Mindfulness! With Demi

May 29th 2015


BITE BACK blogger: Demi Bryant

This week we are looking at Mindfulness, something I’m trying to practice and work on at the moment.

We start off this week with a recap of Uncovering Strengths. If you missed last week’s Challenge you can read my blog about it here before we delve into this week.

What is Mindfulness? It’s all about being in the present moment, taking that time to focus on yourself.

Mind Full or Mindful?

The first page for this week is telling us all about Mindfulness, what it can do, it’s benefits, what it feels like and how people practice it.

Once reading all the information we are taken to the activities page. I’m excited to see what’s on for this week, we’ve had a great range of activities so far, something different and interesting each week. Time to click the link!

Power Up time! This is our activity for Week 4. 

I’ve been on the BITE BACK website for a little while now and I remember when these Power Up tracks were introduced. This track is a verbal guided tour to practice Mindfulness using breathing. 

To start, go to Power Up and login to BITE BACK, grab a set of headphones and scroll down to the Power Up: Track Player and click the Relax category, then click on the play button next to “Inhale”. It’s a nice short track to get you started.

Once you’ve listened to the track, write down your thoughts. 

MeditationI found that after I listened to the track and sense of calmness came over me. I usually don’t give myself enough me time so to take that moment to sit back and Power Up again can really help me, and it did.

The last activity for today is to measure your Mindfulness by tracking the impact with the Mindfulness Mental Fitness quiz, checking on your progress along the way.

And that’s our 4th Week finished. I really loved this weeks Challenge, it’s reminded me about all of the great Power Up tracks BITE BACK has. I think I’m going to start listening to them more often.

Have an amazing day!

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Latvia | Reply 2 June 2015, 9:28 AM

I find that this information really helps!

thanks Demi :)