BITE BACK is a new and ever-changing space where you can discover ways to amplify the good stuff in life, share real and personal stories with others, check out videos, blogs and interviews of interesting people, check and track your mental fitness, and get your teeth stuck in to a bunch of activities!

BITE BACK with 'Things to Do'

Thank Tank: Write down the good stuff going on in everyday life that you usually forget to notice. Somehow we always seem to remember the bad things that happen in life, but we let the good little things about everyday life slide past. With Thank Tank, you're taking some time each week to share the little things that have happened that made you feel a little bit awesome - just scribble them down on post-its and drop them in the Thank Tank.


Real Stories: Share what’s going on in your life. Whether it’s the good, the bad or the ugly, in Real Stories you’re telling it like it is, getting it out there and learning from other people’s experiences. Big or small, if you’ve got something on your mind, you can post it in this space. Real Stories is a place for you to get it all out of your head. You'll see there are already some incredible stories up there - make sure to check them out.


Power Up: Focus on the present and be in the moment. Have you ever experienced those moments where your mind is just too hectic? Or had 50 million thoughts flying around in your head at once? Power Up is a set of modern meditation tracks to help you focus on what's going on right now, so you can concentrate your attention on getting more out of everything you're doing as you're doing it. Keep your head in check, chill out, perform at your best, make the most of your friends, and amplify everyday life experiences through the Power Up challenges.  


Snap That!: Get creative! Take the time to look around, and notice things from your everyday life to snap and share. There are heaps of awesome things around us that we can be more aware of and stop to appreciate. Use the 'Theme of the Week' to spark your photographic imagination and Snap That!. You'll probably be surprised and inspired by the things you start noticing around you.


In the Zone: Challenge yourself to get In the Zone, a state of super-focus. You know that weird place you go to when you're focusing super hard at? You're totally in control and stop noticing what's around you, all because you're completely focused on the task at hand. That's the zone. Watch clips of other people's 'zone' experiences - from rapping, storm surfing, and just about every activity you can think of in between - and use them for inspiration to kick your focus into gear.


BITE BACK with Mental Fitness

Head to ‘Mental Fitness’ to get quizzed. Figure out your personality type, discover how you measure up on the mental fitness scales and get tips on improving your mental fitness score. BITE BACK's 'Things to Do' are designed to positively impact your mental fitness and you can use the quizzes to help you track how the activities in 'Things to Do' improve your fitness over time.


Discover more in Bookshelf

Bookshelf contains all the info you need on the science behind BITE BACK activities, and its grounding in Positive Psychology. There's more to mental health than just illness and this is what Positive Psych (a new area of psychology) is all about.

Amplify the good stuff in life: Check out how and why all our 'Things to Do' can make a positive difference to you, and discover different ways to put more good stuff into your life.

Dealing with the tough stuff: Find links and info about ways to support yourself and friends through rough times.

BITE BACK is anonymous.

No real names: We like to be creative and make up fun and different usernames. Not only is it entertaining, it also has the added bonus of protecting everyone's identity. It means everyone can share their stories and express themselves in their entries and comments with complete honesty. 

Public posts or private? The choice is up to you. Every time you make an entry on BITE BACK, the upload form gives you the option to make your post public (with your username shown), private (just for your eyes), or public but without your username shown so no one knows which user posted it.

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