Snap That iTunes mini prizes

Hey everyone, it's Nic again.

Recent development. Yesterday we found a small pile of $20 iTunes vouchers tucked away in a drawer from ages ago. They're yours now. Well, kinda. They're anyone's. Up for grabs.
We're running a game to see who gets them.


Here's how it works

I'm going to come up with a word or theme each week for you guys to go take photos of. I won't tell you what the theme is until on the day and from there it's up to you to go find whatever it is, take a photo, then upload it.

I'll judge who's photo is the best at the end of the week. Winner gets free $20 iTunes credit AND their photo goes up on our FB page as the cover photo for the week.


How to play

Easy. Each week you...

  1. Check back here at the team blog each Thursday arvo to find out what the new theme is.
  2. Throughout the week go out and look for the theme in your own world.
  3. Take a photo of it with your phone then put it on your computer
    (email it to yourself or just plug your phone in to import it)
  4. Post it on BITE BACK by uploading it here




We're gonna run this thing for 5 weeks only - $20 a piece. We'll post up who won each week also here on the team blog. Winners will get an email from us with their iTunes voucher attached. We'll also give you some credit by making your photo part of our Facebook page's cover photo for the whole week. Enter as many times as you want - More entries, more chance of winning.

Judging criteria. Things to keep in mind:

  • Interpret the theme if you want to. Be a bit creative.

  • Don't have any people in your photos. We're still sticking to the whole privacy thing.

  • Take your time with the photo. Try different angles, lighting etc.


Go forth...

Alright that's it! I'm about to reveal what this first week's theme is. Go back to our team blog page to follow it. Have fun!

- Nic

ps. Like us on Facebook while you're here. We'll keep this mini comp updated on our FB page so we'll send out a weekly reminder to say what the new theme is and who won. Easier than having to remember what day it is :)