... and if I don't you can tell me off. You're a good motivator Twitchy_T! :)

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Twitchy_T 16 July 2013, 3:41 PM

Sorry to hear you were sick... hope you' are feeling super duper awesome again :) I've been gone as well but unlike you it's simply because i dont use my laptop and it is frustrating to use this site on my particular phone.

I found out another factor that was contributing to my lack of ... motivation. Wisdom teeth. Of all things. It was straining my jaw and causing everything to need more effort output even though i didn't really notice... I've noticed since i had them out (2 weeks ago now) i've been a lot better. Now just to get rid the troubles in the family and everyone this side will be good again :)

NERDS! Haha :) We are such cool kids :P

Thanks for all your help :D You've been a major help with everything

Now get writing!


On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 21 June 2013, 11:56 AM

Sorry I've been absent lately! I'm well and truly back now. :)

You're right, I really should write something... well.. TRY to write something. Keep an eye out for a Real Story soon from me. When the time comes you'll see it.

You know what? The more I read the more I see there are so many people out there who have had the same or similar experiences. I definitely know what you're talking about and so do a lot of other people.

Hmm... this has been happening for a while then. What do you think you can do to speed the process along? Maybe there's something else that could help?


ps. you totally are strong even if you don't feel like you are right now.

On Twitchy_T's "Another Day" Real Story Twitchy_T 7 June 2013, 5:15 PM

Haha god i love you DJ you always make me smile. TRY to write. I want to read your work!!!

Glad to hear someone else knows what i'm on about... well not glad you had the experience... but... uh. you know xD

Still feeling all... dead. First time in 11 years i haven't handed in school work (yes.. i'm a nerd... what of it?! :P) So... hmmm... meh. Not feeling super strong right now...

Thanks anyway


On Twitchy_T's "Day 1" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 15 May 2013, 8:57 AM

Hey Twitchy. Sorry to hear that you had a bad day. :( It's totally ok to not ALWAYS have a creative poem up your sleeve. When stuff like this happens the creative juices aren't always flowing but this seems like a good way to let it out.

Ok there's a lot to get through here so let's begin from the beginning. I hated most camps. Nearly every single one. There were one or two maybe that were ok but for the most part I made up any excuse I could to not have to go. Ah, it seemed like such a paradise! The temptation of going to school to pretty much just sit around and do nothing instead of trekking it through the wilderness getting eaten my leeches.... nope. Turned out that being at school was pretty much just as difficult as the trek would have been. I think we had a similar experience here. I had two problems with going to school instead of camp; one was the boredom and the other was trying to get along with people in a small group who I never really got along with. It was tough. There were verbal fights. I was happy to go home. If there was one thing I took away from that though it was the lesson that not everyone is going to like me and I'm not going to like everyone either. It had been fairly comfortable in my group because you can pretty much choose more or less who your friends are. In this situation though it was the first time in a while that I had to try to get along with people and didn't have much of a say in the matter. It's a small benefit from a difficult situation but it's a lesson learned that has turned out to be really important and helpful in the way I deal with people in general. I dunno. I'm not trying to take away from the seriousness of your situation or downplay it and say that it's all ok but I'd suggest if anything that you try to come out of this with something that you've learned your own way (not just school work obviously). Some sort of life lesson that only you can teach yourself. It could turn out to be way bigger and way more helpful to you in future than this bad day.

haha hilarity. You're right. That is a pretty dumb thing for them to be picking up on and making a big deal over. I've heard the theory that bullies or just anyone who makes life difficult often does it because they can see it frustrates you. Obviously I have no idea in this situation because I wasn't there but do you think that they got worse after they saw you and your friend get frustrated?

Spitballs. Ew.. that's so gross! :( I can't say I've ever been on the receiving end of a spitball. Where was the teacher in all of this? Surely if they saw that happen they would've stepped in, right?

Some people are just immature at times. Some people take longer to grow up than others and sometimes some people never really grow up. The best you can do is take control of those situations where you think that you can't. I don't mean necessarily just confronting these types of people or getting someone else to step in on your behalf (although either of these can be the right choice at times). What I mean is that there can be ways for us to take charge of something in ways that don't seem obvious at first. Try to find what they are. One that I've used many times in the past is diffusing a situation. When people were giving me a hard time I knew they enjoyed it more when they saw me getting annoyed by it because THAT'S what gave them the power. They enjoyed knowing that they could dictate to some degree how I would react based upon their actions. So I'd look for ways to take that power away from them and give it back to me. Diffusing those situations worked so well for me. Just some sort of funny/smartass comment from me that wasn't too directly insulting was often all it took for them to back down. I've found that if you can get them to laugh about something that's not making fun of you or them then that's the sweet spot. You know how it's almost impossible to have an argument with your friend if you're making each other laugh? It's like that. My mum used to hate it when I was a kid when she'd be going off at me about something I'd done wrong and then I'd just make her laugh and it pretty much ruined her rant. :) haha obviously the situation is different here but that core human reaction to (dare I say...) hilarity is the same and can be a really powerful thing.

You can find your own way. Maybe humour isn't your secret weapon the way it is mine but I want you to know that there are definitely tools you can use and come up with to solve these situations another way - you just need to find them. I have no doubt you will be able to because you seem quite in touch with yourself and with what's going on around you.

As for the drugs thing... well that's just stupid on their part. That kinda crosses a line in my books from being nasty toward someone to actually delving into a crime. I mean, yeah it's not treason or anything but if it came down to it and you were to get the spotlight thrown on you over it, even if it is just with your dad and not the law, it should come back on them for doing the wrong thing by dumping it in your bag. It's a good thing that your teacher understands and everything but I'm kinda thinking maybe there is more that can be done. I don't think this has to all be on your shoulders and it sounds like the school has some sort of responsibility to help you out here. I'm not sure in what way that would be but it's probably worth looking into.

Anyway. How have things been since then? I hope things start getting better with this one Twitchy. I also hope this doesn't sound too directive either, I'm trying to just speak from my own personal experience here but I'm trying to be careful to not sound too much like I'm saying 'do this do that'. :) One final thing I'll say is that you've made so much progress recently. Thinking back to all your Real Stories over time has really shown that you're doing well and you're making big strides. I hope you're proud of that because it's worth being proud of. Hopefully that can put these last few days into perspective.

All the best. :)

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank DJ Cheese Platter 14 May 2013, 12:14 PM

Ah I must've missed this one before. :$

That is all really good Twitchy_T. There's a bit of a mix I see. Did you manage to go by un-yelled at in the end?

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank DJ Cheese Platter 21 June 2013, 3:29 PM

Ah that's pretty indirectly direct. How do you react to that?

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank Twitchy_T 14 June 2013, 4:48 PM

Yelling about something i did but not directly to me. Like instead of .... "You can't sing" it's "Some of you can't sing"

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank DJ Cheese Platter 27 May 2013, 4:21 PM

hmm.. what do you mean by 'suggestively yelling'?

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank Twitchy_T 20 May 2013, 3:34 PM

"Directly" yes. But not without him suggestively yelling at me

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 14 May 2013, 12:06 PM

I should also say that you're not alone Twitchy_T. I hope you don't feel loneliness and longing too much because there are plenty of other people who understand and who want to support you.

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 21 June 2013, 12:00 PM

hahaha ok point taken! :) What should I write about?

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story Twitchy_T 7 June 2013, 5:21 PM


(The above was meant to sound like tough love... But i want you to know that i'm currently dancing so if i sound mad... i'm not xD)

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 27 May 2013, 4:13 PM

Anytime. :) I always enjoy reading your stories and poems.

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story Twitchy_T 20 May 2013, 7:11 AM

Thanks :) it means a lot

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story mylifebelikee 13 May 2013, 6:43 PM

thats soo good! whatever was going through your head must have been pretty powerful :)

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 21 June 2013, 12:06 PM

haha I love how you add 'just' before that as if it's no big deal and anyone could do that. It's a talent!

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story Twitchy_T 7 June 2013, 5:20 PM

Hahaha DJ! xD

I'm glad you guys think so, but to be honest i wasn't even thinking of anything... i just started humming a tune and adding words...

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 27 May 2013, 4:12 PM

Nope. It IS powerful. The crowd has spoken. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story Twitchy_T 20 May 2013, 7:11 AM

Thanks guys :)

I dont know about powerful, ut there was something going on haha

On Twitchy_T's "Find a way" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 14 May 2013, 11:39 AM

Yeah I totally agree. I don't always understand your writings when I first read them Twitchy_T but I usually read them a few more times and they make more sense. Either way they're always powerful so I hope to read more. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Cracks" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 10 May 2013, 8:46 AM

Good to see you're doing Snap That too. I don't do it too often but I'm going to get back into it now. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Cracks" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 27 May 2013, 4:19 PM

Sounds like a plan. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Cracks" Snap That Twitchy_T 20 May 2013, 3:31 PM

Good :) I'd love to see some of your stuff :)

On Twitchy_T's "A different Perspective" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 9 May 2013, 11:52 AM

That's so powerful Twitchy_T! I'm glad to finally be able to read your poem on bullying. You've clearly gained so much perspective through your experiences and sharing them with other people is one of the greatest things you can do to help others.

I'd love to know what it means. What is the story behind the poem?


On Twitchy_T's "A different Perspective" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 10 December 2013, 3:16 PM

Poke. :)

On Twitchy_T's "A different Perspective" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 14 May 2013, 11:44 AM

Ah yeah I often forget things too. When the writing just flows through you it's often hard to capture it for later. I'm always trying to remind myself to write creative things down for later but I often forget to even do that! :$

I like this poem. Maybe you'll find inspiration to write something similar to the last one another day...

Absolutely. I think you might be surprised how many people read and get benefit from what you write. I know I certainly do. :)

On Twitchy_T's "A different Perspective" Real Story Twitchy_T 13 May 2013, 9:33 PM

No no, just i couldn't remember what i wrote last time (it was a real of the moment thing last time... just an extended moment which led to catastrophe) and this poem is soooooo different and i, just liked the other one better...

I'm just glad that someone else found it useful, or at least a new way of looking at an old issue

On Twitchy_T's "A different Perspective" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 10 May 2013, 8:44 AM

Why is that? Is it because you forgot what you wrote before or that your feelings about it have changed since then?... or you just couldn't be bothered writing the same long one all over again? ;) haha I know that feeling too.

I'm so happy to hear that. That's SOOOO important. When we all go through hard times it's one thing to be able to get through it ourselves but to be able to help other people it's a whole different thing. I hope you're proud of that because it's truly a great thing you've done and obviously people look up to you in that way and listen even if you don't think you deserve the credit.

haha don't be silly. No need to appologise at all. It's great!

On Twitchy_T's "A different Perspective" Real Story Twitchy_T 9 May 2013, 5:03 PM

Hey haha this is NOTHING like the version i wrote the first time and to be honest i don't really like this much.

But the meaning behind it is that after sharing how i view bullying, it's seemed to change other peoples views and from what i can tell... helped them.... and from that it's made me feel stronger, like... idk i did something right

It's quite an unorganised structure as i haven't written for a while so excuse that if you can xD

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 8 March 2013, 11:08 AM

Twitchy! It's so good to see you're back. I haven't read a story from you in ages. I used to really like reading your stories last year so I hope you keep doing more of them. I don't blame you for not being around for a while though. After reading this... wow. So much has been going on it seems.

I don't really know where to start but I'll try my best.

Confusion sets in for all of us at different times and in different situations. The more that's going on at the same time the more confusing it can be. I want you to know that it makes perfect sense that you're confused at the moment. From what you're saying there's a million things going on at once so I hope you don't feel weird about the fact things are confusing for you. You're not alone there.

Ah. Relationships. I'm no expert or anything but I've been through a few breakups myself and what you're saying sounds quite familiar to me. I wish I could just say something to make it all better but I don't think there's anything that can make the difficulties magically disappear. It takes time. It's meant to I think. There's no need to rush through it and try to pretend that there's no problem because we need to go through the process to work it all out. I dunno. That's just me. I can't really speak for anyone else because we all deal with things differently so maybe it might work different for you but I just thought I'd share my own view on that.

Either way, once you move on there's always other people to meet. I think if this guy treats you well and you treat him well and you both care about each other and aren't doing anything wrong then I don't really see a reason why other people should call you horrid names. Why do they judge you? It's not that big an age gap right?

I can't stand bullying. I'm so sorry to hear that you have had to go through that for so long. How do you see that changing?

I don't understand. What's so bad about being glad you all hang out together?

Taking it slow. Always a good option. I think it's important to learn to be able to trust people but there's every reason to do it in the right way. :)

That's awful that your mum had to go through that. And is still going through that too. It must be really hard on you. Do you get along well with her? I hope things get better for you both.

Hey that's actually really good news about weddings! I've only been to 3 of them in my life and even that was pretty recently. I had no idea what to do or how to act or what to wear either but you know what? You just do it and it all comes together. I know that sounds really simple but it's true. EVERYONE's attention is going towards the bride and groom so you don't really have to be too self conscious because everyone else is in the same boat as you and they're not really going to be even noticing each other too much. I don't really know too much about what to wear at weddings but I'm sure if you asked your boyfriend or got him to ask one of the other people who are going like his cousin or his cousin's friends you'd find your answer. Weddings really aren't all that scary if you're just in the crowd like everyone else. They're all in the same situation. And you'll have your boyfriend there with you too for support. :) as for your teacher's wedding, well same story really. Believe me the first wedding I ever went to was a Greek wedding for a friend of mine and I had no idea what was going on. haha I don't speak any Greek at all! I was kinda nervous leading up to it but it was so easy and not scary at all when I actually got there. It was really fine. Panicking like that is more often than not so different when you look at it in hindsight. It's like, oh.. I really had nothing to worry about. :) Maybe try to picture that time. The time afterwards when it's all ok. Hopefully that will help in the meantime.

It's so nice to be able to help friends when they need it. But we can't always do that. We're not always in a position where we're able to help and that's totally ok. It's understandable. You can't fix all the problems in the world all the time. When things get a bit better for you and your friend and you're in the same place at the same time more often then maybe you can help then. It's not like your friend could use the support only on one day. Yeah it's a significant anniversary of course but there's so many other days and weeks and years that you both can be together to support each other as friends.

Wow. This comment has turned out way longer than I thought it would. :) To sum it all up... please don't worry about the reaction you're having to all of this. Feeling tight, supressed, angry, sad etc.. that's what happens when life gets really full on! You're allowed to be a bit confused at times but you don't have to feel like this forever. Things will get better. Now it's really just a matter of finding out what makes you happy and makes you feel good. There's plenty that you can do in the meantime to make yourself enjoy your life now too. It's not just all in the future. Maybe it's getting help from friends, maybe it's doing more with your acting and singing.. whatever it is find it and try to explore it more.

I hope everything works out for you Twitchy. I'm sure it will. You're obviously really brave and you're going to get through all this and come out so much stronger and happier. I hope you keep on writing.

.. and good luck with your English speech. ;)

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 9 May 2013, 3:42 PM

Haha yeah so far i've passed everything ive got results for (93% in business studies woo!) Though dad is really disappointed with maths results :( 55%

It's not like my parents overly care about results or anything, its more so the fact i generally do really well so for me to say the test seemed easy enough just way too long, dad thinks i didn't try -sigh- ANYWAY haha

It's not that i dont eat red meat, its just i dont eat enough for a girl my age etc. The side effects suck though. I'm not meant to get many but my family has the uncanny ability to get all the bad outcomes of medical help xD

Glad to hear you're doing well :)

I'm feeling much better today and only have the fever left to get rid of :) Off to Mothers day shop and find costumes for my sister's and my birthday party tonight (Never get to old for a dress up party :P)

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 9 May 2013, 9:24 AM

No worries about the delay. :) I understand things get busy at times. I don't think anyone would hold that against you. Hopefully your studying paid off! :)

Sorry to hear you haven't been well lately. I actually used to have to be on iron tablets too ages ago because my veggie diet wasn't quite cutting it for me. So yeah, I know it kinda sucks at times. Turns out after a while that I went to see a doctor and a dietician and they were able to give me a diet plan that gave me the iron I needed without having to take the iron tablets. I hear that a lot from people, that being a veggie doesn't give you the iron you need which is only true if you simply cut meat out of your diet and don't replace it. But yeah, it's not too hard to work out how to fill the gap once you get a bit of help with it. I dunno. It's probably different for everyone so it may not necessarily apply to you but just thought I'd mention it. Might be worth thinking about. :) Either way I hope things start getting better for you again.

Yeah I'm pretty well these days actually. No major complaints thankfully. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 8 May 2013, 8:11 PM

Hey man sorry about the delay xD

Ive been having email issues for ages so i dont get those little memos about people commenting or anything so im just like "I'll give it a check" but i hardly use my school laptop (the only laptop i have) SO long story short... i havent been on because i forgot xD also i'm in Year 11 so i just had all my half years so study took up a lot of time

i Haven't been so well unfortunately. I may try to write a poem about it if i can be bothered haha well here's the spoiler. Im on iron pills because i dont get enough in my diet, but side effects are still playing up. Im currently sick just a cold i think, but i havent been awake for more than 3 hours at a time and my head feels like its holding back a marching band ahhhh hahaha i just have no motivation to do anything so dont, yet manage to complain about all of it hahaha

Typical Teen

How about yourself? You behaving better than i am? I hope so! :)

It's been ages.... haha it's funny. I feel like we are friends from school or something xD

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 8 May 2013, 11:01 AM

How's everything going these days Twitchy_T? Haven't heard from you in a little while. I hope all is good. Take care. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 4 April 2013, 10:07 PM

Agh! That is so annoying! :( I know the feeling. I had to write a REALLY long email a little while ago - really long - and for some reason it just closed itself and yeah... lame. SO annoying!

Maybe just sleep on it for now. Look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. Sometimes you actually get an interesting perspective on things when you write them a second time and they can even come out better. Not a huge consolation I know but it's something! :)

Looking forward to reading it when you get a chance. No rush though but yeah I'll be definitely reading it when you do. :)

As for the other parts of your last comment.. Success.. hmm.. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing at all if you don't want to change the way you look at it. If you've found what works for you and what makes you happy then that's the most important thing.

haha love the easter egg repayment. Why didn't I think of that??

My Easter highlights I'd say were seeing friends, family, and having some of mum's hot cross buns. So good!

Sorry to hear about the bullying story not working out. :( I'm glad to hear that you took the idea onboard though! I hope that I get to read it sometime too.

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 4 April 2013, 9:12 PM

AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I'm not writing the bullying poem now. Because i wrote it and then it took me sooooooooo long, i had to log back in and the stupid thing deleted it. ARGH! Never been so annoyed

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 4 April 2013, 4:24 PM

Do i want to change the way i define sucess...? That's a good question... Honestly, i don't think so, because then i'll sort of give up in other aspects of my life... at least while i'm pushing myself i can FEEL that i'm trying... idk weird haha

Easter, best part... well... definitely getting to sneak into my parents room and hide a trail of easter eggs like the easter bunny xD Getting them back for all those years haha :D

What about you?

Also, i'm heading out soon but i'm going to try write another story soon... i've been pretty dead in the creative department of late, so it'll probably take me some time, but it should be up late tonight, early tomorrow... depending :)

I'm going to try write it about the bullying thing... ^_^ thanks for the idea

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 3 April 2013, 3:43 PM

Yeah it's not easy to convince yourself that you've suddenly decided to change the way you look at something particularly if you're under some pressure. I guess the first question really is the one of intent - do you want to change the way you define success?

haha yeah I get that. It's almost like there needs to be a sub-heading for each vegetarian's title.

Eh, we can all be pains at times... Me included. I think that counts for everyone in the world though. We can't all be perfect!

Yeah I had a great Easter! It was such a good chance to catch up with friends, see some family, and eat some amazing food. What did you like most about it?

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 1 April 2013, 7:10 PM

I've been trying to do that whole "realligning" thing.... yeah. not working... i have to higher standards for myself and often they are unattainable for me personally but i get distracted by the mark rather than the effort i put into it... if i could only confince myself the effort was equal to the score i got... haha

Totally trying to imagine you flicking your hair... not working so great for me haha xD

Yeah she was... but when i told her that she was like "i didn't even know that was a word." URGH do your f***ing research search first before you say you are something... kills me everytime...

nuh vegetarians are cool people just certain people in the crowd tend to stand out as huge pains... like her xD

Happy Easter to you (i'm celebrating mine a day late here in Aus as my family was all over the place yesterday haha and i had work BOO! haha)

have fun and hope the easter bunny shares his love


On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 15 March 2013, 9:50 AM

Fair enough. It's not for everyone I guess. I think we all find that different things work for us better than others.

That mix of HAVING to get it done and stuggling to at times is difficult. I know personally how that's tough. I had to just take the pressure off a bit for it to settle. Holding myself to ridiculous standards didn't make me happy for too long. I tried to learn how to define success in different ways. Rather than success = getting a high distinction it was more like success = turning up at school, staying the whole day, trying to do my best, being good to my family. That might sound like a step in a backward direction but I didn't see it that way. It's just realigning what's important and realistic. :)

Hahaha yes I picked up on the subtly intended sarcasm! ;) When my hair gets long enough I'll be flicking it too.

We can be an unusual bunch, us veggies. When I was a lot younger people thought it was kinda weird because they hadn't met any other vegetarians before so I don't blame you too much! It's not as strange as it sounds once you get to meet a few though. :) There are so many different kinds of vegetarians too. Did you ever watch that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? There's this great line in it where the guy says he's a vegetarian and the family are so confused because they obviously haven't had to cook for one before and the lady then triumphantly arrives at the solution, "ah! We'll cook him lamb!" hahaha like that's not counted as meat. :) I think your brother's ex would be what's known as a pescetarian.

I always do look after myself.

You too. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 14 March 2013, 4:38 PM

I'm not sure why i stopped... just not really my thing. It's a good idea though, i'm sure it helps a lot of people... just not me really :P

Well i have this impulse when it comes to school to HAVE to get it done, like a have an anxiety attack until i manage to get it done. I know its not good especially when you mix that with no motivation... but i'll figure it out :P

I'm completely modest! What are you talking about? Someone as perfect as me HAS to be modest *Hair flick* hahaha xD

To be completely honest i used to dislike vegetarians xD only cause my brothers ex was a 'vegetarian' (even though she ate fish! URGH Gets me cut every time) and yeah... i think i just stereotyped all vegetarians to be annoying hahaha glad i changed that mind set cause my best friend recently became vegetarian haha

Look after yourself okies?


On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 13 March 2013, 10:31 AM

I do like a good long comment too :) Why did you stop doing thank tank?

Yeah I definitely think the bullying situation would make a great story. Up to you though of course. I know i'd like to read it and i'm sure other people would too. :)

English speech = baby steps. Hey an intro is better than nothing! Yeah I get a bit tired too sometimes. I used to have to take iron pills because I'm a vegetarian and that used to be a bit of a hassle working out how to balance it. The absolute worst thing I've found is trying to work too much when I'm way too tired. THAT'S so demotivating because I don't actually get anything done even though I try more. I had a teacher in primary school once who said that the best thing to do before an exam is nothing. The night before don't cram and stay up all night. Prepare enough in advance and have a night off to do your own thing.. of course that's a bit easier said than done but it makes sense to me.

Hmm.. sympathy pains. I'll have to look into that. Sounds interesting! Have you always had that? haha yep totally awesome in more than one way. And so modest too! ;) aren't we all a bit awesome in our own ways though? mmmmmaybe. :)

Yeah I hope it all works out too. It's really important to look after yourself too though. I've made that mistake a few times.

Putting the fun in it all. That sounds like a good way to do things.


On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 12 March 2013, 4:18 PM

Another long comment :P Love it. Seriously i love reading what you reply ^_^ i used to do thank tank a lot but not so much now. oh well :)

You reckon the bullying thing will make a good story? I can always try it :)

English speech = Intro done haha generally im quite good at getting stuff done but from where ive had to take a break from my iron pills the problem is worse so im SOOOOOOO tired and have essentially no motivation. (FUN haha)

Sympathy pains are common among twins (especially identical) probably because they spent so long developing together or something. Who knows...

But i get it for my twin (non identical) and my mum and often a REALLY good friend that im extremly close to... i guess it becomes more instinctive... kind of like how a mother can sometimes sense their child is in danger. Guess im just awesome in MORE ways than one :P haha

I'll always try help people... even after it becomes a bad thing for me xD so yeah, but so far all the signs are positive. She hasn't mentioned anything about the day so im hoping she'll let it pass and she stays as fine as she's been.

Even when things don't go well it just means you're either not trying hard enough OR you're trying too hard and taking the fun out of it all :) <3


On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 11 March 2013, 12:11 PM

haha yeah I didn't think it would be such a long comment but once I started typing I couldn't stop!

I know all too well that concentration for work doesn't always come at the most convenient times. What's your speech about? Did you finish it in the end?

That doesn't sound too weird to me. You hang out with the people you like hanging out with right? That does sound a bit slack being called a flooz. I hope you don't let that bother you too much.

Ah, what can you do hey? People judge over stupid things. I think that if you're both happy and good to each other then it's not really up to your friends to make you feel bad about it. But yeah people just sometimes need to find something to gossip about even if it's not worth it. It sounds like you're able to handle it pretty well though. Not taking it on board too much?

Wow. That is such a good way of looking at the bullying situation. Really. It shaping who you are instead of limiting you while staying true to yourself. I've never heard it put like that! You're so strong. Maybe you should write a real story about it one day? :)

So the mum thing... That must be a really tough time for you guys. I really don't have much in my life there that I can easily relate that to but I imagine it must be hard. Do you think she's ready to handle more things that need to be done? and yes, sometimes things might be other people's fault! haha I laughed when I read that part. Being very self aware can be a bit of a blessing and a curse in my opinion. I'm a bit that way too. I've learned to harness it over time though to be able to make it work for me rather than bother me. Not an easy process though.

Sympathy pains? I've never even heard of that concept! how does that work do you think? Magical science at play. :)

Yeah those weddings will be good I'm sure. Just think about all the free food! mmm I'm getting hungry now.

I've got a few friends who do the same thing with suppressing everything until it all bottles up then blows up. It's really annoying but I try to be patient. (it's not always easy!) I talk a lot about what's going on in my life which I like doing so I find it weird when other people don't do that but I try to remember that everyone has their own different ways of dealing with things. Still. Not always easy. You sound like a good friend to her though. Just wanting to help is a really good sign. Not everyone is like that.

I'm so thrilled that you feel better! Thanks for thanking me but I'd gladly comment either way. I really enjoy getting involved in the conversation and I'm happy to hear that it helps out in some way. :) There are a lot of people who comment who are really encouraging. I haven't written much in the way of real stories but I've been doing more of Thank Tank more recently which is really good. It's a great habit to get in to and it's really helpful. You should try it too. :)

I hope things continue to go well. All the best and have a good day. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Recently" Real Story Twitchy_T 9 March 2013, 7:53 AM

DJ!!!!! :D

Woah. This is quite a long comment haha thanks for taking the time to write it all xD

First of all... I got no where with my english speech haha! But i'm in a much better mood today, i'm going for a day out with my siter and both our boyfriends. Should be good.

My dad finds it weird that we all hang out together all the time because, well, its all the time. We don't go somewhere with just him and me or her and him. (My dad sees me as quite a flooz because i've had the most (failed) relationships of my family... bit slack but meh)

The age gap is 4 years, i don't think its so bad because we are at the same level of maturity... because i do act older then my age. But people judge because i'm still in highschool and he's out of school etc. Just stupid stuff. Also they think i moved on from my last relationship too fast (After they all told me i had to move on, ah highschool... the stupidity of it all) so yeah..

Bullying is just something we all go through for varying lengths of times. It's stupid, we all hate it, but most of us partake in it sometimes through our lives... it shapes who we are. The way we react and respond. Whether you get hurt by it, brush it off or hold it in. Whether you respond with a smart reply or stay silent.

People bullying me for who i am, so that won't change because i refuse to change for anyone. So they can say/do what they like and all it's going to do is shape me into a better person then they'll ever become.

With the mum thing. It's hard for her because she's very self aware (A trait i can gladly say i got from her side of the gene pool) but that makes her notice that she can't remember things, she's noticing that she yells more (Though often she does say thats our fault :P SOMETIMES it might be <_< >_> haha) but most of the things she does could be related to stress as well, because the business isn't doing so well currently and my dad keeps pushing her to do things (that DO have to be done) but she doesn't have the physical energy yet to do them all.

Another down side is that (This will sound weird) i get sympathy pains. For both my mum and my sister. So whilst my mu has been sore and her joints ache... my jonts have started locking up and the same elbow or leg will hurt. (its funny cause i go to mum and say "MUUUUUUM my elbow hurts!" and her response is just like "The right one?" then we laugh and blame each other.

Wow now im writing a really long response haha

I'm really quite excited for the wedding, so i'm nervous but so excited and like you said, no one will be looking at me anyway :)

My friend is quite a strange one. I love her to bits but far out sometimes haha i'm sure you know the feeling. She supresses all her emotion about something UNTIL a day where its acceptable by society to be upset about it. So while i never know what to say, i'd prefer her to talk to me about it and i just listen... ANYDAY of the week, rather then her building it all up to a day that i might be away.

Overall... thanks for your comment :P i really love hearing from you and everyone else here. Too be quite honest back when we were talking last, our conversations put me in a much happier mood. You're really such a nice person and quite inspirational. :) Have you been writing at all?

Writing this all down really helped me think of what i really don't need to be worried about. Plus get my head around what i still need to do.

I'm in a much better mood today and hopefully it stays this way for a while, even though i still circulate everything i have to do through my mind, i can get there and i understand that now.

Thanks again lovely


On Twitchy_T's "From Anothers Perspective P2" Real Story crazyygirl 23 October 2012, 3:47 PM

this is so sad. if you ever want to talk i am here <3

On Twitchy_T's "Rant" Real Story Boo_Grilliam 23 October 2012, 10:34 AM

Ah I completely understand, when i wanted to do acting, it was pretty much my whole world and there was absolutely nothing worth doing but that. And I was obsessssssed with the parts I got and would get so consumed with being perfect.. when I tried to audition for agents etc though it just all fell apart, I couldn't deal with the rejection and I realised I wouldn't be happy if I had to spend my life selling myself as a kind of product at auditions. Some people really love it though and a few acting friends have stayed with it, but as far as I've seen it takes persistence more than anything! In the end I found other things made me much happier and I truly don't miss it anymore. I think the rejection is all part of it if you want to get into acting and you've just got to keep going and going through all that if it's your passion :) Hope that helped a bit

On Twitchy_T's "Rant" Real Story abbeydawn 22 October 2012, 5:30 PM

I hope that helped a little. You just have to have faith I suppose and in time you will see success. And as for your dad I can sort of relate to this scenario. But once again we can't do much. It's really good though that you are trying to make things better. I'm sorry this was probably not the most helpful comment. I hope everything goes well and good luck with an upcoming auditions and your family :) you'll be fine! Xxx

On Twitchy_T's "Just too negative" Real Story baby_gone 22 October 2012, 3:20 PM

Hi Twitchy_T!

Im so sorry to hear about this. I can't believe that he went to place where you both believed he would have been able to finally let out his anger or sorrow and his emotions, and they turned him down. I don't know how i would handle that, if it ever happened to me.

I suppose, all you can do, is let your boyfriend know that he has a safe place with you.

I hope thngs will get better :)

On Twitchy_T's "Just too negative" Real Story Twitchy_T 22 October 2012, 4:11 PM

Thanks baby_gone.

All he wanted to do was to tell people what had happened so he could stop holding it in... And considering it was meant to be the place for exactly that... *sigh* society sucks.

But im sure it'll get better... eventually.

Hope you're doing well and all the best



On Twitchy_T's "She is my second" Real Story crazyygirl 8 October 2012, 6:34 PM

wow :D i love this so much

good on you <3

also did you mean to put the cute photo background thing?

On Twitchy_T's "From Anothers Perspective P2" Real Story #3 16 September 2012, 7:12 PM

you know im always here for you right? i wanna help and i want you to know that you dont hve to go through this alone because i am here for you and will do anything i can to help :)

On Twitchy_T's "From Anothers Perspective P2" Real Story Twitchy_T 17 September 2012, 10:13 AM

i do :) I'm lucky to have you

On Twitchy_T's "From Anothers Perspective P1" Real Story #3 15 September 2012, 2:57 PM

this is really sad :'( i really hate that he did that to you and you did not deserve it. even though you say that you did, you didnt okei? seriously no one deserves something terrible like that. you are an amazing person and he had no right to do that. hang in there. you are strong even if you dont think so!

On Twitchy_T's "From Anothers Perspective P1" Real Story #3 15 September 2012, 5:32 PM

well still, even if life is okei now, i still hate it. because you are so close to me i cant get over it, i really hate that he did that like you have no idea. and id love to read the next part! you are such a great writer! :D

im always here for you, no matter what, and like you said to me "ill always be with you, in your mind if not your hand" :)

haha focus on me? pfft nah XD

i love you too <3 im trying to get rid of #3, i really am

On Twitchy_T's "From Anothers Perspective P1" Real Story Twitchy_T 15 September 2012, 4:46 PM

I agree no one deserves it. It sucks. It really does but life is ok now :) I just uploaded P2 and it should be up soon to read if you want... some of the same stuff is repeated but said in a different way :)

Thanks for always being by my side. Everyone should have someone amazing like you in there life :)

Just focus on yourself for a little bit ok? You focus too much on others and you let your own problems fall through...

I love you and I always will... even with #3



On Twitchy_T's "She is my second" Real Story left_alone 11 September 2012, 9:14 AM

This is amazing. Truly, simply inspiring. Twitchy_T, You are so strong and this story demonstrates it so perfectly, keep your head high lovely! Xxx

On Twitchy_T's "She is my second" Real Story left_alone 11 September 2012, 5:16 PM

awwh, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to support you, and i will be one of those people :) you deserve every single person that supports and loves you, because you are a truly amazing person ^_^

On Twitchy_T's "She is my second" Real Story Twitchy_T 11 September 2012, 9:53 AM

Thanks lovely :)

I'm so glad i have people like you supporting me ^_^


On Twitchy_T's "I know your name" Real Story left_alone 10 September 2012, 5:58 PM

Twitchy_T! i hope your okay lovely! dont let anyone get to you, no matter what they say, no matter what they do, they are trying to get you upset, and i know its probably hard, but i dont know how your feeling at the moment, i wont say i know what your going through, but i have been through something like it, and it sucks but we have to pull through, i will be here for you, Twitchy_T , i may not know you but you are an inspiration, I hope things turn out for the better hun, because i know you are such an amazing person, dont listen to a word they say, they just want to feel good about themselves by putting others down,

Always here for you!



P.s, DJ Cheese Platter has some good advice, that left_alone gal has written a great story ;) haha :)

On Twitchy_T's "I know your name" Real Story left_alone 11 September 2012, 5:17 PM

no problem DJ Cheese Platter ;) haha

On Twitchy_T's "I know your name" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 11 September 2012, 10:32 AM

haha thanks left_alone. ;)

On Twitchy_T's "I know your name" Real Story Twitchy_T 10 September 2012, 8:55 PM

Thanks left_alone :D

Your work is amazng!!!

I try not to let it hurt but it.. just does... and the girl that did it used to be my friend and she picked on my sister as soon as i left... so i couldn't even hear the shit she said to her :'( my sis has trouble sticking up for herself... its just... not fair :'(

Thank you guys :) You both care so much and i love you all <3



On Twitchy_T's "I know your name" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 10 September 2012, 9:57 AM

That sounds pretty serious Twitchy. Is everything ok? Hope you're alright.

I hate getting that angry. I haven't in a long time but I remember what it used to be like. I remember it felt good at the time to let it out but made it a lot worse afterwards. Is this based on reality or a song?

I don't think anyone could have put it better than left_alone did with this story.. .. I literally JUST read it before this one and it totally fit as a perfect response to look at other options aside from letting out all the anger.

Stay safe. :)

On Twitchy_T's "I know your name" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 11 September 2012, 10:31 AM

Thanks Twitchy_T!

Yeah people can be pretty mean at times unfortunately. They seem to often pick on the people they see as easier targets too. We've all been there I'm sure.

What I'm trying to say (that left_alone was also talking about in the other story) is that the most powerful thing you can do is to take control of the situation within yourself if you know what I mean, instead of having to try to fight it externally against someone else.

What do you think?

On Twitchy_T's "I know your name" Real Story Twitchy_T 10 September 2012, 8:28 PM

Yeah im ok now :) thanks man. Just gets me so pissed when people tease my family or friends. I can deal with it if people tease me but i just can't cope if they pick on someone weaker or that they know isn't good with confrontation... -sigh- school kids suck xD

But yes this is reality... but most the stuff i put up here are songs... based on events, actually thinking about making a youtube channel where i sing them... Not sure yet xD

Thank you DJ you are such a lovely person and you should be admired for how much you care about everyone.

Thank you



On Twitchy_T's "The other side" Real Story left_alone 6 September 2012, 7:39 PM

thank you so much too! i really hope things get better! Xxx

On Twitchy_T's "Odd one out" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 6 September 2012, 2:37 PM

This is really cool Twitchy. Nice lighting too!

On Twitchy_T's "The other side" Real Story left_alone 4 September 2012, 8:40 PM

life story right there ^^^! twitchy t this is amazing! , and i hope everything is okay, and as you said on one of my songs/poems, "We'll be there for you" I'll be here for you too.

Keep your head high and stay strong, you are an inspiration to us all, i absolutely love your work! xxx

On Twitchy_T's "The other side" Real Story Twitchy_T 5 September 2012, 12:28 PM

Awww thanks left_alone. I have read a lot of your work too and i love it ^_^

Thanks so much


On Twitchy_T's "Crazy Cool" Snap That deedee 30 August 2012, 5:01 PM

Wow, that's an amazing shot!

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank deedee 30 August 2012, 4:54 PM

That is such good news about your mum! Take care of yourself and her! x

On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story deedee 30 August 2012, 4:08 PM

Twitchy it really sounds like you are trying to see all sides of each situation and make the best out of them...even when it is hard to find a best. Sometimes the best is just to be there for your friends, and make sure you are there for yourself too. Keep writing. I think it is the best way to work through what can seem like a mess in your head, it totally helps me figure out how I feel about something...or when I need some clarity on a whole lot of conflicting feelings.I just keep on writing until I get to the heart of it. I can't pretend to know exactly what you are going through, but you sound like you have an inner strength to get you though, and I agree with DJ. It is totally going to pay off! x

On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story Twitchy_T 11 September 2012, 3:11 PM

Thanks deedee

Its really nice knowing there are so many people here supporting each other. Its sucj a lovely environment :)

I love you all


On Twitchy_T's "Sick Love" Real Story turtle 27 August 2012, 6:46 PM


On Twitchy_T's "I'm sorry" Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 10:05 PM

Thanks DJ. I'll be fine. . . Just too much shit.

On Twitchy_T's "I'm sorry" Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 11:35 PM

Haha my brother watched that xD dumbest thing I have seen in ages. Made me laugh. XD

On Twitchy_T's "I'm sorry" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 26 August 2012, 10:51 PM

Yeah things are pretty good for me at the moment. There are always some ups and downs though. Been a little bleh at times over the weekend but nothing major. I watched Austin Powers on TV today. haha That helped! :)

On Twitchy_T's "I'm sorry" Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 10:39 PM

I'm sure they will soon ^_^

You doing ok ?


On Twitchy_T's "I'm sorry" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 26 August 2012, 10:20 PM

Yep. I think we all have those times. No doubt other people here could relate to that too.

Good to hear you're ok though. Hope things start looking up for you too.

On Twitchy_T's "I'm sorry" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 26 August 2012, 8:13 PM

That sounds so sad Twitchy. :( I hope you're ok.

On Twitchy_T's "The Secret" Real Story DJB2994 26 August 2012, 5:56 PM

Now Stop, I agree with turtle, you know you are perfect for him, it's the fear in your heart, your so scared to hurt that your distancing yourself risking ti hurt him and you when you don't need to. I believe in you but there's falter in your words its your mind speaking not your heart, it's depression speaking not love there's something you need to know.

This is something I have written on the spot ti help.

If this were not meant to be, I would have used this dagger to set

You free it's just

The pressure on my shoulders, that when you say you love me I ten to falter, it's the fact your words are silk, and hidden within me is the guilt, I have this black dog within my chest, I wanna get rid of I want to lay it to rest, I think of you when I wanna go most, cause I can love and not

Hurt you when I'm a ghost.

Here is my heart this is a big step but you will protect me your the only chance I get.

That poem is now yours Twitchy I believe in you xxxx

On Twitchy_T's "The Secret" Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 10:02 PM

That poem. It was... Exactly what I feel. That.. just made me cry. Especially the last line. I don't know what to say. It's beautiful. Thank you for believing <3

I have to disagree with you on the part about its my mind speaking not my heart. I believe both my heart and mind are in agreement currently. They no he deserves someone better. A girl who gets romantic and Reacts to situations. A girl who understands herself and actually knows who she really is.

I really don't want to hurt him. But I already have. More then once.

I want to be better. For him.

Thank you again for your belief and beautiful poem DJB it really means a lot. Thank you


On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story DJB2994 26 August 2012, 5:49 PM

Wow, you knienwhat this is crazy, I feel like I write this but it was the other way around, I was worried about the girl I loved and that stuff, you know that feeling when you want to give up, you have everything ready to leave the world, a letter apologizing And which way you wanna go, but then when your about to end it all the most important thing fights ad it's your heart, your to young to give up and leave the world I currently have a friend who is in and out of hospital with suicide attempts And I am

Scared. The councillor yes, you pay all this money for a councillor to say nothing's wrong and that your coping ok, I near said to mine what do these scars tell you, but you know seeing a councillor didn't work for me but it's giving me more fuel to beat this depression, have suffered since year 8 and I have only just been able to say I am smiling a real Snile now -!; I turn 18 next week, you are going to make it I know you will cause this reminds me of me, I know you har read my poetry and well there are plenty of stories abou where your at on Bite Back, I know there's been a lot from AbbeyDawn and Baby_Gone who have helped me, your not alone your never alone, it's just sometimes we need a reason to get out of the dark, but it's as easy as turning the life on, I gave up on trying ti be happy I just tried to make it through the day ad now look, we are alive,

sweetHeart life's been given to us for one reason and that's to live it, I know your going to make it And I know right now your reading this thibking it's impossible, but the only thing impossible And hopeless is to go everyday without outing effort into life, your strong and you have me and the entire BiteBack team by yourside I wish you the best of luck xxXxXxx

On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 11 September 2012, 11:36 AM

So true! I've just started using Thank Tank again for that very reason.


On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 11:29 PM

No royalties needed my friend. Happy birthday. Merry Christmas.

You are totally right about small things making life better. All it takes is a friendly smile and a nice hello to make someone's day :)


On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 26 August 2012, 10:43 PM

Use the catchphrase whenever I want? You mean I don't even need to pay royalties? ;) Yes! Late birthday present from Twitchy.

It will pay off in the end. Don't you worry. That kind of determination can't go unrewarded. Still there are plenty of things you can do in the meantime to make the little things better along the way. I think some of the greatest joys we can have are the small every day things, not just the monumental life-changing things.

It sounds like you really are making the best. Keep kicking ass Twitchy! :)

On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 10:19 PM

Haha Thanks DJ :) feel free to use the "catch phrase" whenever haha xD

I really hope it pays off. But i figure the smart people make the best of the worst situations ^_^ and I'm no where near the worst. But I try make the best :)

Hehe let's kick ass !!!


On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 26 August 2012, 9:53 PM

Twitchy your outlook on life is so inspiring. Really really really inspiring.

Even when things are obviously really hard at the moment you're still able to want to keep going and kick life's ass. I love it! That's a great catchphase by the way. :)

Keep going Twitchy. Don't give up. I have a good feeling that your efforts will pay off some day. And for what it's worth, there's plenty more people on this side of the mask too. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 9:34 PM

Wow DJB... That's heavy. I hope your friend is alright. Be there for them ok ? I'm sure you are.

I go to the school councillor. So I guess at least I dot have to pay heaps of money for his opinion. He got me to fill in two tests but they both came back different even though I answered honestly. 1 says I have severe depression and anxiety disorder and the other says I don't have depression but I have attention and social disorders. So they are inaccurate or something.

I'm 16 and have had signs of depression since I was eight. Yet never got it checked. Now it eats at me. I pick at my skin getting rid bumps or imperfections. Trying desperately to make my skin smooth. I know it makes more scars. But at least for a second my skin is smooth. I think it's a useless way of trying to be perfect. I can't sit still and I'm always looking over my shoulder. I twitch and have major highs and lows. I've been in my current low for a month and 4 days. I have a mask of normality on everyday and can't help but laugh when someone says something that is meant to be funny. Even if I don't find it funny. It's like it is inbuilt in me to relate in society.

I want my friends to be happy. It's them being happy that makes me happy. But I know when they're lying. It's fake. Everyday. At least one of them is sad.

Thank you so much for your comment. I love your work and baby_gones. I've also read some of AbbeyDawns work and loved it. I feel a bit better knowing their are other people on my side of the mask

I love you guys <3

Let's live life and kick its ass. :P

Love always



On Twitchy_T's "Crazy Cool" Snap That DJ Cheese Platter 26 August 2012, 4:15 PM

Awesome! That looks so nice.

On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story turtle 25 August 2012, 9:39 PM

this made me cry :'( the councillor will help i promise and if not im always there to help you. you always remember that! this boy loves you so so much it is undescribable how much he cares for you and i assure you he will be ok i promise. if you work things out with him work his problems out and maybe say some of yours if you like i gurentee you will feel so much better knowing your love can talk to you and you can talk to him about anything. as for me. i will never leave you. in this life i guess i wasnt ment to deserve better i guess i wasnt supposed to be happy i just have to deal with my problems in some way. im trying my hardest but youve seen me have small break downs i havent reached the final breakdown yet and i promise you if it happens i will not leave you i promise.

>> i love you ok your my world please know that

On Twitchy_T's "Free writing" Real Story Twitchy_T 25 August 2012, 10:19 PM

T. You deserve as much as everyone else. I am here to help you get through your problems. That's why I'm here to help. It just... Makes it hard. Knowing that the 2 closest people in my life want to kill themselves. I just... Couldn't Go on without you two :'(

The councillor scares me. I don't know why. He just does. But he's all I got at the moment. I just need Him to tell me what he thinks is wrong... Then I can move on.

I love you T. I hope a promise means as much to you as it does to me. <3

On Twitchy_T's "The Secret" Real Story Twitchy_T 24 August 2012, 9:16 PM

This is true T. Every line.. It's about him... I just wanted to be the perfect girlfriend. But then i go and lie to him and change the topic whe he tells me something super important... Im only hurting him :(

I love you T and im really lucky to have someone like you by my side. Thank you <3

Good luck for your own battles. I'm here okay?


On Twitchy_T's "The Secret" Real Story turtle 24 August 2012, 7:40 PM

this is not true :( your my everything!! :) remember that!

On Twitchy_T's "Get on better" Real Story turtle 24 August 2012, 2:00 PM

i love you <3 always know that

On Twitchy_T's "Get on better" Real Story Twitchy_T 24 August 2012, 3:34 PM

I love you to Turtle! <3 You will always my turtle (Note to anyone else reading this... meet my best friend TURTLE!)

I just... wanted the pain to go away... i couldn't lose her T. It never really hit me until half way through it all... Does that make me a bad person for not caring? Like i knew the possible outcomes... but i just kept going with life... I... i didn't care

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank Zayns_Avocado 24 August 2012, 7:06 AM

awwww :) thats is sooooo cool twitchy. tell your mother i said congratz even though she dont know me kayy? xx

On Twitchy_T's Thank Tank Twitchy_T 24 August 2012, 9:12 AM

I will Zayns :) Thanks


On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 22 August 2012, 9:22 AM

Yeah wow. That is really dark. Very poetic though. I like it. :)

I wish I didn't suck at poetry so much. I enjoy reading it but am not so good a writer.

So this is a song, not just a poem? I wonder what it would sound like..

On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story Twitchy_T 11 September 2012, 2:52 PM

Thats ok :)

haha you're a funny one xD

Yeah i hardly ever wrote before biteback and when i did it sucked... it as really helped writing on here and expressing everything. I actually just wrote up another story and its about something i have only ever shared with very few people and only one person in any great detail... but yet i am comfortable publishing a story about it on here. :) i have actually grown... and im noticing :) its good

oh yes... the music >_> <_< hahaha well its sounds better then the recorder... kinda... xD

How have you been? Life treating you well?

On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 11 September 2012, 10:56 AM

Sorry it's taken me forever to write back! :$

Yes, I still have the odd nightmare about recorders. ;) It is a sound that cannot be unheard.

It's so good to be able to find something that can help draw the emotion out. That's another great thing about creativity. There seems to be a lot of creative people here too! Particularly poets.

Happy to hear things are going well with that. How is the music coming along?

On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story Twitchy_T 26 August 2012, 10:10 PM

Hahahaha !!! Yeah those squeaky bitches ruined my chance at becoming a musician xD haha !!!

Writing really does help. It draws all the emotion out. Stops me from bottling it up. I find if I get a title an interpret it it draws out emotions I didn't even realize I was feeling. It's incredible.

You guys are always here for me. That's why I love you all <3 thanks


On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 26 August 2012, 9:29 PM

YES! You are so right about a recorder not being an instrument! Why was that the standard for teaching us about music? I think millions of kids must've grown up thinking that playing the recorder was what being a musician was all about and as a result perhaps did not pursue a life of music fulfillment. haha I dunno. I'm probably exaggerating there just a tad but yes, they're not quite a soothing soulful instrument. SQUEEK SQUEEK!!

Can't hurt to give it a shot. I'm sure there are some programs out there that make it easy enough for people who are new to it.

I had that same fear too but with writing a diary instead of lyrics. I was always worried someone else would read it so I stopped doing it. I really regret that. I wish I could now look back on years past and read what I was thinking at the time.

If you like writing lyrics then it'd be good if you're able to get back into it. Do you think it helps with things? I mean like with letting it all out or getting it off your chest or whatever?

I'm glad you can feel better after a tough day. :) I've always found it amazing how something as simple as just talking can go some ways into making us feel a bit more positive about things.


On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story Twitchy_T 23 August 2012, 7:17 PM

Ok. A recorder is NOT an instrument haha! that squeeky noise is NOT music xD haha!

Haha i might try a music program on my laptop... i dont think it will turn out like i want because i dont really understand music well... but it could be fun all the same :P

Some of the lyrics are recent but most are from a while ago... I developed a fear of people finding them for a while... so i stopped writing... but i'm going to try get back into it :) I'll post up another one or two tonight :)

Thanks for being so helpful :) You make me feel heaps better after a tough day


On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 23 August 2012, 8:31 AM

haha yeah I pretty much got that reputation too when we used to have to play the recorder... worst instrument ever.

If you don't think you can play instruments there's plenty of programs out there that you can use to make music on your computer. Might be a good place to start?

Yeah that'd be good to read some more. :) Did you write them a long time ago or more recently?

On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story Twitchy_T 22 August 2012, 4:12 PM

Defintely give it a go! You can only improve if you try :)

Nuh i dont play instruments... im pretty unmusical haha we had a saying at school for a while 'if twitchy can play it then its not an instrument' hahaha!!!

I'll check out my pile of hidden lyrics and see if any are worth surfacing again :P

On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 22 August 2012, 11:36 AM

Maybe you're right. I'll give it a go sometime. It's been a while!

That must be quite a handy skill to have, to be able to write and hear the tune in your head at the same time. Do you play any instruments?

Yeah I'm sure we'd love to read more lyrics if you have them, only if you want to though of course. :)

On Twitchy_T's "All the jokes are over now." Real Story Twitchy_T 22 August 2012, 10:27 AM

I'm sure you aren't actually bad at poetry keep trying :) Just write what you're thinking, it doesnt have to flow or anything... in time you get better at making a pattern in it... whether it rhymes or if it just flows. Give it a go. I'd love to read some of your work :)

I just have a thing where the words HAVE to flow haha so yeah i also write lyrics a lot... i have a folder in my room with a heap of lyrics, whether it be a whole song (like above) or just a few lines... i know what it's meant to sound like in my head, like the tune and stuff, but i can't sing to save myself haha !!!

I'll post up some more of the lyrics i have if you want? They are kind of hidden away so none of my family will stumble apon them :P hehe

On Twitchy_T's "How are you?" Real Story Flea 21 August 2012, 12:22 PM

I think you're right about people having their limits. Unfortunately not everyone is willing, or prepared enough to help us when we need it. I'd have to disagree with you about that applying to every single person though.

I pushed a lot of people away without meaning to when I was in trouble. It was the worst time to have that happen too obviously because that's the time I needed friends around me the most.

Then something unusual happened. There was this guy in my year who I wasn't really close friends with at all. We hung out a bit in year 7 but not a lot. I think at one point I kinda bullied him too a long time ago but we're well over that now.. Anyway, he saw that I was depressed and that the rest of my group kinda bailed on me so he just came and chatted to me one day. I don't know why but I opened up heaps to him. I had felt so numb before that and I didn't think I could never really talk to my friends about it because they wouldn't care and wouldn't understand. Maybe that's why I told him what was going on - I needed to tell someone and he seemed like a fairly good objective third party. I was just so pissed off with everything and everyone that it had to come out somehow.

He and I became best mates. It wasn't all one-sided. I ended up helping him through drama later on when he needed support and when I was able to give it. After that it wasn't all just about providing support either, our friendship became more even and changed to be more fun. It was all really unexpected. This guy who I kinda knew once becoming a really important part of my life when everyone else I knew just left me.

It might sound like a long shot and maybe it's not the same for everyone, but it worked out really well in my case at a time when I had given up on everyone.

I hope this helps in some way. Take care.

On Twitchy_T's "How are you?" Real Story Flea 26 August 2012, 10:11 PM

Sorry for the late response from me too! Been a bit of a busy weekend so haven't had much time to get on here.

I'm SO happy to hear that you're still trying to stay positive and starting to open up a bit. It can be a bit scary at first and it might take time, but talking to the people who will actually listen and really care about you is such a comforting thing. It can make a huge difference.

I'm really happy to hear this Twitchy_T! :) You should be proud of yourself too I think.

On Twitchy_T's "How are you?" Real Story Twitchy_T 24 August 2012, 5:35 PM

Sorry about the late reply.

I'll try :) I'm trying to stay positive and open minded about getting better. I'm opening up a bit more to people and so far it hasn't been too much of a negitive response. So thats good. :)

Thanks for all your help. Without you guys I don't even know where i would be.


On Twitchy_T's "How are you?" Real Story Flea 22 August 2012, 11:24 AM

Yeah i was really fortunate in hind sight. It worked out really well for me in the end.

I'd ask you not to give up hope for yourself though, or at the very least be open to the idea of something or someone being able to help when that comes along. It would be a shame if help came to you in a way that you weren't expecting and then you missed out on the opportunity because you'd just thought it wasn't possible.

Mine was a very unexpected support at a time when I was convinced that nothing would ever get better.

Don't give up. It'll be worth it one day. :)

On Twitchy_T's "How are you?" Real Story Twitchy_T 22 August 2012, 10:20 AM

I'll try Flea. Thank you :)

On Twitchy_T's "How are you?" Real Story Twitchy_T 21 August 2012, 5:24 PM

Thanks Flea :)

Its really good you found someone to help out and tell things too. Im glad you also get to help him. I know that helps when you can talk to someone about everything. Share stories and help each other get better.

My story isn't a happy one and its not exciting so I wont share it. But basically this story is about how I used to have friends that listened, cared and put up with all my shit. But in the end no one wants a confused chick that cant figure out her own emotions as a friend ... anyway. Im really happy to hear about you and your friend. It gives me hope that at least one person will get better. Even if its not me.

All the best


On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 21 August 2012, 11:50 AM

I don't even know what to write as a comment here... I'm speechless. This poem really struck a chord with me even though I haven't found myself in such a similar situation. I guess it must be the raw emotion in it. That much I've experienced.

That sort of guilt sounds like a huge burden to have thrown at you and it really doesn't seem fair. Did you ever believe that it was your fault, and then changed your mind about it? Or did you always know it wasn't?

I hope you're ok, Twitchy_T. Don't give up your writing. I know I always get a lot out of reading what you put up here and I'm sure other people do too. I hope you're ok. I don't want to sound too happy clappy or anything but I've found for me that things often have a way of working out ok in the end. Don't have to take that onboard by any means but I hope that things do get better for you too..

On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story Twitchy_T 11 September 2012, 3:08 PM

Hahaha so much bad shit has been going on in life currently but i am actually really good at the moment. Peaceful for some reason... its awesome :D

I tried kids helpline once but... like i said before, im not so great with talking about stuff and i kinda freaked out and hung up xD

I hope your friends get better :) they are lucky to have you as a friend :D

I'd love to read your free writing if you try it, im sure heaps of others would too :)

Well i hope life is treating you well and if you need anything you can talk to us all here :)



On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 11 September 2012, 11:32 AM

Hey Twitchy, again SO sorry I haven't written back sooner.

I'm happy to hear you say that I'm a huge help. I hope you realise that you're a huge help to the BITE BACK community too. I know I really like seeing what you put up here and I'm sure lot of other people do too even if they're not the commenting type.

Sounds like you've found your priorities between your so called 'friends' and your sister. There are some friends who will stick around forever but a lot of them seem to come and go over the years. I mean, how many people from primary school are you really still close friends with now? I'd like to think that your siblings would stay by your side a lot longer than those 'friends' who will all too easily just walk away from a friendship.

I liked your free writing piece by the way. :) I'll try to give it a go again sometime. Not sure if I can post it up though.. hmm... I'll let you guys know.

People deal with stuff in such different ways. I have two friends who are depressed. One of them tells the whole world and deals with it that way, the other one mostly keeps to himself in his room and plays games on his computer. I don't think I could comfortably say one is more right than the other but what I'm trying to say is that it's ok that you want to find your own way of managing what's going on. Be a bit creative about it. Do some research. See what's out there. As long as it's not destructive and you're still working your way toward happiness (even if it's slowly) then I don't think there's a problem with looking for other options. I have one friend who gets SO MUCH peace and happiness from meditating when talking to doctors hasn't worked for her. I met a guy ages ago who loved doing art therapy as a way of processing things.. Think about it. There might be other options available to you aside from being locked into just seeing the councilor, particularly useful if you dread going there each time.

Have you ever tried Kids Helpline? I used to call them a lot. It's a nice middle ground between having someone outside of school and not having to go somewhere to see them.

Stay strong. :)

On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story Twitchy_T 23 August 2012, 7:07 PM

Thanks DJ you're actually being a huge help right :) I wish there were more people like you at my school :)

I actually lost a lot of 'friends' because i stood up for my sister. But i knew even at the time that if they weren't going to be my friend because i believed my sister over somebody else who was known for getting their way, then they just weren't really my friend

I'll give the free writing a go and if its sorta G rated i'll post it up :P You could give it a go again if you wanted? It might help you with writing stories or something? I dunno, just a suggestion...

The thing is DJ... I don't particuarly like telling people whats wrong... like if they ask the right question they'll get the answer but im not one to tell people my life story. Im not even 100% sure why i bothered going to the councillor. Now i dread every time i have to go up there.

I may not HAVE to go up there but currently he is my only option. I don't want my parents to find out. They are my way of getting anywhere... including the doctors or an out of school councillor so i cant see anyone else without breaking my first rule of not letting my parents find out.

Its really cool you found someone who helps :) that makes me happy that someone did ^_^

I checked out the bookshelf thing... the video doesn't work and the information is all about seeing a doctor which is one thing i cant really do... at least not at the moment. But thank you for going to the effort of showing me :)

On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 23 August 2012, 8:51 AM

It's really up to you to judge that one. To work out whether it's worth it or not. I think standing up for people who can't stand up for themselves is a very noble thing to do. There's always going to be some consequences though. That's just the way conflict works.

Yes! Free writing! It's great. Maybe just start with 5 minutes for now and try for longer next time. I looked it up on Wikipedia just then to give you a bit more of a background on it: . Let us know how you go. :)

Ugh. It sucks when you have a councillor you don't like. I was lucky that I got along really well with mine but I've had plenty of doctors who I couldn't stand. You know what I did though? I moved on and found someone else. It helped. I finally found someone who I liked who could look after me and actually listen. He helped a lot and now things are a lot better. You don't HAVE to stay with the person who's helping you at the moment and there plenty of other options. There's a page in the Bookshelf about it actually (click on the blue tab thingy up the top). It's under the heading Depression and it's titled Getting Help. There's a video in it too which explains the most I think. Hope that helps. Let me know what you think :)

On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story Twitchy_T 22 August 2012, 4:41 PM

I don't know... I'm very opinionated so i guess that kind of annoys people and I found it necessary to speak in behalf of my sis who had trouble sticking up for herself so it annoyed people that i got involved when i didn't necessarily have to... but i was only trying to help... and it got people off her back (so to speak)

Free writing? Sounds interesting... i could give it a go. So like... 5-10 minutes?

i started seeing my school councillor... but i dont like him... i dont want to tell my parents about anything because they have a lot going on and a lot of the time they dont 'really' listen... and they are the only way i can get anywhere else. So im stuck with any friend who will listen and a crappy councillor.. but yeah ... i am trying... But if these couple of things dont work then im just going to try self determination :P

Thanks again and all the best


On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 22 August 2012, 9:54 AM

No one should be criticised for anything and everything they do. That's just not fair at all. I can only imagine how much of a blow to the self esteem that must be. Why do you think people do that? I hope you don't take it all to heart too much. Some people are just like that too. It's not always about you, it can be more about them. Obviously I don't know the situation at all but that's just my opinion from what I've seen in life.

I know what you mean about convincing yourself. Writing is SO good for that! Have you ever done free writing? It's where you just get a piece of paper and write for a set amount of time without stopping. Don't worry about spelling mistakes or it not making sense, just keep going. I do that sometimes. It's interesting to see what comes out.

I'm sorry to hear things aren't good at the moment. It's hard to be positive in times like these. At least you can say that you know things will work out in the end. That's something important to hold on to. Are you doing anything to try to make it better at the moment?

I'm glad to hear my comment made your day! That makes my day too. :)

All the best, Twitchy T.

On Twitchy_T's "Its not my fault" Real Story Twitchy_T 21 August 2012, 5:43 PM

Thanks DJ thats really cool that you like it i'm actually really touched :) Im kind of used of being critised for anything and everything i do.

I quite often think everything is my fault but ive had enough of it... i think in this i was also trying to convince myself... i dont know... i change my mind everyday on how i feel about it all...

I'm really not doing well... at all... but thank you and im sure everything will work out... i used to be positive about everything... but lately... it just doesn't seem to be a happening thing.

Thank you again so so much for your comment. It totally made my day :)

If you ever need it... I'm here :)

Thank you


On Twitchy_T's "The story of a girl" Real Story baby_gone 9 April 2012, 12:33 PM

golly... this is a lot to take.

i can relate mainly with the mask bit. i feel as though i am always wearing a mask at school... where i have to put on a brave face, fake my way untill i get home. then it breaks.. into a million pieces, i neglect everyone and just cry, though no one sees me do this.

i think that crying.. it helps get your emotions out and it puts into perspective what is going on.

but i also realised that there will always be someone there for you. for me, it is my best friend. my 3 best friends actually... they pull me out, vrush me off and tell me to kep going. they are beautiful people who put up with my problems... many i think are pety, but they act as though they are huge...

i hope you find a release from all of this. we are here if you need us!

please, take care of yourself.

best wishes




On Twitchy_T's "The story of a girl" Real Story Twitchy_T 19 August 2012, 9:45 PM

Haven't been on here lately. Sorry about that... more family stuff...

Im glad you meantioned always having someone because it made me think 'who do i have?' and i did think of someone. So thank you :)

I really hope you're doing ok as well

Thank you. I'm glad you guys are here, because without you all i honestly don't know where i would be :)

I haven't found a release yet... but im working on it. Life just seems to get busier by the day :/

well thank you again and i hope you are keeping yourself safe

Thinking of you


On Twitchy_T's "The story of a girl" Real Story music_love_freedom 29 March 2012, 6:49 PM

I am happy to hear you have a positive outlook despite the hard times you are going through. You sound like a very strong woman. It is hard Twitchy T but one thing I learnt is that sometimes you can't make others happy as hard as it is-sometimes you have to let people work it out themselves you can give them all the advice in the world and help them as much as you can but ultimately it is that person who has to want to change their life to become happy. Hope everything improves twitchy t thinking of you. xox

On Twitchy_T's "The story of a girl" Real Story Twitchy_T 19 August 2012, 9:40 PM

Sorry for such a late reply... haven't really been on...

I find I don't really care if i can or can't help someone. I will try anyway...

I don't know if that makes me stupid or kind hearted but thank you all the same :)


On Twitchy_T's "The story of a girl" Real Story music_love_freedom 29 March 2012, 3:09 PM

I feel your pain and hope you can look towards a brighter day.

I also know what it was like to be that girl.

The one who had all the responsability, who was always there for everyone yet often felt there was no one there for her. The one who took on the burden of those she loved and all she ever wanted was for her family to be happy again. I know it is hard to see and I wish I could take your pain away but know that one day things will get better and you will find someone who cares for you as much as you care for them. xox

On Twitchy_T's "The story of a girl" Real Story Twitchy_T 29 March 2012, 5:43 PM

Thank you so much Music_love_freedom

Every day is a brighter day :) No one needs to take my pain all i want is for everyone to get along and be happy. But just seems that is a lot harder than it sounds.

I did find someone who cares :) so Thank you

On Twitchy_T's "What is it?" Real Story music_love_freedom 29 March 2012, 3:04 PM

I also feel this way and it is so hard to understand and frustrating.

I hate the feeling as I know I am very blessed yet I still get down and am very down on myself-very hard on myself.

Your words are very encouraging to know that we aren't alone with this struggle and to be able to look towards a brighter day. xox

On Twitchy_T's "What is it?" Real Story Twitchy_T 1 April 2012, 9:41 PM

You seem to have a similar situation to a few of my issues. I sympathize for you as it isn't easy. Just stay strong and b positive :)

On Twitchy_T's "What is it?" Real Story baby_gone 22 March 2012, 6:59 PM

:O this poem. OHMIGOSH! U have NO idea how much this poe speaks to me. I go through the same thing most days. It is this inner conflict in myself if i should tell people what i'm thinking or not? should i burden people with my problems when they have so many of their own?

You have truly just... you made me feel like im not the only one who goes through this.. and that, that is a gift to me that no one could possibly have given me at a better time!

I can't thank you enough, i hope you find your answer. i really do.

Best wishes! Baby_gone :)

On Twitchy_T's "What is it?" Real Story Twitchy_T 22 March 2012, 7:26 PM

OMG Thank you so much for telling me someone feels the same. I was practically going insane!

Im so glad it helped you... I thought if i wrote down a bit i could maybe understand a little better what im feeling... cause i hardly know lately xD

Thanks again for your comment, truely means a lot to me knowing someone else is having the same inner struggle

If i find the answer/ a answer... I'll be sure to let you know ^_^


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