24 Strengths

The Values in Action Classification of Strengths has a list of 24 strengths that can be divided into six core virtues. To identify your top strengths, think about the ones that you most relate to; which ones best describe you?


List of Strengths




Strengths of Wisdom and Knowledge Creativity/ originality You are great at thinking of new and creative ways of doing things, or solving problems.
Curiosity You are interested in and curious about the world and love new experiences.
Open-mindedness/ critical thinking You think things through and examine issues from all angles before making any decisions.
Love of Learning You love learning new things and being known for the knowledge you have.
Perspective and wisdom You have a mature way of looking at the world that makes sense, so you can give other people good advice.
Strengths of Courage Honesty/ Integrity You are honest. You speak the truth and live your life in a genuine way.
Bravery You are strong and courageous enough to deal with challenges and take on difficult situations.
Persistence You finish what you start. You will work towards goals despite the challenges that you might face along the way.
Zest You’re energetic and passionate about life. You throw yourself into everything you do.
Strengths of Humanity Kindness You are kind and generous and will go out of your way to do nice things for others.
Love You value love and close relationships. You love others and they love you.
Social Intelligence You have a good understanding of yourself and of other people. You have good insight into your own motives and moods and can judge the motives and moods of others.
Strengths of Justice Fairness You treat everyone equally and fairly.
Leadership You have vision and are good at making things happen by organizing and leading people.
Teamwork You work well in a group or in a team. You work hard for the good of the group.
Strengths of Temperance Forgiveness If you are wronged, you tend to forgive people for making mistakes.
Modesty You don’t need to brag about your accomplishments. You let them speak for themselves.
Prudence You’re a careful person. You think things through and consider all the options before you say or do things.
Self-Control You have discipline. You can keep your feelings and actions in check when you need to.
Strengths of Transcendence Appreciation of Beauty You notice and appreciate excellence and the beauty around you. You’re one of those people who will stop to smell the roses!
Gratitude You notice the good things that happen to you and you don’t take them for granted. You thank people.
Hope/Optimism You expect the best for the future and you plan to achieve it.
Humour/ Playfulness You like to laugh and to make other people laugh.
Spirituality You have strong beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of the universe.