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On baby_gone's "The Story So Far" Real Story Carnivorous 28 June 2015, 1:21 AM

#GayIsOK ! :D

On baby_gone's "searching for hope" Real Story Carnivorous 27 June 2015, 12:38 PM

I realized that for me, medication was the way to go - how else could I feel better? And it did, at least a little. I used the maximum dose, and I guess it worked well. Now I'm all out though, and scared to fall down again, so I'm gonna get my ass to the doctor and get new ones, and maybe some therapy if he feels I need it - I'm fine right now, but I know that won't last for very long.

So if you feel very down, and your doctor recommends it, give it a try. If you have managed without it, you've done awesome!

On baby_gone's "A little rant about nothing" Real Story Veradis 20 March 2015, 9:36 AM

How are the waves now baby_gone?

On baby_gone's "Annoyance" Real Story Veradis 9 January 2015, 1:34 PM

I hope you've come to accept who you are, whoever you want to be now :) how's it going?

On baby_gone's "A little rant about nothing" Real Story abbeydawn 19 August 2014, 2:46 AM

In the years I have known you I have discovered patterns about your behaviour and as stated in this piece it's good to know that you're starting to see them too. This is a good start baby_gone. Don't back down and don't be afraid of discovering more.

Life is that indeed, full of dark and amazing moments. Life may be sad at times but it is always beautiful. But I know what you mean, the constant up and down waves of mood and events and internal state can become tiring when either are unbalanced and that is what I think is happening with you. There's either a very long low period in which it's rather difficult to have interest in life, or a very short and unexpected low period where you find yourself rather confused and unsure of how to deal with it and understand it. In terms of a high wave it's quite similar; the long periods are pleasant and life seems amazing but there is the constant fear of it getting bad again, and for the short one it's almost like a false hope because you think you're getting better but you're drowned by an unexpected low. That is my interpretation of your confusion of why you have this constant conflict which raises questions in your head.

As for the labeling of your sexuality- it is a fluid concept so do not be overwhelmed by trying to narrow it down. Although, for the purpose of self-identity people do like to put one label to their sexuality so very often but there are many out there who are quite unsure. And this is entirely okay. No one has the right to judge one's uncertainty of their factors of self-identity. You are so young, you have only met a few people in your life, who's to say that in the future you might meet someone who will make you question everything that you are because they make you feel so different to everyone else. The connections we have with others, especially our significant other is unique to everyone and therefore there's no need to be too fussed about being a lesbian or being bi. If at the current stage you feel comfortable with girls then you should continue down that path but if you happen to feel a connection with a guy then feel free to let yourself be okay with that.

I think the fact that you're questioning these issues shows that you want to make a change so you can let go of these ongoing thoughts. I hope that I have helped xxxx.

On baby_gone's "A little rant about nothing" Real Story DJB2994 18 August 2014, 8:35 PM

My Dearest Baby_Gone fair to say it's been a while.for us both, but I have some stuff that will be on hear over the next week.

But firstly the one thing that matters, You :)

Rants are brilliant, but I see where your at, I like your example of friends and the ocean, another I like is friends or those closest to us are like snowfall.

Sometimes it's heavy, it feels good and then we realise we are crowded,

Then it's light, it's comforting and quite nice,

Then we get summer ita dry and we miss the snow.

Now.there's one yoda moment,

Next who your eyes are delighted by and your heart warms to does not descript anything negative about you,

You can't help it for who you are or love.

Who you are is who I love.

Your heart, your wisdom, your prefection is the imperfections,

Your amazing and you are a credit to the smile I have been wearing a little more and you are a strength to the whole Bb community.

Wish I could.give the hug you deserve.

Love DJB2994 xxxxx

On baby_gone's "A little rant about nothing" Real Story baby_gone 16 August 2014, 4:54 PM

It is good to be back! Thank you DJ Cheese Platter.

I think I just have to take each day as it comes, takes each challenge as it comes and tackle it head on. I am sick of fighting. I have realised I need to let nature take it's course, meaning I have to deal with this, instead of neglecting everything. Thank you for asking me that, I haven't really thought about that.


On baby_gone's "A little rant about nothing" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 18 August 2014, 11:49 AM

I know what you mean. I found that it's so much less pressure once you get to the point of not trying to suppress it. Dealing with it sucks a bit I suppose but it's worth it. Good luck baby_gone. :)

On baby_gone's "A little rant about nothing" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 15 August 2014, 9:57 AM

Welcome back baby_gone!! Good to hear from you again.

I wouldn't call this a rant at all. I think a rant sort of implies that it's not meaningful or well thought out or unjustified in some way. What you're saying is so real and so self aware. It's absolutely genuine and it's a remarkable display of how in touch you are with your self. I'm guessing that that must be an advantage at times. It's so easy to just float passively through life or to just put up with feeling terrible and not really confront it. You've been able to address so much of what has been troubling you and challenging in life and it's clearly paid off. The way you describe the resilience of the hard times making you stronger is definitely something that resonates with me too.

So what do you do about the things that have scarred you? Do you go back and try to deal with them one day or just let them go?

Well done baby_gone. Another inspirational and beautifully expressed insight into life.


On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story Veradis 27 March 2014, 2:56 PM

Hey baby_gone, I've been thinking... how are you doing? how's life & everything in it?

On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story Veradis 22 April 2014, 11:17 AM

Happy to be here, looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story baby_gone 21 April 2014, 7:24 PM

Things are slowly getting more and more hectic and are unfortunately pulling me down again. which is why I am back. to write. to release and get support. thank you all for always supporting me xxxxx

On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 28 March 2014, 5:05 PM

I've been thinking this too! No worries about being away for a while baby_gone. :) Good to hear things are well if but a little bit hectic. :)

On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story baby_gone 27 March 2014, 3:30 PM

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to reply or comment on anything lately. Life had been a bit hectic with starting uni this year and everything. I'm good ATM. I have turned 18 and my inner circle of friends is growing. How are you going?

On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 31 January 2014, 8:49 AM

Sorry to hear that it hasn't been going so well baby_gone. I know you've definitely made a lot of progress at times in the past though so don't feel like nothing has changed at all since. Stay strong. :)

On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story DJB2994 30 January 2014, 10:58 PM

Firstly Baby, glad your your back I don't like it when your Gone.

Sorry for the cheesey line.

So ok, I love this piece I really do , one it's written by your amazing self, two it's got a lot of rawness, I feel the emotion and it is relate able.

I know you loved her and love is a heavy subject.

We have discussed many times,

Closure for any situation I have found comes when you aren't searching for it.

Easier said than done I know,

But look how far we have come ?

Remember when we first started on here,

And yes you and I and also Miss AbbeyDawn. Vented and voiced our opinions I know we are still trying to close events from way back then, but we are still fighting, We Don't Give Up.

When times are tough,

On the rugged path,

Love turns to lust,

No reason to laugh,

Until the Jester,

Rises above,

The hatred,

The Anger,

The Confusion of love,

To many it's a game,

Leaving many wounded,

Some find it lame,

Others ask who's next,

To ride this roller coaster,

Of emotion and distress,

You will enjoy most of it,

Until that fateful text,

To many we have hurt,

All because of the L word,

Many would desert,

Forget they ever said or heard,

But we have been there,

We loved,

We Lost,

But true friends are what we've got.

You inspire me baby hope you like it and it makes sense xxxxxx

On baby_gone's "I've been thinking.." Real Story Veradis 25 February 2014, 2:14 PM

I came to read one piece and got two amazing ones. Sometimes feelings are raw & intense and sometimes they're not always good feelings but you can learn so much from them (almost always in hindsight unfortunately). Coming to terms with everything and learning to live with it sometimes rather than simply 'get over it', keep at it baby_gone, and don't stop writing!

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story baby_gone 12 December 2013, 8:27 PM

:D You guys make me so happy! I am so grateful that you guys reply and comment on my things and are always willing to give advice and try to help.

Yes, i do have a support network around me. I have met some new people and have stayed with some of my oldest and dearest friends.

My hobby atm, is reading (am currently up to the fourth harry potter book) and i am hoping that it will continue to distract me.

Thank you all so much for all your kind words. You are all amazing.

And yes Veradis. learning to live with being yourself after you have said good-bye to someone that i have known for.. well... almost 8 years now.

baby_gone xxxxx

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 23 January 2014, 10:18 AM

Update: I have finished the last two movies. :)

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story Flea 23 January 2014, 10:07 AM

You're welcome baby_gone. We like responding!

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 18 December 2013, 10:09 AM

I hear they're quite addictive. I probably won't take too long to get through them!

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story baby_gone 17 December 2013, 8:08 PM

The books are amazing! Like seriously! hahaha! they are better than the movies! :D

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 16 December 2013, 9:50 AM

I'm grateful that you're grateful. :) haha. I'm always happy to read what you've got to say baby_gone.

Well I'm glad to know that you've got support. That is really important and it can make things a lot easier.

I've never read Harry Potter but have watched all of the movies except for the last 2. Maybe over Christmas I will... Are the books good? Everyone else seems to think they are.

You're amazing too baby_gone! :)

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story Flea 10 December 2013, 3:36 PM

That's a tough decision to make baby_gone. It's for the best though.

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story Veradis 12 December 2013, 9:24 AM

aww baby_gone *hugs* it can be really hard ending a relationship with someone, even if it's for the right reasons, it's especially difficult when you've been friends with the person even longer than you've been romantically involved. Flea's right about finding some creative outlet, I'd suggest some physical outlets too, like taking up a team sport or a martial art, punching and kicking the shit out of stuff always help me release any pent up feeling I have and getting into the zone of technique practise removes me from everything else.

It's also good to surround yourself with your favourite things - a colour, childhood toys, good music, comfy couches/pillows, pictures that make you feel happy, quotes that inspire you & of course friends from other circles who you maybe haven't seen in a while and would like to catch up with, or even new people - just a few suggestions *hugs*

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 12 December 2013, 9:22 AM

Sorry to hear that you're hurting baby_gone. Relationships can be the best and the worst of times.... Feelings change back and forth and I think it's realistic to expect that. One day you might be totally all for the idea of being together and the next you might not be. I really do think it's important to remind yourself that not all emotionally driven thoughts are always completely true and accurate. Most importantly I believe that acting on impulses can often make things more complicated. I mean how many times have we all had to convince someone not to text an ex in the heat of the moment? :)

I hope things get better for you baby_gone. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I hope that you have support around you when things are tough. Do you have some? There is a lot of help available out there too. :)

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story Flea 12 December 2013, 8:25 AM

Staying occupied is a really good idea. I've found that from experience too in hard times. Of course you can't work 27/4 ... as if anyone would want to! Maybe you could find something else to do when you're not working like a hobby or creative project of some sort? Clearly you're a talented writer. What other stuff are you good at?

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story baby_gone 11 December 2013, 8:39 PM

I really hope it is for the best Flea. you see, some days i really do think that her and i are meant to be together. And i am just so torn up inside, and i don't know what to do with my day. I work now, so my mind is occupied, but when im not, it is like i am falling to pieces. It's horrible :/

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story baby_gone 6 December 2013, 8:03 PM

The power of the mind is a wonderful thing. it truly is! I think i should read over some of my other stories, actually! hahaha

well.. things could be better with me. haha xxxx

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 9 December 2013, 1:40 PM

Yeah that sounds like a great idea! It would be interesting to read back over some of them and see which ones have changed since then and which ones haven't. Maybe even do a comment on some of them with an update on where it's up to now. I'm interested to see what has changed in that time. I'll comment back too. :)

Things could be better?

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 6 December 2013, 2:35 PM

I've always liked the way you express yourself in such an honest way baby_gone. Do you think writing about it helps in some way?

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 9 December 2013, 1:36 PM

You're welcome. :)

Work on that as much as you like here. We're always happy to listen.

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story baby_gone 6 December 2013, 7:16 PM

Thank you DJ Cheese Platter! :D

I think it has, in a way. But, there is so many more feelings bottled up. every emotion i haven't been able to express to anyone. and i am slowly working on expressing it on here.

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story gabpineapplehead 6 December 2013, 2:32 PM

What.. its like you went inside my brain and wrote it!! Amazing!

I hope everything works out in the end. Even though its tough now it was probably for the best..

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 14 March 2014, 1:41 PM

I think almost everyone must go through at least something like that at some point in their lives right? Maybe not exactly the same though.

Did it seem like the right thing to do in hindsight baby_gone? I think it makes sense to me. :)

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story baby_gone 6 December 2013, 7:14 PM

HAHAHA! really? are you going through something like this also? :o

I know, in my heart, that her and i will never be able to be together again.. and i am slowly getting used to that. even though, i saw her today (just passing by in the street) and i had the biggest urge to go up to her. but i didn't. i stayed strong and walked on without saying a word. I hope that was the best thing to do... (?)

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story Veradis 6 December 2013, 2:08 PM

I'm so glad you're taking time for yourself baby_gone, I think you'll feel a lot better after you've taken some time to work out where you're at/feeling and that you deserve the very best *hugs*

On baby_gone's "The perfect strangers" Real Story baby_gone 6 December 2013, 7:13 PM

Thank you Veradis. I did take your last comment on my previous story very strongly. It helped a lot! *hugs back*

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story baby_gone 6 December 2013, 12:30 PM

WOW! I totally forgot that i wrote this piece! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply to any of these comments!

Reading this story back to myself, i am once again taken back to that place, to my tranquility!

Thank you all for your words and your comments. I hope that you are all well. xxx baby_gone

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 6 December 2013, 2:31 PM

It's a great piece! That's amazing that you can be taken back to the place of tranquility just by reading it again. Power of the mind hey?

Things are really good with me. I hope all is well with you too baby_gone! :)

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story gabpineapplehead 5 December 2013, 10:03 AM

Wow this is so perfect. I can feel the emotion you put into this. I feel like recently life has been so muddled up and busy and reading this made me realise how much I craved tranquility! Great work

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 6 December 2013, 9:47 AM

I think we could all do with a bit of tranquility. That's a really important observation gabpineapplehead. (cool name btw)

On baby_gone's "To whom it may concern" Real Story baby_gone 5 November 2013, 2:03 PM

I understand what you are saying DJ, but it is just so hard. because my feelings for her run so deep. i just, i don't know what to do. i know i should look after myself, but it is hard. especially because her pop just died and i just!!! i just want to look after her and cuddle her... though i do just really like cuddles in general.. i don't know!!! maybe i just need some.. idk.. a sign! (do either of you believe in signs?) i just am confused and :(

thank you both for your comments, it is always appreciated. Djb: hsc is over, so i can keep my half of the promise now :)


baby_gone xxxx

On baby_gone's "To whom it may concern" Real Story Let's_PARTY! 11 November 2013, 12:44 AM

Hey Baby_gone! :)

Okay look, I'm REALLY sorry if this would seriously offend you or hurt you horribly - but I'm just gonna say it, yeah? I'm just trying to be honest here.

As everyone else up there has said, it's not a good idea to remain with her. I mean, like, she cheated on you right? I'm not telling you to, you know, give her the horrible looks and go "This girl is a cheater" or something like that, I'm just saying that you can still be friendly with her but just don't go over that - cuz it's likely that if you get into a relationship with her again, she'll just hurt you even more and it's seriously not worth it.

I know that I probably don't have that right to say all this since I haven't personally been in a relationship, but I've seen it happen to one of my friends - every single time she finds out she's been dumped or cheated on, it hurts a lot to just stand by and watch, even if I don't show it.

So, maybe you might wanna consider about how your friends and family might feel if they saw you get hurt again by that girl. Not a good idea, is it?

This is a really negative comment but you can ignore it if you seriously don't like this.



On baby_gone's "To whom it may concern" Real Story Veradis 3 November 2013, 2:19 PM

Hey baby_gone,

DJB has already said everything there is to be said - you will get through this!

Find strength within yourself to get through this & once you do, you'll be all the more stronger to get through dark times in the future.

We're always here for you *hugs*

On baby_gone's "To whom it may concern" Real Story DJB2994 2 November 2013, 10:11 AM

Dear Baby,

You are in a rut, and I have been there.

So dark that no matter how bright your candle of life burns, you still are blind, but I am telling you there is a ladder , there is a way out, it's a climb but of all people I know your strong, I know you could be my wonder woman if need be.

I believe in you.

I am being honest and truthful, okay,

This relationship has hurt you and made you suffer and I know cheating leaves many wounds, 3 ex's have cheated on me.

But the thing is my best advice I can give is don't go back, I know you love her, I do but it more then likely will end in more break ups and hurt,

I have been through it.

No she probably can't provide the strength leaving you to plummet deeper into this rut.

You make me believe and I listen to you so please keep your ears open to me.

Sometimes the strongest people are out friends. relationships tend to be fragile, so are dark times injure these relationships.

The only person to make it better is you, myself, abbey and the whole BiteBack team can offer advice and the tools you need but you need to take the steps we are here and I have been for over 3 years now.

So my advice is give all your strength to getting out of this rut, don't weaken it with a relationship,

When your feeling better with the you. Your happy to face in the mirror then consider a relationship.

I believe in you.

Love you

DJB2994 xxxxxx

On baby_gone's "Starting from the beginning" Real Story baby_gone 6 October 2013, 1:27 PM

sorry i didn't reply yesterday. though i had a splended day... night wasn't as good as i got drunken texts from my ex last night! >.< ahhh! the joys of being an ex!

DJB: i would seriously love a hug from you right now!!! It would be amazing! and ugh! how i wish i knew you in person, i'm sure you would brighten up any day!!!!

Abbey: okay. hahaha! ugh! that name is so hard to say >.< i know that you couldn't be around because you needed to fix yourself up. and that's fine. i'm always here to support you. no hard feelings at all my darling :) it's just been really hard... each night, ya know? i mean, haha. you get my texts of needing love and what not. so... thank you for everything there. you really are one of my biggest support systems in the world! you and the blondie ;) hahaha! so.. thank you!



baby xxxx

On baby_gone's "Starting from the beginning" Real Story DJB2994 7 October 2013, 10:09 PM

Evening Baby.

I wish I could give you that, one day we will find a way to have more contact.

But I wouldn't be the one brightening the day, I would only be reminding you that your smile lights up the darkest of rooms.

We believe in you and at the moment you don't believe in you.

I am going to be honest here ok I struggle to believe in me too, my counsellor is trying to change that, but my coping techniques I have learnt are the opposite of what we need.

It's easier to bring ourselves down, like that song says 'build me up, buttercup baby, just to let me down' or something like that, we try not to let ourselves build up because when. We are let down it hurts more, so the less me climd the less we fall.

But I understand this is life, our scars are out story's I have scared people with little of my stories and get scared myself cause I think if people run away after a minute part of my life what about the big scaries.

But sweet heart please stay safe, and remember you are you and your beautiful and strong.

I also remember we we all first started, but you too have gotten a lot stronger than me, you are and always will be my inspirations.

I believe in you both.

Love DJB xxxxx

On baby_gone's "Starting from the beginning" Real Story abbeydawn 4 October 2013, 7:21 PM

My dearest baby_gone, I can't imagine how tough the past month or so has been for you. I know you have more to get off your chest and I feel as though this break off wasn't entirely because you fell out of love or doubted the love between you two, I feel like there's something more to it but I may be wrong about that.

I know I haven't entirely been there to support you and I'm incredibly sorry about this. I know you understand that it's out of my control that we both are at a downward spiral at the same time but I still do need to apologize for not being there enough.

The previous two comments have said it all and I totally agree with them. Despite them knowing you for such a small proportion of time compared to how long I've known you just says it all, they see who you truly are, who you've always been and always will be; a strong, determined and beautiful person with the gentlest, kindest and courageous heart. I know you fail to see it now and I know you don't feel too positive about yourself, which is just a part of having a downward spiral, of feeling low and suffering but despite it all we will continue to love you no matter what. Give yourself some time to be sad, to change, to learn and accept and eventually you'll heal and you'll be okay again. And I won't leave your side at all, I may seem absent at times but you'll always be on my mind, I will always be looking out for you. I love you xxxxxxx

On baby_gone's "Starting from the beginning" Real Story baby_gone 4 October 2013, 3:01 PM

Wow. Thank you both ever so much for your replies.

DJB: you know that i love you and i always appreciate and take on board everything you say. It's good to know that after so long on here, you are still here with your encourgaing words. THANK YOU! But, can i ask, why do you have tears in your eyes? :( i didn't want this story, my story to upset anyone.

Veradis: Thank you for your words! You don't even know me, or my story before this one (i don't think) and still you are so supportive and amazing to me! Thank you so much! I'm sure that this will end, not soon, but one day it will. And one day i will find those qualities within myself, and i promise to let you all know.

I guess a comment for you both is that, yes, i still feel those things. i still feel worthless, pathetic and a screw up, but i just rememerbed why i love writing. Hopefully, soon, i will write again, it may be today, next week, next month. It may be next year or when I'm old and grey, but im hoping and praying that writing will always be here for me, to help me vent, to light my way to success.

I hope that you are both well, DJB; i don't like it when you don't write for a while, i will promise to keep updating, if you do too?

Thank you both, again!

baby xxxxxx

On baby_gone's "Starting from the beginning" Real Story DJB2994 4 October 2013, 8:26 PM

Baby, I Love you too, you know this I am here and I care I take in board what you say also.

The tear is in my eye because your hurting and I wasn't around.

I am here now so I will do my best ok.

I like staying in contact with you, I don't promise normally cause I never really believed in them. But yes I will keep writing ok, as long as you do.

Your not worthless, your not any of that, if I could give you a hug I would give you the biggest hug possible and wouldn't let go until you smiled, for two reasons, one how silly I would look and two that I am your idiot of a friend.

Your smile, your strength, your love and story I will do anything to help this, you know this tight ??

DJB xxxxx

P.s Veradis seems a very nice and great out look keep yo the work :)

On baby_gone's "Starting from the beginning" Real Story DJB2994 3 October 2013, 9:47 PM

Baby, I have tears in my eyes.

Ahhh where to start.

Okay, your break up I am sorry, I have been through the same thing she put us on a break and called me two weeks later to tell me she had feelings for another guy toe days later they were together. So I know it hurts but now you gotta listen.

You took the break to get yourself straight you were doing right by her and you, you can't love someone if you can't love yourself.

You were doing the right thing. You realised you needed to give yourself time.

Worthless, pathetic,screw up ?

Please tell me where did you get this idea ?.

These feelings appear when we are down, you know that pit of despair.

You really have to realise your not alone.

You are loved, I love you, I believe in you, I see you making it, we can all make it.

We enter this world on our own. And will leave it on our own, but friends will help us on our ways.

There are many obstacles, ditches, pits , water crossings and wholes of nothingness.

We can only get through if we believe, if we try,

And the time we try is when we wanted to stop,

I ask what has made you hold on this long ?.

What do you do? You speak, you try you vent on here, when you are strong enough, try to speak to someone p, but there's no pressure there, acknowledge your friends let them know you realise it's been full on but there support is waphst you need.

How do you get over this? Heartbreak is hard it comes to everyone through time, you must perceiveer and look in the mirror and believe your beautiful, not your stunning, you must find that smile cause you are a princess, you have the heart and the personality and the strength. Your amazing.

You are already accepted some of us never let you go.

To live life doing the same thing, we will continually get the same result.

Your a fighter, your a super hero. I can't name which one because it's in your heart and you must find it for you.

Baby, your gorgeous I believe in you and will always be here please stay safe

DJB worried about you xxxxx

On baby_gone's "Starting from the beginning" Real Story Veradis 4 October 2013, 9:26 AM

Hey baby_gone, what DJB said is super true, we're here for you & you did the right thing! It's really important to understand your own feelings and self at any time but especially when you're sharing a lot of yourself with someone else. And often, the only way to get perspective, to be able to sort out what you feel is to get away for a while, take some time out from people, social contact (even with technology) and just reflect on who you are right now, how you feel about things, what you want and where you want to go from here.

I'm really glad you took the time to do that baby_gone, I wish things had turned out better for you with your girlfriend but this does leave you open to new relationships where you might experience more understanding and hopefully find someone on the same wavelength as you. Being single though is also great, it gives you more time to devote to hobbies, study and spending quality time with mates - you could even take this opportunity to try something new with the new competition here.

Like DJB said, know that you are definitely not worthless, you're amazingly courageous and awesome & I'm sure you're going to be doing some great things, so let us hear about them when you find them!

On baby_gone's "searching for hope" Real Story abbeydawn 16 August 2012, 11:46 PM

Baby_Gone I can never stress enough on the fact that you are one of the strongest people I know. You have been through so much, especially over the years I have gotten to know you better. But in every battle you have stayed so strong and fought so hard with all your demons. And I know you feel weak this time, and there is a lot of pressure on you, but I know that you still have that strength within you. You just have to dig real deep to use that strength again and pass this test as well.

This time you have more support, love and care. You have got so many of us who are willing to do anything to make you feel better. I'm sure your girlfriend will be incredibly supportive through this and your bestfriend and I are working together as well to be as supportive as we can, I promise you that.

I know you can do this Baby_Gone, and I know that things will get better, you're gonna have to take baby steps, but eventually, things will get better. I wish the best for you honey. Xxxxxx

On baby_gone's "searching for hope" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 13 August 2012, 10:54 AM

Your bravery is really inspiring baby_gone. Keep it up.

On baby_gone's "This Love" Real Story abbeydawn 6 August 2012, 5:47 PM

This is such a beautful poem! I'm so happy that you have found 'this love'. You deserve the best and I couldn't be happier for you. I know that you have other struggles on your mind but I know that I can trust your girlfriend with being there for you. She seems like an amazing person and very supportive.

It's so good to see such a good turn for you honey. Keep up the great work, becaus as always, your writing is great :) xxxx

On baby_gone's "Ruined work" Real Story baby_gone 12 July 2012, 7:48 PM

Thanks Flea. Maybe i do, but, will i be able to see that? I'm not sure. Especially when some days are so perfect and good and other days it is such a battle for me to appear strong, happy and as though i am enjoying life.

Anyway :) thanks for your comment! :) xo

On baby_gone's "Ruined work" Real Story baby_gone 7 July 2012, 3:09 PM

Thank you both so very much for your comments.

I hsve taken some things on board, not only from you two, but also from my gf. I am going to talk to someone who has some idea on how to help me. I am too afraid to talk to my family about this and even though they may be supportive, things won't ever be the same again if i tell them.

I think that the best thing for me to do right now is to just keep my head held high, in some sort of way. The fact that i have opened up to my gf and friends and have put emotions into writing, will help me in the future to know what happened and why. I contonue to write daily on this, and even though i may not put it up on here, please know that i am writing and sorting out my emotions in a haelthy sort of way. I have promised abbeydawn that I won't hurt myself for a while, and im going to stick by that promise.

I think the scariest thing about all of this, is the fact that i felt the disappointment in me. Everyone else was happy that i told them and proud that i told them. I think it was only me that felt disappointed in myself.

Considering that i think i am just rambling now, i am going to sum this up. Thank you both, again for your comments and your support! you have no idea how much i appreciate it! All of it! So, thank you! xx

On baby_gone's "Ruined work" Real Story Flea 11 July 2012, 12:48 PM

I'm so glad to hear that baby_gone,

It's great how writing it can help you.

It sounds as though you may have more reasons to be proud of yourself than you give yourself credit for.


On baby_gone's "Ruined work" Real Story Sassy Tea 6 July 2012, 2:09 PM

Hi baby_gone,

It sounds like you had a really terrible night last night. I'm so sorry that you experienced that, but I'm really thankful that you shared it with us. I'm sure it wasn't easy.

I admire the effort you put in to your own happiness. The fact that you describe this as "work" really shows how hard you are fighting.

That can be exhausting. I don't think you should blame yourself for having a "moment of weakness". In fact I wouldn't think of it as a moment of weakness at all. You've been fighting this so hard for so long that eventually you just couldn't do it anymore. I think your friends and your girlfriend will understand this and be there to support you. They might be upset because they want you to be happy, but I really don't think they could be disappointed in you. I know I wouldn't be, I'd be really proud of you for trying to fight this.

That being said, you obviously don't want to go through a night like this again. I think knowing how you feel this morning might help if you ever have another night like this, but it might also help to widen the network of people you can rely upon. Your friends sound really supportive and you say your family is amazing at the moment too. I would definitely want to talk to my family about this, especially because they are the ones likely to be there in the middle of the night if you are feeling at your worst. I know in my family we have a lot of the same emotional problems. For me this means that they can be a great source of advice at a level I don't think anyone else would understand. Maybe your family would understand you in the same way?

In the meantime I would try to tell myself that it is OK not to understand. If you don't quite know what it is that makes you feel like this, then for the time being maybe it's enough that you are working against it. Even when it's exhausting.

Sassy Tea.

On baby_gone's "Ruined work" Real Story abbeydawn 6 July 2012, 1:22 PM

Oh Baby_Gone I am so sorry you faced such emotions. Never think that you have dissapointed me by such acts. I'm not dissapointed at all. I know how strong you are, to have stayed away from such behaviour for 4 months, it is a really big achievement. I'm not dissapointed by you at all, I'm just sad that things have come back to this again.

I felt similarly at the beginning of this year, when everything was going well, I had everything but there was something deep inside pulling me down, like an anchor. It was such a struggle to pull myself back up but I did it step by step through so many people's help.

I need you to do the same because I know you will do a better job than I did. I need you to take tiny steps and make things better. I need you to control your emotions and focus on the good. I know it sounds cheesy but that's literally what you need to do. It's a battle with your feelings but I know many of your friends, myself including and your girlfriend will always be there to love and support you. I believe in you honey and I can promise you that things will get back to normal eventually, you just have to be a strong fighter and try your best. I hope the best for you because you deserve the best honey, stay strong and I'm always here you, I'm sorry I havent been around much, I'm a little busy but I'll always find time to be there for you. Xxxxx

On baby_gone's "Exhausting thoughts" Real Story baby_gone 24 June 2012, 11:39 AM

Thank you all so much for your comments. This story was pretty hard for me to write, because i had to be able to admit a lot to myself.

I'm glad that you were able to get something from it and i hope that people will see depression in some sort of different light.

Thank you all again for your lovely comments! I appreciate them greatly!

Baby)gone xoxoxox

On baby_gone's "Exhausting thoughts" Real Story abbeydawn 22 June 2012, 1:16 PM

Baby_Gone, I cannot begin to express how strong you are. To be able to write about something so emotional and personal is extraordinary. Not many people are able to express their feelings and fears about this topic. But you have written so well and explored the depth of depression and what it brings to you. I'm sure many can relate to this story and empathise with you. I hope that things are going well for you and you continue to shine. Wish the best for you honey. xxxxxx

On baby_gone's "Exhausting thoughts" Real Story seawave 22 June 2012, 12:17 AM

baby_gone. Thank you!!! I think you may be right about the bad yet comforting feeling that come with all of this. I have never thought of dispair in this way but you have captured something I never quite realised .. until now. It was brave of you to share this . but thank you. it means alot.

On baby_gone's "Exhausting thoughts" Real Story Mindy_Luvs_Mork 18 June 2012, 10:29 PM

Absolutely amazing baby_gone! I can't believe you expressed what it feels like to be experiencing such a low in depression. It blew my mind how you could put words to paper like that!

It's truly AMAZING!!!

I also loved how you said “It is welcoming to me, like, it understands what I am going through. It wants to help me” I know exactly what you mean by it here, and you are incredibly talented to have reached such a depth like that in your writing.

You are a strong person and I believe you will and can get past this. I know how hard it is, and I wish you all the best. You've got my support all the way :)

Mindy_Luvs_Mork xx

On baby_gone's "An apology, in many ways" Real Story Flea 27 May 2012, 2:38 PM

It sounds like your friend really does mean a lot to you. I was in a similar situation a while ago. At the time it really seemed like there was nothing I could do and it was taking over other parts of my life. If I could give any advice i'd say that you can try to repair the damage as much as you can and as much as you want between you and your friend. It's important though you look for other things in your life that make you happy too. That way until things turn out well between you two again you'll have something to keep you going in the mean time.

On baby_gone's "Scared" Real Story abbeydawn 17 May 2012, 11:45 PM

So sorry for the late comment honey. But yeah, like I said before, you should just take things slowly. Don't rush anything because that might ruin what you guys have right now. Let it build more and more and when the time comes, you'll say those words and not regret it. Because that will be the right time and place. Don't let this fall make you break again. I think you two are amzing together and she is just what you need right now. I wish the best for you two. Goodluck with everything honey. :) xx

On baby_gone's "The Story So Far" Real Story baby_gone 9 May 2012, 9:09 AM

Thank you both so much for your comments!

Abbey: you have been with me through this whole experience and you have been a great and perfect support system to me and i am so grateful that you are there for you. I hope i remain this way, but if im not, i know that i will have you to help me through it.

iliveinmyhead: I totally and utterly understand what you are saying and i agree 100% I hope that we can both hold onto and love the light patches of our lives! Thank you for your comment!

Bbay_gone xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

On baby_gone's "The Story So Far" Real Story iliveinmyhead 3 May 2012, 12:38 PM

Thanks for sharing your story (so far!) with us all, isn't it weird how we tend to think more about and remember the sad and bad times more than we think about the happy and good times?!? I wonder sometimes if we can't see the light in the shadows because it's more 'natural' to be happy, or content, and dark thoughts and memories stick because they're 'not right' or something. Geez it's good to live in the light though after long times of night, i'm happy for ya! Lets try to hang on to the light and be strong in the night!

On baby_gone's "The Story So Far" Real Story abbeydawn 1 May 2012, 7:23 PM

Wow Baby_Gone. This story just shows how strong and beautiful you are. I remember few moments when you were at a down fall, negativity had taken up on you and it was so difficult to make you love yourself. But you did it, you put your best effort in and you did it. You over came your fears, came out to so many, inlcuding your family and I was so proud of you, becuse considering your circumstances I think that was one of the hardest thing you ever had to do.

You've stayed strong all through out these rough waves, yes there have been times of endless crying, but you over came all that. And I am so happy to see you at this stage in life. You deserve all the happiness in the world and I am so glad that your girlfriend has been able to light up your life. I hope that this happiness stays with you for a long time. Good luck with everything baby, I'll always be here for you, xxxxxxxx :)

On baby_gone's "give up?" Real Story DJB2994 19 April 2012, 1:24 PM

Baby_Gone please forgive me for the late reply. I agree with Abbey, that for one I dont want you ti be hurt by an ex again, cause your heart is so tender and you are so kind, but baby I know you have the strength within you. And by the sounds you have

Et yourself a beautiful lady, that is anazing, you are beautiful in all ways, and your a great friend I wish you the best I am always here and will never turn my back on you xoxoxoxox

On baby_gone's "The now and hopes" Real Story baby_gone 18 April 2012, 11:49 AM

Thank you both so very much for your comments. My beautiful best friend... she has spoken to me and the things she said to me make me feel like i can do anything. She is amazing and she is helping me, every step of the way. though, we may have our moments, life without her seems pointless.

Once again, thank you both so VERY MUCH! :)

Best wishes,

Bbay_gone xoxoxoxoxox

On baby_gone's "give up?" Real Story baby_gone 18 April 2012, 11:46 AM

Thank you abbeydawn. I hope that with my now beautiful girl, i will be able to be happy and continue to be happy.. i TRULY hope that i don't jinx this relationship and stuff it up. But, i know that if this goes to shambles i will fight for her, because... like you said to me before, she seems different, kinder, nicer, better :) thank you for your comment honey! hope all is well with you :) xxoxo

On baby_gone's "The now and hopes" Real Story GreenGreyHathaway 14 April 2012, 10:46 AM

That was really powerful and I hope that you can find the strength to get through this. You seem to have a really good friend in "abbeydawn" so just keep hold of that and know that they will be their for you just as you are because they are your true friends and love you for who you are no matter what.

On baby_gone's "give up?" Real Story abbeydawn 14 April 2012, 2:21 AM

I'm sorry Baby_Gone for commenting so late. I'm so sorry that you found yourself in this situation again. But after our recent conversation, I'm glad to know that you have decided to move on. You know I will always support you, but the last thing I want to hear is you getting hurt by your ex again. So I'm glad that you have decided to turn away from this for now. I hope everything goes well for you, and I will try to be there for you more often now. Sorry for slacking off. Good luck baby :) xxxxxxxx

On baby_gone's "The now and hopes" Real Story abbeydawn 31 March 2012, 4:13 PM

I am so sorry honey for delaying my comment for so long.

Wow, this poem was so powerful. I'm so sorry that things have gotten worse for you. I know how difficult it can be. I promise you that there are other ways to to work on this empty feeling. Try your best to not fall in that hole again. I know how difficult it is, but we have to try our best aye. I'm always her for you and I'll always support you. Just say the word and I'll be there honey. Stay strong :)

On baby_gone's "Now.. .AGAIN" Real Story music_love_freedom 29 March 2012, 3:01 PM

Beautiful words xox

On baby_gone's "Now.. .AGAIN" Real Story Twitchy_T 22 March 2012, 9:41 PM

OMG Baby_Gone! This is incredible!!! Is it a song or a poem? Cause it could be either. It is INCREDIBLE!!!

Your friend is very lucky to have someone like you with them :)

On baby_gone's "those dark moments" Real Story Dannylicious 19 March 2012, 1:31 AM

This captures exactly what happens to me, it's soo well written! I always find it hard to express what i think, so this helps alot. tnx :')

On baby_gone's "those dark moments" Real Story baby_gone 20 March 2012, 5:58 PM

WOW! :) thank you! this is why i want to write, to not only be able to express myself, but to also help others... you... thank you! :) i hope you are well :) xo

On baby_gone's "Now.. .AGAIN" Real Story baby_gone 14 March 2012, 4:34 PM

Thank you both so ever much for your lovelu comments! ABBEY- thank you! you know as well as i do that my best friend is incredibly private...


Thank you both! You always put a smile on my face, and i will keep you both up-dated.. esp. since she has a medical condition atm, that is getting worse...


hope you are both well

On baby_gone's "Now.. .AGAIN" Real Story DJB2994 13 March 2012, 8:17 PM

Baby_Gone, oh wow, you have brought tears to my eyes, wow gee wow, this piece is beautiful, it flows so smoothly and packs so much punch, it's an explosion of emotion and it proves, that you live your bestfriend and you too are amazing and I hope she makes it on the up and you as well xxxxx

On baby_gone's "Now.. .AGAIN" Real Story abbeydawn 13 March 2012, 6:57 PM

This is so beautiful Baby_Gone. I hope your best friend will get through this tough wave. I know she will because she has an amazing person supporting her through this :) xxx

On baby_gone's "Friendship" Real Story horselover 2 March 2012, 3:08 PM

So wonderful that you were able to hold on to that friendship! Sometimes we do let the little things get in the way and don't see the big picture. It's great you were able to overcome your fight.

On baby_gone's "Friendship" Real Story Hailz 28 February 2012, 2:27 PM

This is awesome! It's good to see that you have such a great friend=)

On baby_gone's "Friendship" Real Story DJB2994 27 February 2012, 4:14 PM

Wow your reply was so deep, your friend sounds like she is a great person you two compliment each other by being together, you both put in hard work to build you friendship and I agree you should always believe and love and remember that you should always love yourself, like I always say I believe in you and respect you? Good luck keep your chin up :) xoxoxoxo

On baby_gone's "Friendship" Real Story baby_gone 26 February 2012, 7:58 PM

Thank you DJB! I can honestly asy that without my best friend.. i would be the most unstable person i the world ! She makes life worth living, and even though we had a massive fight about 2 and a half years back, i know that e moved past that. we grew up. we knew how much we needed and loved the other. She is my inspiration to be good to myself, to love myself and to be positive in life.

Thank you again, DJB! :) xoxoxox

On baby_gone's "Friendship" Real Story DJB2994 26 February 2012, 7:53 PM

Wow this is beautiful. I love the story, from questioning the friendship to realizing that you can't live without it, your story inspires me and leaves me waiting for more and more, it's beautiful and amazing the way your able to write and express thanks for sharing this with us baby gone, please keep writin you are an honest inspiration and I hope to read more and more of your work :) xoxoxoxoxox chin up I hope your well and keep smiling :) :) xx

On baby_gone's "those dark moments" Real Story baby_gone 26 February 2012, 7:39 PM

thank you ALL so so so much! This ... writign.. it has helped mty best friend to understand what goes through my head at times... i struggled for the words.. then one night i wrote this...

Creirem1, thank you! I hope that i have helped you in some way

Abbey, your comments always make me smile :)

take care all!


On baby_gone's "those dark moments" Real Story creirem1 23 February 2012, 10:16 AM

i love this story thanks soo much 4 posting it thank you again ssooooo much

On baby_gone's "Tears fall" Real Story DJB2994 20 February 2012, 10:08 PM

Oh Baby_Gone, you really are talented I understand it now and relate so much, I really hope you an your mum are ok and safe, you deserve the best and I believe in you, you are amazingly talented with everything you write and it speaks to my heart every time, sometimes I wish there was another way to talk more but yeah I am always here when you need, please stay safe I do care and worry chin up Baby xoxoxoxox

On baby_gone's "those dark moments" Real Story abbeydawn 20 February 2012, 5:01 PM

I wasn't able to tell you this in person but when you first made me read this story I was so amazed as to how much talent you have. I say this because it is very hard to get out exactly what you are feeling, and what you discussed in this story is something very deep and emotional topic for some people, but you were able to write it out in such a beautiful way.

For now, I'm safe of this hole, but I can feel it coming closer to me. There is a lot negativety going on in my head and sometimes it's so hard to snap out of it, considering how frustrating things can get at home. I think it's because my patience is running thin again. But hopefully this hole is not going to bother me anytime soon. Thanks for sharing this with us Baby_Gone, this was absolutely amazing. Good luck hun with everything. :) xxx

On baby_gone's "Tears fall" Real Story abbeydawn 20 February 2012, 4:52 PM

No matter how many times I read this, I always find it so incredible. To me it is one of your best pieces, perhaps because it relates way too much to my situation :)

I love everything about it, everything you've said in this piece is what I often think. But lately I've given up on my parents, I've kind of lost that connection, even with my mum, which hurts me the most. But thank you so much for posting this. I hope things work out for you Baby_Gone. You've got all my support. :) xxx

On baby_gone's "those dark moments" Real Story baby_gone 20 February 2012, 3:03 PM

I'm so glad that i have found soemone who can relate to this... though, it isn't somethign that is such a great topic, aye? This hole... that brings some people down.. it isn't one of the best things.. it's far from that... and im shocked that i let it keep dragging me down. such as today, right now, this moment in time.

i wish ther was some way around it, truly i do.. but i guess we just hav e to sit tight and do our best to not get drowned in this black hole...

Good luck Djb! I am always here for you! :) xoxoxox

On baby_gone's "Tears fall" Real Story baby_gone 20 February 2012, 2:57 PM

In this instance, i wrote this poem after i heard a fight with my parents... you know my story djb.. so... i really wish you can be able to figure it out... i don't particularly like to say it :/

but thank you for your comment! I always appreciate your word :)

On baby_gone's "those dark moments" Real Story DJB2994 19 February 2012, 7:49 PM

Baby_Gone, i am so happy you have shared this wow, this is what i have been looking for this hole keeps sucking me in also, wheen we are at our peak, i have been struggling for the fact, that a lot of my friends have started school again and i feel so distant from everyone so alone, i will be honest i am in a wierd stage i find myself thinking i need to hurt because of this hole sucking me back down and this hole is quite massive this time around, i just want to get over this again and i love that you have written this and you understand i just feel alone when i am not, thanks so much for sharing this Baby_Gone it means a lot chin up i believe in you xoxoxox

On baby_gone's "Tears fall" Real Story DJB2994 19 February 2012, 7:42 PM

Wow the flow of this is great and the story is as well, i love the words but i cant completely grasp the story thats being told, i know what you have told about you, but is this poem directly related to your story i am not trying to upset you its just, i am just a little lost to who "he" is my heads not axactly clear, i am sorry but i do love the poem thanks for sharing it xxxxx chin up bub and good luck i hope your well

On baby_gone's "The oldest of comrads" Real Story baby_gone 11 February 2012, 6:12 PM

AbbeyDawn; i shall post those other stories very soon. And yes, you are 100% right.. this is about my best friend.

Djb, your comments always put a smile on my face :) they truly do.. i hope that even though, you have lost one friend, your others make up for it.

This poem is more about when me and my best friend are apart or we need the slightest bit of space, the thought and wisdom of the other pulls us through it. I can't tell you how many situations i've been through when all i can think is "stay strong, you will see her tomorrow"

Thank you both again! I hope you are both well, and Djb, i hope to read some more of your work very soon :) thank you both! xoxoxox!

On baby_gone's "The oldest of comrads" Real Story DJB2994 9 February 2012, 10:40 PM

<3 wow wow wow, I saw a girl today and she was my bestfriend she walked out on me after I went through so much fOr her, she is nothing in this poen, this poen is about a true friend a real friend something I have very few, thank you for sharing this it's amazing your amazing please keep writing , :) xoxOxox

On baby_gone's "The oldest of comrads" Real Story abbeydawn 9 February 2012, 10:38 PM

Im guessing this is about your best friend. It's a great poem Baby_Gone. I hope that you guys balance things out. I'm looking forward to your other stories, hope you'll post them soon :) xxx

On baby_gone's "Through the water" Real Story baby_gone 1 February 2012, 3:45 PM

Thank you both! I'm glad that you got somethign out of the last stanza. What it meant when i read it was that at ngiht, the pain and the memories are at the strongest. I wish that the night time could be like the day time where the painis healed by someone by my side... but that is how life is. I grow stronger from each of these things :)

Thank yuo both so much for your comments! You guys are truly great people and aweomse friends! :) xoxox

On baby_gone's "The battle wounds" Real Story baby_gone 1 February 2012, 3:43 PM

Sorry for the late reply, thank you! You both wrote such lovely thigns to me and that makes me very happy. I am very happy and in control of my life right now, and that makes me over the moon happy! I hope you are both doing well! xoxox!

On baby_gone's "The battle wounds" Real Story abbeydawn 23 January 2012, 4:14 PM

I agree with Djb, this is a wonderful poem. The emotions are so strong and that makes any sense. You are a lot stronger than what you were before, which is so amazing since you were already so strong. I wish the best for you and I hope get past anything. You've got all my support :) xxx

On baby_gone's "Through the water" Real Story abbeydawn 23 January 2012, 4:07 PM

Firstly, I'm so sorry about such a late comment! And secondly, wow, this poem I think is one of your deepest works. I think I know what you're talking about. Though whatever it is that you're feeling now or going through, I hope you stay strong. I am always here, to help you through anything. I'm glad that you wrote about this and got it out. Good luck with everything honey :) xxx

On baby_gone's "Through the water" Real Story DJB2994 22 January 2012, 10:30 PM

I really love this and can relate highly especially the last stanza are you saying that your safe in the light but of a night is when it hurts you most, so If you stay in the light you won't have tO deal with a pain you dOnt understand, because the person you lived abused the respect yOy have given an is to blind to see how far you have opened your arms and heart, but at least you saw that you were being treated wrong I believe in you so much your beautiful and safe and will always have someOne by your side xox

On baby_gone's "The battle wounds" Real Story DJB2994 22 January 2012, 10:25 PM

Wow, wow wow, Baby_Gone your so talented this piece of writing is full of emotion and explains the story I am sorry about the late reply I hope you find your place and your always stronger than those who try and hurt you, you have an amazing heart and amazing strength I hope everything is ok and remember I am here and I will always think you deserve the best that person to sweep you from your feet good luck and I am here I hope I made sense and helped xoxo

On baby_gone's Thank Tank abbeydawn 20 January 2012, 7:13 PM

Aw thanks honey. I'll be commenting on your poems as soon as I get some time :) xxxx

On baby_gone's "You" Real Story baby_gone 19 January 2012, 5:37 PM

Thanks guys!

Flea; i got it from this website that my friend showed me. Unfortnately, i don't remember the name of it. sorry!

On baby_gone's "You" Real Story Flea 17 January 2012, 9:46 AM

Love it! Where did you find that one?

On baby_gone's "You" Real Story abbeydawn 16 January 2012, 4:30 PM

I love this picture! It says it all, the plain truth. Thanks for sharing this with us Baby_Gone :)

On baby_gone's "Strength- a poem" Real Story baby_gone 16 December 2011, 11:13 AM

Thank you both so very much! Your opinions always mean the world to me! I hope you are both well and that you enjoy the holiadys! :) xo

On baby_gone's "Cancer's daughter" Real Story baby_gone 16 December 2011, 11:13 AM

Thank you Abbey! So, an up adte on all of this is that she is seekign help. Not only from our year advisor, the school councellor, but also from her own personal therapist. We are all looking after her, and I believe that right now, she is getting better and she isn't try to do anythign.. severe... Thank you again Abbey! As you know, i will continue to stress over this; but at least i have you :) xoxo

On baby_gone's "Cancer's daughter" Real Story abbeydawn 14 December 2011, 11:22 PM

Sorry for commenting so late Baby_Gone. I am glad that your asking other's advice because I know that this whole situation is sucking all the energy out of you. I think that you should try to make her feel special and worth something cause right now she's probably thinking there is nothing left for her, like she's a nobody without her mum. So I guess you could just be there for her, give her some space but just make sure that you keep her on the ground. Try to convince her that there is more to life. This is gonna be so difficult but as long as you two try your best at getting past this, the result is going to be so pleasing. Like I said before, give her space but also assure her that there are other people who love her dearly and those are the ones that she also needs to stay alive for. And like we discussed before, enforce the fact that her mum would like her to continue on with her life. I hope I was any help, and you know I'm always here if you need me. Good luck, wish you the best! xo

On baby_gone's "Strength- a poem" Real Story abbeydawn 13 December 2011, 4:45 PM

Sorry for such a late reply Baby_Gone! I love love love this poem! I agree with Djb, you are so talented. This is a great poem with such a deep meaning. I wish you the best and I hope you keep on staying strong! Don't ever stop writing :)

On baby_gone's "Strength- a poem" Real Story DJB2994 11 December 2011, 10:20 AM

:D Baby_Gone, that is a very sweet poem, i loved the flow and your words always speak true, your very talente please keep writing this is amazing :) x

On baby_gone's "Her story" Real Story baby_gone 7 December 2011, 10:11 AM

Thank you all lfor your comments.

Jellie94- Thank you soooo much for your input! I will always be there for her and i will always love her! SHe means a lot to me and i can read her very well... I will definietly keep an eye out for any sigsn that i get from her.

DJB- It's ok for your late comment. I hope that you are well and are doing ok, are you? I won't rpessure myself, I will always be there for her and i know that at times i will need to give her space. She is in my heart and i will forever love her and I am just owrried about her. I will stay strong for her in every possible way and i will hold her and make her ok.

Thank you both, again!

:) xoxo

On baby_gone's "Her story" Real Story DJB2994 6 December 2011, 7:34 PM

Firstly Baby_Gone, Sorry about the late comment, but you are such a strong person and i too know you love your bestfriend and you do everything at your will to help and more, i know you know this as well but sometimes space is good but when someone is so far down that there starting to have the walls cave in on top of them stay there, i know how hard it gets trust me, but its worth it, you'll always have your bestfriend, everyone who trys at life ends up suffering, if we dont hurt then we haven;'t felt, and if we havent felt, we arent living, i know its hard, but look after yourself as well, dont bury yourself bby unburying your friend, take it step by step together, we make mistakes for a reason, but we weren't put upon the earth to lose, take every battle as it comes, fight the wars, dont turn and run, let love soothe the pain of sounds that fested, travel the world until every mountain top is crested, live love breath and have fun,

I Believe in you Baby_Gone and also your friend you both will make it good luck, Friend i believe and you believe we are unstoppable :)

On baby_gone's "Her story" Real Story jellie94 5 December 2011, 5:37 PM

The only thing you need to do is keep the desire of wanting to help her in your heart, you obviously really love your best friend and that is beautiful, be the best friend that you are and you will not fail her.

a practical tip: keep her accountable to whats going on with her, be weary of her depression and symptoms. Look out for her

On baby_gone's "Her story" Real Story abbeydawn 4 December 2011, 4:09 PM

I agree with Seawave. You need to be strong for yourself and for your friend. This may get really tough so have other friends around, who you trust and who will always be by your side. If you look after yourself and stay strong your friend will be able to stay strong too and she will know that you are doing better and won't worry about you. It may be a slow process but one step at a time can make a lot of difference, that's all I can say. I hope I was helpful, good luck Baby_Gone! :) x

On baby_gone's "Her story" Real Story seawave 3 December 2011, 11:12 PM

I have had a friend that has been where your friend is. I spent alot of time with her, just listening and sometime just being quiet together. I needed to know that she was ok everyday and wouldn;t do anything stupid. But it left me drained sometimes and I needed to be with other people or go swimming or something. I felt a bit guilty sometimes when I went to parties and things we liked to do together but it stopped me being pulled to far downwards. It soon got too much for both of us and so we both went to the school counsellor togther. It was really hard on her for a while but things got better. She;s now back to going to parties and laughing with me and we are closer than ever.

I hope it gets better for you and your friend really soon. Help her get help if you can. She's really lucky to have you but look after yourself too. It's important for both of you.

On baby_gone's "Her story" Real Story baby_gone 4 December 2011, 5:17 PM

Thank you so much seawave, your comment means a lot to me. She has suggested that she should go to councelling and i said that i will go with her. She knows that I would do anythign for her, though that someties means that i have to get over my life for a bit and be with her. I have gone through weeks at a time with only talkign to her and ignoring the world. I know she doesnt mean for me to do it, but its in my nature to try and protect her!

Once again, thank you for your comment. It means a lot! Take care! :)

On baby_gone's "I fell" Real Story baby_gone 2 December 2011, 1:22 PM

Thank you Djb! Once again you have totally made my day by that small comment! :) I know that i have both of yours ( i know that isnt good english) support and i will stand strong in my fight against my ex! :) thank you for your comment! xoxo l

On baby_gone's "I fell" Real Story DJB2994 29 November 2011, 7:41 AM

Baby_Gone that's made my dy that I made your day haha :) I like to know your happy and that you've stuck up to her you have made us both really proud and we are here to support have a great day and keep smiling and love you too xox smile :)

On baby_gone's "I fell" Real Story baby_gone 28 November 2011, 4:41 PM

Abbey! Thank you! I have stood up to her and i hope that soon i will be able to get away from her, sintead of going back to her and talking to her! I love you both! Thank you ! :) xoxo

On baby_gone's "I fell" Real Story abbeydawn 27 November 2011, 3:27 PM

I'm glad that you're able to stand up to your ex Baby_Gone. I still believe that she wasn't worth it. It's nice to see that you're trying to move on and be happier. I wish the best for you and you know that I'm always here for you! :) x

On baby_gone's "I fell" Real Story DJB2994 27 November 2011, 2:48 PM

:0 wow, Baby_Gone, I lOved that your such an amazing poet your poems and stories have me reading intentivly I love it your anazing, like I have said befor you deserve to be treated as a princess and I will do anything to help you out people that are using you don't deserve your time, please keep writing I really enjoy it I am so proud of you :) I hope your ok chin up xx

On baby_gone's "I fell" Real Story baby_gone 28 November 2011, 4:40 PM

Thank you so much djb! hahhahha! You have totally just made my day! I wish i was treated like a princess by the right people; but then i wouldnt be as strong as i am today! Thank you again! :) you have put a smile on my face xo

On baby_gone's "Summer Forgives" Real Story djb2994 14 November 2011, 8:24 PM

This poem is amazing thank you for sharing it with us ir really is sweet and well i wish i could relate to it better, :/ it is amazing its just my social life isnt very big, Kayke is one of few friends i actaully get to see, but lets not worry i loved the poem and got me thinking thank you :)

On baby_gone's "Summer Forgives" Real Story baby_gone 15 November 2011, 4:38 PM

Thank you! I really appreciate your feed back... and i really hope that you are ok. I hope that Kayke is helping you out in every way possible and remember, we are here to help and listen to you!

On baby_gone's "Struggling" Real Story djb2994 14 November 2011, 8:19 PM

Struggling is the word for us both i think, i am going back and forth with an ex and finally she has put me down hurt me and gave me a reason, but still its hard, when you love someone, adore someone and admire someone dearly, there what plays over in your mind, you think i should be better, i should look better, i should try harder to be the person they want, i need to change, i need to do this and i need to do that, and well we are only just putting ourselves down so we have an excuse to blame it on ourselves, but we are wrong, Baby_Gone, your beautiful (i speak of your personality and what i know about you as i havent seen you) but you truly are beautiful, it means so much when you and Abbey mention me and thank me it makes me feel i belong, and remember when your alone you arent really, you have Abbey and myself and we love you for who you are and support all your desisions and you have made me proud, good luck Baby_Gonw your beautiful and amazing your heart and Abbeys heart and My other bestfriend Kayke's hearts are all made of pure gold xo i wish the best for you i hope i helped :) xoxox

On baby_gone's "Summer Forgives" Real Story abbeydawn 14 November 2011, 6:56 PM

This poem is so sweet Baby_Gone! It just makes me remember all the sweet memories with my best friend from last year. Well I hope that our best friends will stay in our lives for a long time because I can't imagine living a day without her. It's a great poem, don't stop writing :)

On baby_gone's "Struggling" Real Story baby_gone 12 November 2011, 2:46 PM

Thank you Abbey! You always put a smile on my face! :D I think i have found happiness, i mean, i adore her still... but i know that this is how it is meant to be. I can't change it now. This is life and i will be fine. Especially since i have you, djb and my best friend from school. who is sdaly going over-seas soon. But i know i will be fine. Love you Abbey! xo

On baby_gone's "Struggling" Real Story abbeydawn 10 November 2011, 8:48 PM

Well as you know, it hurts me to see you like this. I understand that words right now don't seem to please you. You can't find any way to describe what you think, feel, want, everything just seems to be a mess. I'm going through the same thing. Like I've said before, you got so hurt this time because you depended on this person, you felt that they could change things for you. Your ex showed you a world that you hadn't seen for a while, it took your breath away and in a flash it was all gone. That's made you feel what you are feeling right now. I've never been through anything like this before so all I can do is assume how you feel about your heart break. But I can tell you this much that whatever happens, you'll make it through this, I know it. And as for me being disappointed, I will always be there for you, no matter what because I know how messy life can be. I hope that this was helpful and I wish the very best for you. I hope things turn around for you! xo

On baby_gone's "No more" Real Story baby_gone 9 November 2011, 10:11 AM

emo_hearts, i am so sorry to hear this. and i hope that we do both find some happiness in our situation. im sure with some patience things will get easier. though i believe it is still rocky now. Just surround yourself with people who will hold you high, it's the best we can do! :)

On baby_gone's "No more" Real Story Flea 29 November 2011, 9:01 AM

That's some of the best advice I could think of too. having decent and caring people around you makes a huge different in any situation.

On baby_gone's "No more" Real Story emo_hearts 31 October 2011, 2:50 PM


So i havent actually spoken about this to anyone as noone would understand. Everyone would just say the same things they are clearly saying to you. I was in a relationship with a guy for exactly one month and on our one month anniversary he text me and said we cant do this anymore. He left me for his ex. The twist to my story is that I am friends with both of them, he lives with her, sleeps in the same bed, showers with her and i go around there and stay at the house and hide my misery. I love him and when i recieved that text I was sucked back into the world that was far too familiar. Before I met him I was depressed, very depressed and in a bad place. I did terrible things and then he bought me out of that place and showed me the light of love. He was the first and still the only person I have ever truely loved and he knows I still love him. Now its over i feel myself being dragged back to the place I was in beforehand and I don't like it.

Im not looking for sympathy and I promise im not trying to out do you, I just want you to know that I am in an almost identical situation. I am sorry, and I hope we can both find happiness and a fresh start soon.

On baby_gone's "No more" Real Story abbeydawn 27 October 2011, 11:42 AM

I know I'm one those 3 people. But like I said, don't be influenced by our opinions, you do what you think is right and if I feel that you are going on the wrong track then I'll let you know. Because the last thing I'd want is for you to get hurt again, and if you're happy I'm happy :) I hope things get better for you and everything goes well. xo

On baby_gone's "No more" Real Story baby_gone 27 October 2011, 11:23 AM

Thank yoiu both for your comments. They always put a smile on my faace and make me realise that there are people out there who have a heart and who can help me. Abbey Dawn, you do know that you are one of the 3 people that don't want me to like her, right?

I am going to get through this with your help and my friends help. I will pullthrough, after all... She is just a girl.. though she is a girl that i can't stop thinking about. I miss her so much though i know she is only a few metres away from me.

I think i need to admitt that i am in love with this girl and that... i don't know what to do without her. DJB, don't worry too much about me. As i also worry about you. but that is what friends are for. Thank you both again :) xo

On baby_gone's "No more" Real Story abbeydawn 26 October 2011, 6:20 PM

I am so incredibly sorry that this has happened to you. I know how much she means to you and I know how much she hurt you as well. It's good to know that you are trying your best to fight this though. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you, especially since you see her nearly every day. But speaking as a friend who watched you cry and get hurt over and over again for the past week, I understand why these 3 people are annoyed by the fact that you still have feelings for your ex. I can't stand to watch you get hurt like this. I've said this to you before and I'll say it again, you don't deserve this pain, you don't deserve to be treated with so little respect. Yes we understand that she made you happy in a way that nobody else ever did but in the end she ignored that fact and broke your heart. And as much as it hurts you, it hurts your friends too because they were so happy for you and now all that is gone. Your friends only want the best for you and from our perspective, the best is to not fall for her again.

But I know, it's easier said than done. Sure all of us can tell you she's not worth it, but at the same time you can't help but reminisce all the beautiful memories, after all they happened too, along all the hurt that came afterwards. You can't just have neutral feelings for her so soon. It's gonna be a struggle and you will face doubtful moments but in the end all you can focus on is that this whole thing is an experience. It is up to you how you handle it. You stay strong, accept the strong support from your friends and you do what seems the right thing to do, whether it is to fall for her again or to move on from this relationship. Get advice from your friends if you don't feel comfortable with your choices, you don't always have to be influenced by your friends but it's always good to see things from different perspectives. So I wish the best for you, and I hope things get easier. And I hope that all these words made sense and you understand my point. I'm always here to listen, guide, help or whatever it is you’re seeking for :) Good luck hun! xo

On baby_gone's "No more" Real Story djb2994 26 October 2011, 12:31 PM

Firstly I know this feeling I am fighting the same thing along with a lot more, my ex to be honest I will always feel for her but I have had to force myself not to fall cause to be honest I have fallen hard 4 times and each the worse than the other I know that when I go back it will hurt me but you will agree at the time anything is worth it, but we have to ask ourselves why, why are we letting this hurt we can avoid it we can just go another way find someone else or just hold on tighter to our friends my best friend does this for me when I am in trouble she gets me out she always manages to get past my negative thoughts, I suggest you replace the feelings for your ex with spreading a different love towards our friends , friendships are always stronger but our hearts like to get hold of another we where our heart on our sleeve and to be honest it's good and bad, but I believe in you to make it I know you will keep your chin up, and we are here when you need good luck:) and remember to believe I am sorry you are going through so much pain she shouldn't treat you the way she has but I do know what its like

On baby_gone's "My present" Real Story abbeydawn 2 October 2011, 5:44 PM

That's a very sweet poem Baby_Gone. I'm sure that if you both want this, then it will last for a very long time. I hope that everything works out for you two, wish the best hun! :)

On baby_gone's "Not again" Real Story baby_gone 26 September 2011, 3:44 PM

Thank you both for your comments... And i also hope this person will look after me... =)

On baby_gone's "Not again" Real Story djb2994 25 September 2011, 1:26 PM

I am sorry also about the late comment, but i really liked this poem, :) it flowed nicely and just was a real heart to heart poem, thank you and good luck i also hopw this person looks after you :)

On baby_gone's "Not again" Real Story abbeydawn 24 September 2011, 6:05 PM

Sorry for the late comment, been busy. That's a really sweet poem. I hope you don't get hurt again and I hope that this person takes care of you because you deserve it. Goodluck hun, wish the best for ya! :)

On baby_gone's "Reality" Real Story djb2994 17 September 2011, 4:52 PM

Ah, this is a great piece of writing i apoogise also for the late reply, and i am sorry if this comment seems pretty shallow compared to my others, you are talented and i agree that we should always keep an eye on those around us and in the world, everyone deserves a shot at happiness, to feel the comfort of safety and love, we all believe in you and good luck :)

On baby_gone's "Reality" Real Story abbeydawn 16 September 2011, 11:06 PM

Sorry for taking so long to comment, been really busy. But this piece is so thoughtful. I understand what you are saying. Hearing those three words can change someone's life and it's great to open up to someone. Happiness is just like sadness. They both wait around the corner and out of no where, they're in your life. It all depends on how you handle them. As I always say, nothing lasts for long, so neither of them will last for long. We have to learn to appreciate what we have. And when you express your feelings to someone else, it sometimes opens your eyes to what you never considered, it helps you change things in your life, it helps you improve. I'm getting off the track now...But yeh, I really liked your piece. And your last paragraph reminds me of this quote: "All that we are is a result of what we have thought" and it seems like your on a great path! I'm so glad that you are being so positive. Keep it up hun and I wish the best for you! :)

On baby_gone's "Falling more or less" Real Story abbeydawn 13 September 2011, 10:22 PM

I really liked your poem! Even though the story behind is sad but the way you wrote it, made it really good. I'm sorry to hear that things didn't work out between you and this person. I hope the best for you and I hope that you always stay strong. Good luck and keep on writing cuz this is great! :)

On baby_gone's "For you, our green eyed girl" Real Story baby_gone 10 September 2011, 11:51 AM

Thank you both for your comments. I just hope that our friend is getting happier as the days goes on and that the people that make her cry realise that they are wrong! I will listen to that song right away djb, thank you for that recommondation. Once again, thank you both!

On baby_gone's "For you, our green eyed girl" Real Story abbeydawn 9 September 2011, 8:53 PM

Oh this is so sweet Baby_Gone! And I agree with everything you said. It's a really beautiful poem and I'm sure our friend knows that we are here for her and that we wish the best for her. I hope she stays strong. This was very sweet, thanks for sharing it with us and I wish the best for you too! :)

On baby_gone's "For you, our green eyed girl" Real Story djb2994 9 September 2011, 8:16 PM

Wow, Baby_Gone this is amazing and the friend you have written this for is very lucky to have such amazing people in her life, i really liked the flow the story just everything about it, the last part reminded me of a song i like By an aus hip hop group Horrorshow, The song is called 'The Rain' and the chorus is this, "Hush child from the joy to the pain it will all wash away in the rain", i suggest you give the song a listen its about bad days and just ways to deal with it all, dont stress theres no swearing, i just think this is a song that helps me chill out on bad days :) keep writing Baby_Gone your so talented good luck :) hope your friend keeps going stron :)

On baby_gone's "The love" Real Story abbeydawn 8 September 2011, 9:58 PM

Wow, that is a really great poem Babay_Gone! I love the emotion in this. Never stop writing because you have a wonderful ability to express your feelings through words in such a good manner. I wish the best for you. Keep smiling! :)

On baby_gone's "Carpe Diem" Real Story djb2994 6 September 2011, 8:22 PM

Well firstly the poem was deep and meaningful and i felt the pain and what you were searching for, but now it gets iffy, i agree with your opinion and i agree with AbbeyDawns, your personality is wishing not for the hurt, even though it shapes you, your just after a break, and AbbeyDawns opinion is that of the fact what happens shapes us, there both in my eyes correct, but mine is in between. I have times i want to just hide and wish upon every star to remove the hurt but also i have times where i think without the hurt i wouldn't be the ME i am, so i am saying you need not to regret but to take it in, but sometimes hurting everyday is a struggle so we hope for a small breather, i believe in you Baby_GOne, you also have my full support i believe in you :) smile :)

On baby_gone's "One more time" Real Story baby_gone 6 September 2011, 6:10 PM

Thank you both so much! You both made me smile so broadly after i read this... I'm glad i got the emotion across.... It was this massive relief to finally say this and to know that i have you both who support me and my writing. Thanks again! You both are also extrodinary writers! =)

On baby_gone's "6 words, 15 letters" Real Story baby_gone 6 September 2011, 4:56 PM

Thank you both so much. I'm happy to say that there has been definite improvement in everythign... though it is small... It is still there.. Your opinions are so greatly appreciated... always are

On baby_gone's "Carpe Diem" Real Story baby_gone 6 September 2011, 4:56 PM

Thano you Abbey! I agree with evrythign that you said as well... I understand what you are trying to say and thank you for putting your opinion out there for me to read... and for everyone else... Thank you for everythign that you said t ome, and i wish that upon you as well... =)

On baby_gone's "Carpe Diem" Real Story abbeydawn 5 September 2011, 10:08 PM

Firstly I loved your poem, it had such strong emotions, I just loved it!. But I disagree with you here a bit. What I think is that we need to take everything that's being thrown at us, we need to get hurt, cry, break down, lose someone, love someone, make mistakes, be dissapointed and whatever other pain there is. Because without all this pain in our life, we won't be as strong as we can be, we won't pull at our strengths, we won't be able to stay strong for our friends. You see I don't have regrets because I don't think that what ever happened in my life was bad, worthless, ruining or anything like that. I faced all my fears and still am, why because it has shaped me into the person I am today. To me, seizing the day means accpeting what's in your life, all the pain and the happiness and making the most of it, because nothing lasts. The pain won't last and the happiness won't last. So be immersed in what you have, whether it's pain or happiness. Acknowledge what you have because you are so lucky to be who you are today. I know that no one wants to be hurting, everyone wants happiness but sometimes it's better to have pain with you. If you hadn't been through all the pain, you wouldn't be the wise person I know today, and I don't want that. I want you to keep on growing, keep on being strong and getting through all this becuase I know you can. I believe in you and there are so many other people in your life who believe in you and support you with everything. You may disagree with me, but this is what I think. I wish the best for you babe, and I hope you stay strong and I will always be here for you, you have all my support! Keep smiling! :)

On baby_gone's "One more time" Real Story djb2994 5 September 2011, 7:30 PM

:O WOWSER, this is wow i mean woah, i am so speechless, you are so talented i felt all the emotion hurt and want in that poem, you are so talented, i must say show me up quite easily, please keep writing this is beautiful chin up and i wish the best for you also

On baby_gone's "6 words, 15 letters" Real Story djb2994 5 September 2011, 7:26 PM

This is about you and your friend again,i am so sorry things are still tough, maybe this is where you say to her (if its a her) that she might need to see further help like a pro, but thats where you say and do go with her, its scary and i wish my best friend was with me the first time, so, what i am trying to say is your pushing yourself to your limits and you cant breach them to what you need, your friend will see that, i know you'll both make it i believe in you, i really loved the poem though, good luck Baby_Gone

On baby_gone's "6 words, 15 letters" Real Story abbeydawn 5 September 2011, 6:12 PM

I think that you and your friend should seek help from someone else rather than each other because right now, both of you seem drained. You two seem to be on a rollercoaster and it will get difficult to stay strong for each other. I think that you should be there for each other but let someone else know that you are hurting. You need to tell your friend that you are not strong enough to stay strong for them right now, not that you don't want to, but there is no way you will be able to handle her stress or pain. You both need to stay positive, for yourself and for each other. I think that the best thing to do is seek help from another trusted friend and if that's not possible then give each other some time and space. You need to regain your energy and potential otherwise you will just end up hurting yourself and your friend. In during this whle situation don't lose hope and don't pressure yourself Baby_Gone. Hold on to your close friends for support because you can't let yourself fall again, not this time. I feel as if I haven't said enough, or given the best advice but I hope that I was any help. I wish the best for you and, you know I'm always here if you want to talk. Good luck hun, stay strong!

On baby_gone's "One more time" Real Story abbeydawn 2 September 2011, 11:15 PM

WOW! This is so amazing. I love the emotion in this. I read it so many times and each time it just got better and better. This is just too good. I dont know what to say....Never stop writng, that's for sure! Whish the best for you hun!

On baby_gone's "Remeber when..?" Real Story baby_gone 1 September 2011, 5:45 PM

Tahnk you both so much! It means a lot to me that you can relate to this in some way. And thank you djb, you have also helped mw keep going with your words... You are both so talented! Thank you again!

On baby_gone's "Remeber when..?" Real Story djb2994 31 August 2011, 9:25 PM

I agree completely with AbbeyDawn, Memories make us, good or bad , painful or painless, but we get to things from memories, we get to remember and see what made us and how we've gotten this far and also we are rewarded with something with such sentimental value, lifes waht you make it, but the memories show what made us :) keep it up Baby_Gone your writing helps me keep going and i am sorry a haven't been around heaps lately also, it means heaps how much you care along with everyone else :)

On baby_gone's "Remeber when..?" Real Story abbeydawn 31 August 2011, 2:17 PM

This is so true. I think memories are like an old friend because they are a glimpse of what you used to be, what your life was like and then memories remind you of how much has changed. Sometimes memories help you see the bright side of your life and sometimes it shows you your dark past. Whatever it may be, memories will always be there to remind you all the sweet times and the bitter times that have now shaped you into what you are today. Memories is something that we own and no one can take them away from you. Thank you for sharing this with us, it was lovely! Keep writing Baby_Gone! :)

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story djb2994 29 August 2011, 7:26 PM

Woah, thats is a great story i actually loved it, it brought one thing to my attention though, i need to find my tranquility, i need to find what to you is an ocean, but for me i dont know what is is, this has got me sucked in, i read it 3 times to take everything from it, but now i am going to read it again keep up the amazing work :)

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 6 December 2013, 9:46 AM

Hey DJB. I get what you mean. Did you end up finding your own ocean in the end?

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story abbeydawn 29 August 2011, 6:25 PM

Wow. This is really good! I can relate to this so much! This is so well written and its just so beautiful. I know that feeling of forgetting all your thoughts and calming yourself but then you have to face the reality and everything comes rushing back in your brain and it's like you can't stop thinking about things...This is really good. Thanks for sharing this with us. Don't stop writing and I wish the best for you! :)

On baby_gone's "My tranquilty" Real Story DJ Cheese Platter 6 December 2013, 9:45 AM

I really like how you're so encouraging, abbeydawn. :)

On baby_gone's "Why now?" Real Story djb2994 24 August 2011, 5:53 PM

WOW is the wrod, this poem is to the point, deep and explains a lot, your friends always been your rock by the sounds and has done so much for you, and she has lost the ground she stood supporting you, you've now become the rock and its different, its challenging cause you want to be delicate around the situation as to you its all new, your friends the opposite of what she was to youe shes now like water, transparent, but she's still your friend, but u know as i have been in this spot many times, that she has felt like water a long time, its now overwhelmed her, i have reason been unfriended by a friend who was my rock a couple of years ago, things get hard, but please please do not give up on your friend, we all believe in you and her, lifes a rollercoaster, but you have to try sitting at the front back and middle, three different experiences, through your eyes, through your friends eyes and through an outsiders eyes, i know you are going to make it baby_gone, i believe in you please dont give up on your friend i know you'll both make it :)

i really hope i have helped good luck :)

On baby_gone's "Why now?" Real Story abbeydawn 22 August 2011, 6:07 PM

Wow, this is really good. It is very sad that your friend is going through such a hard time. I hope that you are always there for them and that you don't lose hope yourself. I hope that you stay strong, for yourself and for your friend. I'm sure they will turn to you when they need you. For now perhaps they just need some space. All you can do i be ready to catch them if they are on the brink of falling. Don't lose hope, be strong and happy and I wish the best for you and your friend! Hope what I said was helpful. :)

On baby_gone's "The first" Real Story djb2994 19 August 2011, 7:57 PM

Baby_Gone, that is beautiful, and our first love is always remembered because its special its new to our lives so we cant forget and this puts some situations of my life into words it means so much to me :) i love it keep writing :)

On baby_gone's "He speaks the truth" Real Story kayke21 19 August 2011, 1:12 PM

i love the fact that winnie the pooh comes up witht he best quotes,, i found some others as well that day by winnie the pooh :) this quote especially tells us that no matter what is going in life we have got to believe because we are bettere people than we think :)xxx

On baby_gone's "The first" Real Story abbeydawn 18 August 2011, 8:56 PM

I agree, I think that your first true will always have a special place in your heart and mind. Although that's not the case with everyone. I like this poem. Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

On baby_gone's "He speaks the truth" Real Story baby_gone 18 August 2011, 4:48 PM

Thank you alll for commenting! I got to say, Winne the Pooh is quite a clever one! He has a lot of very good quotes, but i only managed to fidn this on short notice! I agree, we all need to realise our potential!

On baby_gone's "He speaks the truth" Real Story djb2994 17 August 2011, 8:42 PM

Out of everyone famous winnie the pooh takes the cake, well the honey :P this is gold :) its true and i agree with AbbeyDawn we need to realise that deep down our potential is hiding and we need to have faith in ourselves :)

On baby_gone's "He speaks the truth" Real Story shania_rose 17 August 2011, 4:21 PM

i quite like this quote :)

On baby_gone's "He speaks the truth" Real Story abbeydawn 17 August 2011, 2:19 PM

This is so true. We never realise our own potential. Deep down we should just believe in ourselves. Thank you for sharing this with us, it's lovely! :)

On baby_gone's "The senses" Real Story djb2994 12 August 2011, 7:29 PM

Baby_gone you just keep bettering each thing you've written and how that is possible i dont know, and i agree with Abbey your going to come to terms with this person and that has some much emotion crammed into it i really liked it thank you :)

On baby_gone's "The senses" Real Story abbeydawn 11 August 2011, 9:21 PM

WOW! I really love this! It's so beautiful. I hope that you and this person will come to good terms because they seem so important to you. I wish the best for you, please keep writing! Once again, this is really good! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

On baby_gone's "On the outside" Real Story baby_gone 10 August 2011, 6:51 PM

Thank you both so much for advice! I have taken it upon my stride and I know that I can make a difference in my best friends life. I truly appreciate you both for always being there and giving me advice and comments =)

On baby_gone's "On the outside" Real Story djb2994 8 August 2011, 7:02 PM

OK, i know its hard i have been in that situation, and i still do sometimes, what i'd like to say is, just be there and not leave her by herself, you need to be there and not let her forget, but still not push to hard, but when you say she has ideas in her head you need to support her but try and turn her away from it very gently, but just being you will mean so much to her, i wish i could say more its just hard not knowing the person, and there limits, there'll be times where she is exhausted and others when the adrenalines high, you need to be ready for anything, but i know you can make it look how far you've made it, look how far you've helped get me, good luck :) hope your and your friend makes it

On baby_gone's "On the outside" Real Story abbeydawn 8 August 2011, 6:02 PM

I think that you should stay strong for her no matter what, don't lose faith in yourself, keep trying your best. You may not realise how much help you are to your friend so don't think that you are no help to her.It's good that you know her so well. If you feel confused at what to do then you have to put yourself in her shoes, you have to look back and see exactly what you were going through, or would go through, if you were her. Keeping that in mind may help you take the right actions at that moment for your friend. I say you should be there for her all the time, be the listner and be the thinker for her because she would surely like to express her feelings (if the right words found) and she would like some nice advice or help from you. But don't put too much pressure on yourself because that may ruin your ability to help your friend. So stay focused, be positive, put yourself in her shoes, and think clearly. I hope that your friend will be strong thorughout this period and I hope that you are strong too, for her and hopefully I was any help. Good luck hun! :)

On baby_gone's "I dont want to" Real Story baby_gone 6 August 2011, 5:55 PM

Naw, that's ok djb2994. Thank you guys so much for your comments, they mean a lot to me. I do hope that i look back and realise how strong I am. I promise you both i wont ever stop writing, not for a long time. =) Thanks again, you guys rock!

On baby_gone's "I dont want to" Real Story djb2994 6 August 2011, 10:49 AM

:) firstly i am sorry i am late commenting on this, you are so talented, and it is great to read this, it shows your trying to change it and your goin to beat it, i know you will make it and you will look back one day and realise how mush stronger this made you, life is hard, and love is horrible, yet grat, i too am just looking for that one girl that makes me smile because i know that shes seen through all the bad and mess of my life, i believe in you and know you will make it i really love the poem, one last thing keep writing please :)

On baby_gone's "Have you ever..." Real Story djb2994 6 August 2011, 10:38 AM

i agree with Abbey_Dawn, for your first question the worst you could do is sleep, and be alone, i try and get up and go do something it might be walking around until your tired, but the best thing is to be with your best friend, , your second question yes i have left someone because of what friends have said and they were right, but i went back kto the girl cause i thought i couldnt live without her, even though i went against my friends, opinion i learnt the hard way what they said really was right, i want you to think about it, sometimes the only way is the most painful way, you deserve to be happy and smile and be safe you seem a caring person with the kindest nature goodluck :) be happy :)

On baby_gone's "Be strong" Real Story djb2994 6 August 2011, 10:26 AM

so simple but so true, you'll go out of your way for someone, hurt while your trying to support them, and all you want deep down is for them to think and ask if your ok,, i only have one friend that asks if i am ok, when i am being the strong one, and that one friend makes up for the ten that dont care, thanks for uploading this i really liked it :)

On baby_gone's "Have you ever..." Real Story abbeydawn 5 August 2011, 9:51 PM

I can probably relate to your first question. But whenever I felt like that, I didn't let my loneliness take over me, instead I looked at all the positves in my life, held on to my dear friend and got through another day. And you know what, all that struggle did pay off as I am stronger than I have ever been and happier than I have ever been. So don't lose hope, don't let others decide for you, unless they are the ones thinking with a clear head and not you. Remember, good friends only want what is best for you. But you can't just let your friends speak for you if you think you are in the right place. I hope that your troubles don't increase, be happy! :)

On baby_gone's "I dont want to" Real Story abbeydawn 3 August 2011, 10:04 PM

This is so good! I don't know what to say, it's so beautiful and powerful. Never stop writing! Thanks for sharing this with us :)

On baby_gone's "Annoyance" Real Story abbeydawn 3 August 2011, 11:26 AM

I agree with Dj. Don't concentrate on ignorants too much because they are going to stay the same no matter what. Don't put pressure on yourself, try to accept who you are because there is nothing wrong with you and there are so many people who will support you :). Your friend had her own point of view which was very insulting, but you can't change her mind. So don't worry, express your own feelings, tell her how you feel about it so she knows that it hurt you but other then that, don't worry about it too much because it's not worth it. I hope I was any help! :)

On baby_gone's "Annoyance" Real Story djb2994 2 August 2011, 10:13 PM

Ok, i havn't had alot to do with this subject, but your not a breed your an ordinary but unique human being, we are all the same bus, but our own personality, i agree that is an insult and she shouldn't of said that, i think that you should think about it all, just sit down breath and just ask yourself in a friend what are you after, by the sounds she only ticks half the boxes, no one deserves to be insulted, but it is your decision you just need to talk to her explain how you feel if she doesn't take it serious you decide next move, so good luck :)

On baby_gone's "I miss you" Real Story abbeydawn 27 July 2011, 6:12 PM

All I can say is that everything happens for a reason. Your past with that person seems really good but if you look at the positives, even your present with tem is good considering what could have been a bitter end to it. So try to look at the positives to get through it because you can't really do much. You can't go back in time and change the events, you just have to go with the flow. I know you may have heard all this before several times and none this may help you but this is what I truly think and I would hate to say something I don't mean. So I hope that you stay good friends with that person and in the meantime, keep doing your best and get through each day :)

On baby_gone's "A feeling" Real Story baby_gone 24 July 2011, 3:11 PM

Thank you gyus for your comment, it is appreciated so damn much! I guess you are both right that i will get over this like i have before. I am happy that you are both here for me and that we have eachother.

Once again thank you!

On baby_gone's "A feeling" Real Story djb2994 24 July 2011, 1:36 PM

Firstly i understand what you mean i relate and its hard i know but, i cant escape into my dreams in my b=dreams i am most vulnerable my guards let down and i am weak, i avoid my dreams i am the opposite to you in that respect but i know its difficult to keep fighting but you can make it, I believe in you AbbeyDawn believes in you when you feel you have no one thats when you have us most, smile and dream, but we still have to live our life and not got lost in the reality of what are life is, nothing is given yet we all have stood ttrials of pain and torture, but we are very young and theres plenty of time for love dont hunt for it let it find you and not its not to hard to ask for

On baby_gone's "A feeling" Real Story abbeydawn 24 July 2011, 1:28 PM

I would say take this experience as best as you can because in the end you are the one who will be rewarded by it. Each experience will make you stronger, so if you pulled through the previous ones, I'm sure you can do that again this time. Life may seem incredibly hard right now, but it will come to a destination where all you will have is happiness. No-one can say for sure when that will be, for me it seemed like eternity, but it did come. No I haven't and am not going through the same experiences as you have but I have been through enough for you to trust my word. Don't lose hope and keep trying your best. You may be feeling like you are all alone, but you are not. Give yourself time, don't put pressure on yourself, seek comfort from who ever is there for you. Just don't lose hope because I know that things WILL get better. I hope you get through this and you have a great life, I wish the best for you. And I hope my blabbing helped you :)

On baby_gone's "Lovers past" Real Story abbeydawn 22 July 2011, 4:22 PM

This is so true. I agree that no matter how much the person hurted you, you still love them, or care for them deep down, because after all that is the person you fell for. But that is the emotion we have to fight and protect ourself. We can't let ourself be hurt again by the same person and we try to do this as best as possible. It's great to know that you are positive about this, that you will fall in love again eventhough you've been hurt so badly. I hope you find a wonderful person who loves you with all their heart, who cares for you and who is there for you, and I'm sure that person is on their way into your life! :) stay strong and don't lose hope :)

On baby_gone's "Love" Real Story baby_gone 21 July 2011, 6:31 PM

Thanks guys for this, djb; I just got out of a messy... situation. Im truly sick of ppl leading me on. It sucks so much, but i know that my friends care for me.

Thank you Abbey and djb you're comments are appreciated so much

On baby_gone's "Love" Real Story djb2994 20 July 2011, 8:05 PM

i have been in thiis situation a few times, i went back out with a girl that hurt me because i was still "in love" with her 18 months after we split but before i dated her the second time multiple people friends said dont please it didn't work once how will it work twice, but i did date her and that ended quickly yet we cant help it if our heart is determined and i agree with you both Abbey and Baby thanks for this i liked it that someone understands :) \

On baby_gone's "Love" Real Story abbeydawn 20 July 2011, 10:07 AM

I agree with what you are saying but I believe that people tell us not to fall for some people because they care for us. They just don't want us to get hurt. But it's true what you are saying, you can't control for who you fall for.

On baby_gone's "love and beauty" Real Story abbeydawn 18 July 2011, 5:42 PM

WOW! This is amazing. I love this and utterly agree with all the words. This is probably the most amazing thing I would ever had read. Thank baby_gone for sharing this with us, I love it!

On baby_gone's "Best friend" Real Story abbeydawn 18 July 2011, 5:39 PM

I can relate to this so much. My best friend literally saved me when I was going through the toughest times in my life and even now she is always there for me. I owe her a lot too. She's been an incredible friend to me and I hope I never disappoint or hurt her. Heres best friends aye! :) Thank you for sharing this with us.

On baby_gone's "3 simple rules" Real Story baby_gone 18 July 2011, 10:34 AM

Well djb2994, I did put up another story. You never commented on it though. =)

On baby_gone's "3 simple rules" Real Story djb2994 17 July 2011, 6:54 PM

They are all very true, and it is good that your posting up different things, but have we got any new stories coming ?? :) but i really liked these rules :)

On baby_gone's "3 simple rules" Real Story abbeydawn 17 July 2011, 3:38 PM

Yes, these three rules are so simple and true. Thank you for sharing something so amazing with us! This is really good!

On baby_gone's "quote" Real Story abbeydawn 17 July 2011, 2:44 PM

Nawwwww!!! Why, I'm honored. And I absolutely love this quote. That's what I believe. You control your own life and only you have the power to write your story and decide how it will end, well to a level. This is very inspiring, thank you for sharing this with us! :)

On baby_gone's "I am trying to be a better person..." Real Story abbeydawn 17 July 2011, 11:36 AM

I can relate to this so much. My whole life has been like that. I hurt people for the worst reasons, I don't give some people the respect and love they deserve and I have made a fool of myself several times by dissapointing and hurting many people. I have experienced (to a level) what you have experienced with your father. And I plan to be a better person too.

But what I have realised is that all these horrible experiences have been somewhat good for me. They have taught me lessons and afterall, because of the horrible situations, I have come to the conclusion to be a better person, to be a good parent and not make the same mistakes my parents did. But I have faith in me, and I KNOW I will be able to achieve my dreams. But I can't achieve them alone.

My point here is to have faith in yourself. Yes there are times in life that you regret the things you did, but every little thing that happened in your life occurred for a good reason. Because it has made you the person you are and those experiences will transform you into what you want to be, a better person. So don't lose hope, try your best to treat anyone in your life the way they deserve. Think positive and be strong, depend on people, laugh, fall in and out of love, be scared, cry, do everything, because all these elements will form your future you.

I believe you will be a great person and you WILL achieve all your goals! Keep your head up and don't lose hope! :)

On baby_gone's "Strength" Real Story baby_gone 14 July 2011, 7:29 PM

Thank you guys so much for your input. I truly love the fact that you both ALWAYS know what to say. So thank you so much for all of your support. And yes djb2994 i hope that I'll be able to have a genuine smile one day.

On baby_gone's "Strength" Real Story djb2994 14 July 2011, 3:50 PM

Baby _Gone i agree people say "your strong, YOu can get through, your going to make it, your going to smile" but they dont say there going to help they dont know how to do that, sympathy can be horrible if anything painful, especially whe n people use it at the wrong time, i have a very close friend like a mirror image of what i am going through, we "lean" talk each other through and keep each other calm you need someone to understand, a voice that gently speaks to you and gets passed the thumping of your heart and the freight train rumbling through your head.

I hate having to fake a smile for everyone and my friend is the only one that see's through the lie cause she does it as well, you dont want people trying to understand you need people that do understand

i KNow you will get through and i know that one day in the near future you will smile a really smile from ear to ear, happiness isn't forever happiness is something found when you achieve and maybe you could set little goals to schieve and have a little smile and work towards the big goal, beating this BlackDog thats following us all around, Good Luck ,you have all our support

On baby_gone's "Strength" Real Story abbeydawn 14 July 2011, 3:25 PM

Well first of all, I think that you are not a nagging teenager. You have things on your mind that you would like to talk about because they are bugging you and there is no harm in that. I know how it feels to lose someone very close to you because I have been through that experience myself. It may seem so hard right now, living without that person but things do go back to normal and you learn to live without them. It's a part of life that you cannot ignore, everyone goes through it eventually. So don't focus on that right now and cherish every moment that you will have with this person before they leave.

It can be very difficult pretending all the time that you are fine so it is ok if you break down now and then. It is very hard when your family members don't understand your pain or are unaware of your pain so perhaps you should talk to someone in the family and let them know how you are feeling. If that is not possible then talk to your close friends about the issues you are facing. Don't lose hope because things will get better and you will find the strength you are seeking for if you try your best. Keep in mind that there are worse things that you could have been through so you are quite fortunate to have the life you have. Don't lose hope. :)

On baby_gone's "I need advice..." Real Story baby_gone 9 July 2011, 5:04 PM

i cant get by without seeing this person. they are in my family, i see them daily. that is what is so hard about this. My friend got me thru the depression, thank gosh. but she'll be leaving soon and so... i don't know.

But thank you all for your advice. it has been very much appreciated!

On baby_gone's "I need advice..." Real Story Yugure 9 July 2011, 11:29 AM

you are obviously not on good terms with this person. My advice is to keep yourself busy and do the things you like. Good luck!

On baby_gone's "I need advice..." Real Story frolic gambols 8 July 2011, 7:24 PM

Hmmm... Sounds like it could be tricky.

Do you see this person every day or can you manage to get by without seeing this person?

What got you through depression before or what do you do to stay well?

I agree with abbeydawn about talking to someone who'll listen and could help you. And if it's appropriate, maybe even speaking about what you're feeling with the person who's giving you grief too...?

On baby_gone's "I need advice..." Real Story abbeydawn 8 July 2011, 3:16 PM

Well i suppose that this person is around you at daily basis or is really important in your life and it is hard for you to escape from them, which obviously makes it harder for you to ignore this growing trepidation of the past. I believe that you should constantly speak with someone you trust about this issue. Do not feel as if you are alone or shut people out at a time like this because that may result in you falling back in depression. If you know that you are on the brink of going back on the 'road of disaster' then you should take action now before it is too late. It is great that you have seeked for advice here but I think you should talk to someone who you trust and believe that they will listen to you and understand you. I think that talking will allow you to express your feelings about this issue and prevent your emotions from building up inside you. I hope that I was any help to you and I hope that you find a way to escape these dark fears of the past. :)

On baby_gone's "Finally" Real Story abbeydawn 4 July 2011, 1:24 PM

Well it's sad to see that this person didn't appreciate you. I hope YOU are happy now that that person is not so important in your life anymore...

On baby_gone's "Have i lost you?" Real Story Flitterwig 30 June 2011, 5:58 PM

I'm sorry that youo have to go through all this, but one thing should know is that a true friend is someone who sticks with you no matter what the situation :)

On baby_gone's "Have i lost you?" Real Story abbeydawn 29 June 2011, 10:32 PM

I hope you find the strenght to say these words to that friend's face because you deserve to say this to them and they deserve to hear these words. I hope you haven't lost this dear friend! :)

On baby_gone's "Leave us" Real Story zed 27 June 2011, 1:07 PM

This is really powerful. I hope you can move forward and try to focus on the people in your life who you love :)

On baby_gone's "Let me go, please!" Real Story zed 27 June 2011, 1:00 PM

baby_gone, I so admire your attitude. This guy/girl sounds like they are just messing you around. Try to focus on how happy you are now, and just forget about the past.

On baby_gone's "Let me go, please!" Real Story baby_gone 25 June 2011, 7:18 PM

Thank you so much djb... your comment means a lot

On baby_gone's "Let me go, please!" Real Story djb2994 22 June 2011, 7:13 AM

This sounds like, this guy i take it, is just playing with your head, love is love it doesn't come and go, and and if this guy is using you thats even worse, you have moved on and are happy and this guy is jelous because he has had a hand over you, and you've now put your foot down, try your hardest not to go back, you will be happier, and safer, just have a couple good friends around you and you'll be safe good luck :) try your hardest to smile and just keep moving on

On baby_gone's "Sorry...." Real Story abbeydawn 19 June 2011, 10:36 PM

This is a very honest apology. I hope you learned from this experience and that you feel better by expressing your feelings! :)

On baby_gone's "Leave us" Real Story abbeydawn 18 June 2011, 7:16 PM

You should keep on writing, this is really good!

On baby_gone's "Leave us" Real Story Flitterwig 18 June 2011, 6:26 PM

this is really strong. the problem is that people actually are like this. it's the others persons loss. not yours :)

On baby_gone's "The day after..." Real Story djb2994 18 June 2011, 9:40 AM

One thing you always take, is you tried, when you love someone, you hold them so tight that they slip from your hands, and what we asked of them not to do we ended up doing, but if you can make a mistake and actually learn from it and take it on the chin, you can get them back or just learn for the next time, if we didn't make mistaked we wouldn't learn, so chin up it will work out :)

On baby_gone's "The day after..." Real Story Flitterwig 17 June 2011, 10:09 PM

break ups are always hard. think of the happy memories and the pain will one day go away. focus on the positives not the negatives. it helps and i know from experience how hard it can be.

try to be happy:)

On baby_gone's "The day after..." Real Story abbeydawn 17 June 2011, 7:48 PM

wow. this is your strongest peice that i've ever read. this is beautiful!

On baby_gone's "Someday/Oneday" Real Story abbeydawn 13 June 2011, 12:31 PM

this message is so strong!

On baby_gone's "out, but not proud" Real Story likeafox 4 June 2011, 4:58 PM

Sorry to hear that coming out hasnt helped u. labels can be annoying. Maybe if you just think of yourself with your own label it might help? You should be able to choose who you are and not let everyone else choose instead..

On baby_gone's "out, but not proud" Real Story abbeydawn 2 June 2011, 7:29 PM

i agree with u. not being happy with who you are is one of the hardest things. and i agree that there shouldnt b any labels. i dont even see why ppl have to tell others. i mean yeh u can tell ur family and close friends, but its not like u have a sickness that ppl need to be aware of right? its a part of your personality and ppl should accept you for who you are and if they dont then they are just being ignorant and unsympathetic!

i hope the best for you! :)

On baby_gone's "It's not my fault" Real Story abbeydawn 1 June 2011, 3:17 PM

i love this!

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