Snap That iTunes mini prizes - Week 5: 'Symmetry'

Final week. $40 iTunes credit on the line now..

This is it, guys. We've had heaps of fun doing this little promo so thanks for your entries! Ain't over yet though.
The very last theme for now is 'Symmetry'. Enter now!

And some extra news here is that for this final week we're giving away $40 in iTunes credit instead of $20. Yep. We rounded up one more! This is it though. Final week. Get in there.

No idea what I'm talking about? Read this previous blog post here for details on how to play along.

(btw last week was won by Cazatim. Here's her entry for 'A View')

Alright, stop reading. Go snapping. Find some 'Symmetry'. It can be anything! 

Final entries close on Thursday arvo the 26th. (one day before my birthday, just letting you all know..)

Have fun. Enter here.


Remember how to enter

  1. Check back here at the team blog each Thursday arvo to find out what the new theme is.
  2. Throughout the week go out and look for the theme in your own world.
  3. Take a photo of it with your phone then put it on your computer
    (email it to yourself or just plug your phone in to import it)
  4. Post it on BITE BACK by uploading it here


And of course the all important 'how to win' guide..

Judging criteria. Things to keep in mind:

  • Interpret the theme if you want to. Be a bit creative.

  • Don't have any people in your photos. We're still sticking to the whole privacy thing.

  • Take your time with the photo. Try different angles, lighting etc.


 Have fun!

- Nic